December 2nd, 2015

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51 Responses to “sunset”

  1. and the orange beauty just stood there and looked at me. glaring . staring . challenging. in all its glory. and for that one second, life stopped moving . and it was just us two. Me and my sunset.

    By ojaswini gul on 12.03.2015

  2. He’d been trying to make Sol for ages, but he could have sworn there was a mistake in the instructions.

    By Fushicon on 12.03.2015

  3. The sunset was beautiful. The pink and blue of the sky amazed me and I wished for a camera. If I could bottle the sensitivity of the colours, I would be a millionaire. Oh what a morning.

    By Melissa Dallinger on 12.03.2015

  4. Its 2:43:4X! I can’t write about sunset; I’m not in the mood! Though in all honesty, sunsets are

    By Bradley on 12.03.2015

  5. Bright colors of red, pink, and orange filled the sky. The sun was beginning to set over the horizon. Brandon and Callie both smiled at each other and leaned into each other’s embrace.

    By alivia on 12.03.2015

  6. A sunset is not peaceful like a sunrise
    it claws and cries at the crawling, at the sprawling of the darkening sky

    By BeccaJean on 12.03.2015

  7. Bursts of flames reach up from the solid, crisp line of the horizon so many hundreds of miles away sending glittering flashes of golden light upon the ripples of the ocean right before my eyes.

    By jlulo on 12.03.2015

  8. i hate that it’s our last sunset but i have to end it. she can’t stay with me on my fucking birthday. and i know as the sun sets below the water that ours have too. i try to not remember the good parts.

    By bridget on 12.03.2015

  9. she saw the sunset just before she shot her husband in the head. It was a beautiful site.
    pink like cotton candy and blue like the ocean. Too bad her cheating husband could not enjoy it.

    By lacruzn on 12.03.2015

  10. the sunset is the most beautful sight

    By jonathan on 12.03.2015

  11. I saw the sunset while running amile for my school and I stop to look at is for a while just like anyone would do. after thaat I turned around and ran home quicker than before.

    By AwesomePerson on 12.03.2015