April 9th, 2014

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84 Responses to “still”

  1. I am still in love with her. No matter the pain, no matter the absence. No matter her choice of leaving and not risking it all, for once. I am still in love because, everytime I look at her eyes, I feel like I could drown in them and forget about the world outside. She chose to run away. I am choosing to wait til September.

    By Jacopo Sassi on 04.10.2014

  2. I still think of you.
    Even though to call you my lover would be a lie,
    You are still with me.
    My brother in arms, at my side,
    And I at yours.
    I still think of you.
    Please know that.

    By Anna on 04.10.2014

  3. shhhh. shhh. [pointing vigorously]. and before them stood a blue heron, perched on one leg. still. frozen.

    By Lee on 04.10.2014

  4. Be still my heart is one of my favorite sayings. It really captures what you feel when you love something greatly and it sort of stops your heart when you see it–like when I look at my daughters’ faces. Be still my heart. I look at them and pat my heart. It’s a physical sensation.

    By Susan on 04.10.2014