August 25th, 2015

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58 Responses to “farther”

  1. He ran farther than he had ever ran before.
    Stopping he held his side and took a deep breath. The monsters wouldn’t catch him in the maze this time. This time he would win, this time he’d get the prize.
    His sister caught up with him. “You can do it” she kept chanting.

    By Katie on 08.26.2015

  2. I can understand the farther you go, the safer you feel but my love, aren’t you hurt?
    Aren’t you tried of running away from me?
    In my dreams we are always together. You and me.

    By What1Thinks on 08.26.2015

  3. The light got farther and the days got longer after that. And turning back was not an option

    By saraheiser on 08.26.2015

  4. The farther you go the farther back you have to go. Working hard will get you farther in life. Farther is a great distance run to keep up.

    By Gavin on 08.26.2015

  5. When I think of farther, the first thing that comes to mind is perseverance, not giving up, going farther.

    By Jeremiah on 08.26.2015

  6. He kept pushing farther, farther but he couldn’t see anything.

    By Becky on 08.26.2015

  7. He kept pushing farther, farther but he couldn’t see anything. Then through the falling snow, he could scarcely see a small light in the distance.

    By Becky on 08.26.2015

  8. There she was, drifting farther and farther away from him. He was always busy; always working or hanging out with his friends, never remembering that she loved him and was waiting.
    But she was okay with it. It was her fate, to wait for him.

    By Maryn on 08.26.2015

  9. Jon ran farther that day than he ever had in his whole life. The idea of ma catching him was terrifying to be sure, but the idea of being ripped to shreds by two salivating rottweilers was more terrifying. If only he hadn’t thought to run into Old Man Jenkins yard.

    By Sputnik on 08.26.2015

  10. It may be a father who farts a lot. It just seems like he doesnt even care he is in front of his family and he is driving and as he goes far he keeps on farting and releasing his gas and essentially making the car into a gas chamber. I pity the jews now.

    By Ali G on 08.26.2015

  11. He ran farther than he had ever ran before.
    Stopping he held his side, taking a deep breath. This time he would out run the monsters.
    This time he would beat the maze, win the prize.
    His sister came up behind him. “I can do it,” she kept chanting.

    By Katie on 08.26.2015

  12. I live farther from you than your mother. But I am further for
    You in my mind. My car may trav farther than me but I am further along. My dog is running farther from me but he is further from my mind. The way to the meeting is farther from my desk that further from my thinking. I am farther from Florida but I am further from liking pineapple. For it is a gross fruit of a disgusting yellow color.

    By Megan on 08.26.2015

  13. It seemed with every word that spilled from his lips, he became farther and farther away from her. She loved him but he wanted nothing more than to run father and father away from her.

    By Bailey on 08.26.2015

  14. Run farther than you think you can. Think further than your mind will stretch. Believe you will travel farther. Trust your instincts further than your heart will let you. Swim farther than the deep end. Dream further than eight hours of sleep will let you.

    By Space Cadet on 08.26.2015

  15. The day was growing darker and the horse carrying the wayward soldier was riding off, never to return again. As Mitchy saw it go farther and farther from the farm, she was once again reminded of how lonely she had been before the arrival of her latest guest, and how empty her life would remain now that he had gone away.

    By Gabiroba on 08.26.2015

  16. “I can run farther than you can.” the little boy called as he took off down the road.
    “Na-hu.” I yelled chasing after him.
    I could see him in the distance and i was straining to catch up. I tripped over my untied shoelaces.

    By Bre on 08.26.2015

  17. It started as a squabble, and then snowballed into a full-on argument. Two weeks after the big fight, their impasse was pregnant with a terrible child and their sweet, short-lived honeymoon was nice memory, growing blurrier by the day.

    By Soft URL on 08.26.2015

  18. far away. far so so far. ı liked it. maybe it’ not farther it’s father

    By frjasmnfr on 08.26.2015