December 10th, 2015

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31 Responses to “venture”

  1. There’s no place like home, certainly, but there’s something about stepping outside of your door for the first time. The first time for real, I mean. That moment when you’re out on your own, running off to do who knows what. But you’re alone, and you’re excited to be doing even the most mundane of tasks. And you know why? Because you’re free. And that freedom means everything.

    By Courka URL on 12.10.2015

  2. The burgeoning light. The tender rush of swaying trees. Serena opens her eyes but doesn’t look at him. She is reluctant to venture forward. She knows that leaving now will be the end of it – the end of everything. “You promised me”, she said.
    By the time the sun sank below the Grampians she was on a train, hurtling north towards another city.

    By bb333 URL on 12.10.2015

  3. Did he dare? Would he be able to face whatever demons he would find if he ventured down that path? There was only one way to find out. Sam closed his eyes and jumped into oblivion.

    By SkittlesTheUnicorn URL on 12.10.2015

  4. fat and gluten laden snacks filled the aisles menacingly, nevertheless, he still ventured forth, tugging on a loose strand of hair that had escaped from his greasy man bun, for comfort.

    By lilporkchawp URL on 12.10.2015

  5. It was a rather daring business venture, I had to say myself. And truthfully, I wondered if Sasha had the actual gall to carry it out. Sasha had always been somewhat of a revolutionary salesperson. They were genderqueer, queer by sexual orientation, and biracial. No one expected them to walk through a door in a suit, shake a person’s hand, and announce, “Hi, I’m the one who runs the show here,” but that was what Sasha was, and they were phenomenally good at all things profit-wise.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.10.2015

  6. he opened a venture on avenue B. he was one of those men to do so; with his funny beard and his great thick glasses, his appearance screamed for it, and yet he refused to buy into appearances. for that reason, he wore no bowtie, even though the general consensus was that he absolutely should.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 12.10.2015

  7. If there’s any venture I’d rather not take it’s the one to find a friend.

    Because I know for sure that I’m stuck in my ways. When I’m not with the group of five or six gaggling girls I grew up with through this school, I use passive stares and mimicry to get by.

    By Juliet Winters URL on 12.10.2015

  8. What does the word venture mean? Is it like a shortened word for ‘adventure’? Do you say let’s go venture out into the world? It makes me think of a vulture because they are spelled and kind of sound the same. You could meet a vulture on an adventure.

    By lydiaann URL on 12.10.2015

  9. Venture is a key word. Back in the days I could actually venture, I’d do it as often as I could. I’d grab my new bride, and we’d go to a random town and venture with the locals there. I long for those days.

    By Robert on 12.10.2015

  10. adventure yeah bitch time for a dime allot in mine to hard shrined brrrr piffs in the depts. wet in the lake eyes open to only satan

    By Braiden on 12.10.2015

  11. The young boy ventured out into the forest, pushing away a lock of unruly brown hair. The sound of his unsteady breathing filled the silent wood. It blocked out the peaceful chirping of the birds and the rustle of creatures in the underbrush. Suddenly the noises ceased and all became still and ominous. This made the boy nervous. He had been running for some time in what he hoped was the direction of safety. The hollow thumps of his pursuer split the peaceful atmosphere like a blade. The boy took a deep breath and was off running again. His legs crashed awkwardly through the twisting ferns and the grasping claws of the vines. The bristly leaves of the plants snatched at his hands and throat. As his heartbeat sounded in his ears and temple, he made a silent vow. Of course it was too late now, but he promised never to steal from the village marketplace again.

    By Teeny Duckie URL on 12.10.2015

  12. I wish I could just go, not worry, and just go. What is holding me back? Fear? Of what? I use to be careless and fearless…. now I just worry.

    By Haley on 12.10.2015

  13. He was young and had the eyes of someone who’d seen more than the years he’d been alive. He smiled rarely and ventured into the world with an air of doubt, a feeling of cynicism. No one ever saw him cry.

    By king rat URL on 12.10.2015

  14. One will always be advised to “think outside of the box.” Venture out of the comforting confines of your norm, your every day. Before one realizes, routine becomes a clandestine prison, keeping you trapped without you thinking there could ever be more and just accepting what is, as is.

    By Ashi URL on 12.11.2015

  15. I own my night
    I like –
    it’s dark
    I’ll find my light

    My night! oh my night

    My bright light is ahead of time

    By JJ on 12.11.2015

  16. I stepped into the weedy pond
    the water knew I was there
    the frogs jumped onto my shoulders at its bells
    I knew not what would happen
    what fish glided against my heels
    but I continued, eyes closed

    By Jung on 12.11.2015

  17. His venture took him far, but he actually went nowhere at all. It was in his mind that he could see a bright future of giving, security and wholesome life all he had to do was dream and it would occur.

    By trkstr67 URL on 12.11.2015

  18. She peaked out of the house and stepped one toe onto the cold cement. She should put on shoes. It wasn’t that far to the mailbox. Still, there was five inches of snow on the ground. She could venture out there. YOLO and all, right? Maybe. She placed her foot flat on the concrete. Nope. Nope nope nope.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.11.2015

  19. It wa a stupid idea, sure. Venture into the deepest parts of my sister’s room, where no sane boy would ever go. The warning sign on the door– KEEP OUT spelled in bright, pink letters– was staunchly ignored as I pushed at the door. It opened, and with a beating heart, I stepped into the unknown to find that stupid book.

    By Alethea Santizo on 12.11.2015

  20. there was a riley good venture at the car dealership . by Jessica n. Ramirez just me hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

    By shakeria URL on 12.11.2015

  21. At the mouth of the cave….
    there was rustling. And then an ethereal voice…
    There was an echo.

    She bit her lip, said a silent prayer, squared her shoulders, and took out a stake for the jump.

    By Soft URL on 12.11.2015

  22. And the next thing you know, we’re on board the train again unknowingly aware what city or town we will end up. She’s been doing these spontaneous — albeit foolish — sidetrips just for the heck of it. She’s quite the wanderer really, and for me who’s quite the ‘follow-the-itinerary’ type of person, watching her dragging me along on these little ventures of hers scares me but also makes me happy at the same time.

    By nom de luc URL on 12.11.2015

  23. the boy was venturing off when he saw the girl with her back to him hair blowing and having fun it was the most prettiest girl he had ever seen ever.
    two weeks later he got enough courage and went up to her and asked her name she said “my name is Willow Lander whats yours”well uhh mine is Rob Fredricks and boy you have the most prettiest name i ever heard of “thanks” so did you just move here i’ve never seen you before “yes my parents like it her better than alaska ” really “yes ” hey i wanted to ask you are you going with anybody to the spring dance “no why” well i was thinking maybe you could go with me “i’d love to “ok then i meet you here at six on friday “alright”
    friday- you look real nice Willow “your quite handsome your self Rob”say have you ever kissed someone no wh……. but it was to late to say somthing he had already leaned forward and took her real close and put a kiss on her lips

    By i am crazy URL on 12.11.2015

  24. Whatever you can fit into a duffel bag and nothing more. I’ve never had to think this way; preparing for a venture into the jungle of civilization.

    By asavas URL on 12.11.2015

  25. I’m not really venturous, or is it adventurous? I don’t really care…shoot, I gotta write

    By Bradley W. Lloyd URL on 12.11.2015

  26. I love venture. I like when i travel to different places anda run or walk for many hours in a beauttiful and venture places.

    By giuliane passos URL on 12.11.2015

  27. She ventures the world alone and that doesn’t scare her anymore. She knows all she needs is herself. All you really need is yourself.

    By nivniv URL on 12.11.2015

  28. links many reincarnations went and venture to a million places and has defeated ganon and ganondorf in millions of battles

    By D.A.T guy URL on 12.11.2015

  29. Venturing into the woods, a little girl started humming a familiar tune. She closed her eyes and took in the sounds of nature. birds chirped, crickets sounded off, a wolf howled… It whistled.

    By Vanessa URL on 12.11.2015

  30. What is a venture? Do we add something to it to get adventure? It’s about moving about and going to do different things and experiencing new things. It’s about starting up something by investing money into it. There’s many meanings to this word, but what does it really mean?

    By Vanessa URL on 12.11.2015

  31. I ventured further in to the woods, deep lush green leaves rustling behind me as i got in to the depths of the forest. The sole source of light coming through a slit in the tree tops not giving me any access to the outside world. I was completely isolated, i wasn’t on the other side of the world yet I was alone, completely. and as frightful and daunting as that prospect might sound, it was a good feeling. I was enclosed in my own personal bubble of space and time the only beings to accompany me were the trees, insects, birds and small animals. I’d take them over humans any day.

    By sara on 12.11.2015