December 3rd, 2015

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44 Responses to “marker”

  1. marker. makes me think of my friend mark. my dear, dear friend mark, who i will not see right now due to circumstances beyond, well, anyone’s control. haha marker. i’m laughing right now because i’m a little drunk and isn’t it too much trouble to capitaize the letter i?? I’m laughing right now because i am trying this out and we’ll see how it goes. i’m still thinking of mark. i love you, mark. the end.

    By Jaime on 12.04.2015

  2. There was a marker on the floor. It had dropped from the whiteboard. It lay there in one piece, with scratches and dings all over. It could not get up from its position so it just laid on the floor, hoping that someone would come and pick him up so he can reach his former glory.

    By Joshua on 12.04.2015

  3. If you color a coffee filter with marker, you should add as much color as you can. Make your marks bold, bright, and confident. Then, add water gently, one drop at a time. Watch the ripples it creates as the seemingly chaotic palette spreads into something beautiful. People are very much like makers.

    By Shr on 12.04.2015

  4. They used a marker to mark my place on the football field. Then I ran far and I intercepted the ball. The other team was crushed we won a point and won the game. We were headed to the play-offs… and because of me!

    By AwesomePerson on 12.04.2015