April 9th, 2014

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84 Responses to “still”

  1. Capture the moment. Live through it again. And watch its beauty in still form. Don’t put the picture in the pocket, but in your mind. Forever.

    By I_have_no_words on 04.09.2014

  2. i am still. I do not move. i am not one with the crowd. I am content. Im not depressed. Im not happy. I have found serenity. I am in the moment.

    By jordanne on 04.09.2014

  3. i still have no dea what this pageon stuble apon is about but i kinda like it lol i just loled in a writing excursise lol up thereit isagain

    By Paul Storberg on 04.09.2014

  4. Everything in the night was still, and the dawn was loud. Very loud. It belched fire in the direction of every house, lighting the roofs in Helios’s golden ire. It roared rising skies like the sound of Blue Angel jets crossing the nebulae of some distant cosmic celebration. The sunrise, despite being so insignificant and so minuscule compared to the rest of the galaxy, was uncannily cacophonous – a brass trumpet blaring out the sounds of morning.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.09.2014

  5. Let the inertia tear you apart slowly.

    Can you see it?

    All the dust motes shedding softly.

    A shaft of light in the surround dark.

    A silhouette on the wall.

    He said something about getting to know me still…

    I’m not sure what that means anymore.

    In the silence, I think of stars and dream of novas.

    By Intuition on 04.09.2014

  6. Still, if she could choose, she’d pick neither of them. But Mara knew a woman in her position and of her age couldn’t afford to be alone. She gave a heavy sigh. Frankly she hated the both of them, so she was the loser either way.

    By SincerelyRanda on 04.09.2014

  7. The man sat, quiet and still, on a large rock by the water’s edge. If he noticed the woman approaching, he did not reveal that fact. He did not react to her presence until she spoke, at which point he looked at her, his expression unchanged, and motioned for her to sit on the grass beside him. He closed his eyes, and nodded, and she began to talk. Stilted and uneasy at first, she soon relaxed and the words flowed smoothly. After an hour of so, she basically ran out of things to say, and looked up at the old man expectantly for guidance, for advice. He stared down at her for a few seconds, smiled ever so slightly, and said…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.09.2014

  8. it hangs there still.
    the wind is very listless.
    the eyes have long gone
    but i still stare whenever i pass by.
    i wonder if the soul is still suspended there with the owner,
    draped on the old tree.

    By Kairn on 04.09.2014

  9. Iam 22 years old. I’m Egyptian. I live in giza.

    By moheb URL on 04.09.2014

  10. Our neighbour Warren was a moron of titanic proportions. He was stout and dim and got his kicks out of torturing other people’s pets. Both Mrs Allen and Oliver from across the lane found their cats in the garden wounded, with broken legs. Angela saw him climb the fence into Julia Morecroft’s place who found all six of her rabbits stone cold dead the next morning. There was RatSack in their feed bowl. Last Christmas, while the neighbourhood gathered at Oliver’s to celebrate, the idiot chopped the tail off Alice Feeney’s dog, Cisco, and put it in her letterbox. Poor Alice Feeney still can’t face collecting her mail.

    By bb333 on 04.09.2014

  11. The air was still, yet the tendrils of grass the sprang up up from the earth beneath his feet were not. They swayed back and forth, calmly, as if a subtle breeze blew through the valley. They swayed, yet the air was still.

    By Gar on 04.09.2014

  12. He still thought about the time they spent together, clinging to those times like an old fool. She had passed away decades ago, but he swore he could still hear her calling for him in middle of the night when she woke from frightening dreams. He would hold her, but now he can’t let go.

    By Gar on 04.09.2014

  13. the stars are bright against the darkness of the night’s blue sky, the lemon grass and lily weeds are overgrown and stand taller than you do. the summer night, sometime in mid july, is still and tranquil, and you are alone. it aches, being alone, but somehow you know that if you wait long enough, the fox spirit you met all those years ago, the one you fell in love with in your previous life, will return to you someday. just wait, you tell yourself. just keep waiting.

    By heartful on 04.09.2014

  14. I still feel his hands on me, so sure and warm and knowing. He put his hands on my hips, then beside each side of my head as his hips thrust against me, into me, and the keys attached to his belt loop crashed against the hardwood floor over and over again, just as he crashed into my body, and the clanging of the keys echoed the clanging of the throbbing in my mind and my blood.

    By Kimberly on 04.10.2014

  15. we’re just sitting here, waiting. the air hasn’t moved in hours, the clouds are passing by but we see no sun. we remain in a holding pattern, wind stroking over the grass in front of us, caressing the trees behind. yet, we stand motionless, biding for our sign to come.

    By berenique on 04.10.2014

  16. Sitting and staring at a wall is harder than it sounds. And yet sometimes it is the easiest thing in the world, the only thing possible. When the world feels empty and foreign, when nothing is important or enjoyable or interesting, I find myself just staring at the wall, caring about nothing, not even my own mind. And yet staring at the wall can also be cleansing, especially when I do it with others who also seek the stillness that sometimes cleanses.

    By Kimberly on 04.10.2014

  17. Standing still here in my position, no one sees me. I dont know what to do to call their attention, but still, no one hears me. I sit still, lie still, die still. And no one cares. And still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

    By Ninde URL on 04.10.2014

  18. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Looking across the horizon nothing was moving, not the trees or the flowers, everything was perfectly still.

    By Alexandra on 04.10.2014

  19. I’m still in love with you!and that hurts! i wish i could go back and make another choice. You betrayed me!i hate you.

    By mollie on 04.10.2014

  20. Still, despite promises made that workers would not be retrenched or jobs cuts be made in the public sector, we see our worse fears have come true. Our government in its bid to rescue the ailing economy, have wrought misery and despair to our loyal sons and daughters, with their heartless dispensations.

    By victor URL on 04.10.2014

  21. I’m lying right here;
    still and quiet
    as the first time I saw you.
    You were talking with somebody
    I don’t remember;
    I recollect only your pale face
    and your bright eyes.

    Nothing else matters
    in the nocturne silence.

    By gargouillis on 04.10.2014

  22. Solitude. Silence. Birds chirping in the air. Stream bubbling. Wind rustling through the leaves. Everywhere I look, there’s still.

    By Josh Martin URL on 04.10.2014

  23. How can you be still and grow your business? I know that sounds like a silly suggestion, but too many people are moving so fast that have forgotten what they want.

    By Tonya on 04.10.2014

  24. you hear that,
    that silence,
    that empty feeling
    that notion
    that alone is the only way
    this could possibly be.
    you hear that
    essence of

    By NuSol URL on 04.10.2014

  25. All is calm and still. There is a dark cloud hanging above the sky, yet it is still. The calm soothes the young girl who is free, free at last. She takes a deep breath and feels the relaxation take over her entire body. This is free. This is still. All is well. Yada yada yada. Yay yay yay. Wasdasdasd

    By Whitney on 04.10.2014

  26. there was nothing else to do but sit perfectly still,i couldn’t even tell you how long we stood there like that. the only way i can think to explain it is that some sort of trance came ofer us and i couldn’t move rather than didn’t want to.

    By lucy URL on 04.10.2014

  27. She sat still with her hands tied behind her back. Tears streamed down her face and men stared at her hungrily. She wasn’t afraid. She was only upset she wouldn’t make it home for dinner. Six years she had been married, and they still had dinner every night and never missed it. Perhaps she would have to kill this men, but either way she’d be late.

    By Bristol on 04.10.2014

  28. Still I couldn’t see just what the advantage was to giving up on you. It seemed that after we had established such a level of intimacy, nothing could truly take that away. But it was buried, as under a mudslide.

    By Jack on 04.10.2014


    By Nicole URL on 04.10.2014

  30. The dark night. All I hear are crickets and the chirping of birds far, far away. The glow of the moon shines in through my bedroom window. It is calm. It is still. It is everything. The silence is deafening and now it is all I hear.

    By Whitney on 04.10.2014

  31. one time i was still and my life was soooo over but then i made one of my best friends and my life was good even thought i left home i was happy

    By taylor zeto on 04.10.2014

  32. The waves are steady like your heart. You can be board and still do nothing. Everything in the night is still quit. But when owls hoot the world starts moving. Just as you are.

    By DD123 on 04.10.2014

  33. the still red fox was trefoil 4 hid life when the big red hippo chased him all over the hill and he flipped and he fell into the water

    By Darkdragon URL on 04.10.2014

  34. hid the fox
    the fox was red
    he was scared

    By Darkdragon URL on 04.10.2014

  35. I still need some time to recall the days I don’t understand why,
    maybe today,
    maybe tomorrow,
    I stand still,
    Heartless like stone,

    By peachtea on 04.10.2014

  36. Still. It is better to be still then to be busy. Being still is not the same as doing nothing, for in stillness there is a purpose. Or perhaps the word can be thought about as in “I am still passionate” about this one thing. What one thing? And why still?

    By Rebekah Gregory on 04.10.2014

  37. words are thoughtless afterthoughts
    blank space filled in by pages
    sounds that resound around
    meaning nothing
    full of noise
    this is where we start
    stand silent still
    the beginning and the end
    together apart.

    By matt m on 04.10.2014

  38. He sat there stock still as the beast snuffled its long, rubbery nose along his exposed throat. He was too afraid to breathe.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.10.2014

  39. We are still here waiting for the tartan pillows and the yellow rags waiting for the signal to go and run to them so they could try and shoot us. Its illegal though. Ha. But they still do it though, nonetheless and they are still waiting for us to fall into their hands like a toy to child, prying and twisting at it until its broken when really its going to die anyway

    By Maneet on 04.10.2014

  40. But still, I don’t want to be the one who has to cross the canyon. I’m afraid of heights. If anyone should do it, it should be Daniel. He’s fearless and rude. If anything were to happen to him, we wouldn’t be at a huge loss. Just a thought.

    By Hank on 04.10.2014