April 8th, 2014

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102 Responses to “wondering”

  1. In order to keep the top spinning
    They told me, “Fuck making a winning, make a killing.”
    I told them fuck a killing, there isn’t even a ceiling.
    So I’m not even gonna bother with the escalator,
    I’m gonna strap on a jetpack and maybe see you all later.
    I’ll be back to lend a helping hand, maybe, some day.
    But I’m not gonna wait till my death bed to start wondering.
    I’m gonna play the game my way.

    By Jesse B on 04.09.2014

  2. She sat in her chair looking out at the mountains wondering what tomorrow would bring. Yet excited at the fact that she did not know.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.09.2014

  3. WOndering means to think and ponder over something. It is good for your imagination to be wondering about your future or why something happens. Instead of asking students to write about what they know, we could ask them to be

    By BJ on 04.09.2014

  4. I was wondering why you asked me to say good morning today. I’d already said good morning, but maybe you didn’t hear me. Do you ever hear me? Sometimes I wonder. I say things, and you don’t respond. I feel things, and you don’t seem to feel. What do you feel? Do I need to ask? Why don’t you speak? Why don’t you hear? Why am I alone?

    By Kimberly on 04.09.2014

  5. My wondering eyes followed your wandering hands
    Across my skin like it was silk
    Like I was the strongest fragile thing
    You’d ever seen

    By Anna on 04.09.2014

  6. I was wondering whether this would mean anything or not. Was this going to be the most significant event in my life so far? Or would it be just another day?

    By Teresa on 04.09.2014

  7. I’m wondering why I’m here.

    Why? I wonder.
    Does anybody know?

    By Toni Wiltshire on 04.09.2014

  8. She was left wondering what would become of her now that Papa was gone. She had never been on her own, never been without Papa, not since Mother had died. She was about to find out if the world was as hard on little girls as Papa had always said.

    By Sericite on 04.09.2014

  9. Wondering means thinking about something that you don’t know about. I was Wondering what Wondering means.

    By Natalie Quinlan on 04.09.2014

  10. wondering means thinking. It also means curios about something. I wonder what is the nastiest thing in the world.

    By Shreeta Vachhani on 04.09.2014

  11. like you are thinking of something and you are curious on something.

    By Ian Schorh on 04.09.2014

  12. We were wondering what we are eating for lunch and i smelled soup. It was really good.

    By collyn on 04.09.2014

  13. thinking of something you either know or saw and you want to know more about it.

    By Hannah Hudgins on 04.09.2014

  14. It is a desire or to be curios to know something. That is what it means!!!!!!!

    By Abigail Bush on 04.09.2014

  15. just sitting here. no plan. no questions. what is there left to solve? mostly just philosophy and that gets boring very quickly. eat, sleep, shit and maybe get some action.

    By Lee on 04.09.2014

  16. I wonder what wondering means I’m wondering what wondering means wondering.

    By Ariyon martin on 04.09.2014

  17. desire or to be curious about what someone says or does and they try to figure it out

    By khloey fisher URL on 04.09.2014

  18. feel admiration and amazement; marvel.

    By Carter on 04.09.2014

  19. She was wondering what was in this for her. She didn’t know if she wanted to do this or not. but the wondering was keeping her awake at night. It was breaking into her thoughts during the day and distracting her when she was doing other things. So she decided that she would give it a try. Although she was scared. But the wondering wandering was stronger than the fear. Better to face the fear than to wonder forever.

    By Crystal on 04.09.2014

  20. hmmmm what who when where how thinking dreaming possibilities what else is there wow laughing new innovative what can i do i think i can i think i can a whole new world with aladdin and jasmine something truly beautiful glass shards brilliant thoughts

    By Boemin on 04.09.2014

  21. I wonder where the sky ends. Where it starts.
    Did the chicken come first? Or the egg?
    I wonder what fire is made of.
    I wonder why thoughts aren’t tangible.

    By Ananya on 04.09.2014

  22. Wondering can make a person sick. Thoughts spinning through a mind, whiz zing around and making one dizzy. It’s terrible and wonderful and nauseating and fabulous. Wondering wondering wondering. What is best, what is worst? What will help? What won’t?

    By Lilli on 04.09.2014