August 26th, 2014

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68 Responses to “terrain”

  1. get through this shit
    blow over it
    let it blow over
    tear it up
    let it tear you up
    just roll on and it’ll roll with you

    By Amanda Fleming on 08.26.2014

  2. Hills, valleys of sight and mind
    taken over the horizon
    the distance defined by topography
    undulations and imperfections
    reaching out
    making a world of
    uniqueness and singularity

    By Protean on 08.26.2014

  3. The mare raced across the rocky terrain, mane and hooves flying as she bore her rider towards home. The foe would be a day’s ride behind them, forcing them to hurry over rocks and ledges at a dangerous pace.

    By _Kate_ URL on 08.26.2014

  4. Lie down on the terrain;
    let your limbs float in the air,
    on the pavement, let them
    wave just like water waves.
    Be whatever you want to be.
    Be whoever you want to be;
    but keep swimming against
    the oblivion; keep breathing
    under the mirror of deep
    melancholia. It will be worthwhile,
    I assure you, it will be worthwhile.

    By gargouillis on 08.26.2014

  5. I live in a terrain. Im not sure what it means, but I certainly live there. It’s a beautiful place. I love it there. THe sun is warm and bright and the moon talks to me over the trees and wind. He must yell though or else I cannot hear, which is unfortunate since he has many great things to say! Whats happeneing? WHy do I have more time? Why do I have more time to write about the dearly beloved terrain? Why Did I have to move from it? Why did it leave me? Why am I leaving? WHere am I going? WHen is the sun going to come out again?

    By Myka rasmussen on 08.26.2014

  6. Where is the terrain? That beautiful piece of work? Is it in my house? Is it anywhere I know? No, the answer is no, it is not.

    By Myka :) on 08.26.2014

  7. The terrain was steep. I couldn’t catch my breath, though the entire hillside continually drew me in. I had to be there. It was so beautiful.

    By Ericka Renee on 08.26.2014

  8. it was barren, it was sad. I felt alone and tired while i waited for a miracle. I felt abnegated from truth telling. I felt free. it made me feel. It scared me.

    By celina on 08.26.2014

  9. Desert landscape is probably the worst type of terrain anyone can be surrounded by, ever. It cracks, it chokes, and it dehydrates you to the point where throwing yourself headfirst into a nearby cactus sounds like a good idea.

    By Sam Salinas on 08.26.2014

  10. Crossing the path through the underbrush, he came upon a clearing unlike none he had ever seen, and only, indeed, heard about in the folk tales murmured and muddled by the village over time.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 08.27.2014

  11. the crunching of gravel (like eggshells and your bones) under my feet. the sting of sand in my eyes. the hint of undulating blue in the distance. once upon a time, I was loved here. in this very place, someone loved me.


    By mirror on 08.27.2014


    By mirror on 08.27.2014

  13. It took almost a minute for the Station police to arrive, at which the Niigata officers visibly relaxed. Only now that they were with locals who knew the terrain, they conceded to move from their spot. A car was arranged at the nearest exit to take them to safety, and by the time they reached it, a full riot squad was in position, securing the scene.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.27.2014

  14. I’m worn from people
    Clashing over all terrain
    Understanding nothing

    S o WorN fools make me
    O ver the TERRAIN, wind GusTs…
    S preads ignorance far.

    By !Haiku-Mann! on 08.27.2014

  15. the rough terrain did little to deter him as he drove to win like his life depended on it. his life did depend on it. and just when he thinks he is home free, there is a loud crash and after a split second he is thrown out of his seat.

    By Anu on 08.27.2014

  16. the terrain was plain as a plane. a plane, you say? well, this was like it. the terrain. the terrain of terrains, the terrain that really mattered. it was here, plain, as i said before. terrain lovers would love it, but it didn’t care. it was a fucking terrain, after all. all it mattered was itself.

    By czyngis on 08.27.2014

  17. We weren’t prepared to walk away that morning. The terrain had been unnavigated and it really wasn’t suitable for two runaways. Just the same we met before the sun rose as we had agreed. Two stupid kids, only just recently in double digits, about to escape from the grasp of their parents, intentionally.

    By Heather on 08.27.2014

  18. The terrain was harsh, bleak and unforgiving in a way that couldn’t be described. Leyla was one of the desert people, and no stranger to unforgiving landscapes, but not even she was prepared for the wasteland that lay stretched out before them.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.27.2014

  19. As she climbed the hill of her yard the terrain was slippery from all the rain of the previous days. She had to be careful not to fall, or she would be in for a big injury that would set her back.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.27.2014

  20. When finally the weather was good enough to fly a helicopter, we circled over the island again and again, hoping against hope to see a splash of colour, a column of smoke, any sign of the missing. But our eyes glided fruitlessly over endless mounds of giant slate rocks, a barren, solemn terrain, that seemed to never had been touched by human presence, or by any life at all.

    By eleia on 08.27.2014

  21. “Terrain’s pretty rough up there,” the frail looking gas station attendant chided. Troy shrugged and pressed the automatic window button, cutting the old geezer off before he could give him a lecture about safety. Mountains or no, he

    By Soft URL on 08.27.2014

  22. the terrain that we had to duck under when at war was cold. it was so long and filled with soldiers. it was dark and hot. It felt like the worst thing to be doing. you had to go over the terrain. it was emotional and if you were not used to cramping out like a sardine you would now. I was so scared to be there. it dreamed about being in my bed.

    By windy wilson on 08.27.2014

  23. Rocks. Rocks. All that was there – rocks.
    Black – I remember that. They were black rocks.
    They were sharp, ragged. They would cut – deep.

    By Caitlin on 08.27.2014

  24. terrain is murky dark clings to your shoes
    im so dirty
    im so gore
    i pray you may find my tarnished heart some day
    a moving aphrodisiac

    By Hana on 08.27.2014

  25. I wish I was all up in Kate Bush’s terrain right now. I keep reading all these show reviews, and it looks and seems every bit eccentrically and marvelously #female. All said, Vashti Bunyan is back too. It’s been a good run for older women in music lately, Linda Perhacs makes three.

    By Intuition on 08.27.2014

  26. She smirked and looked around. it was sunny and hot. Her skin was already burned. There was sand wherever she looked and mountains surrounding her. And she stood there in the desert of Utah

    By Thia on 08.27.2014

  27. The earth was flat. Or at least that’s what everyone said. Then again, Evan could look out on the porch of his family’s home and spy the blue peaks of mountains in the distance. They jutted into the sky like a scar on the horizon.

    By G. Son on 08.27.2014

  28. we ran over the field. Bombs were falling everywhere. i hate the war. it is terrible. hearing a high tune, jumped the last meter to the near woods. a crowd cried somewhere behind me, but then the bomb reache the floor and i feel deaf.. then a second later one more hit me.

    By Andrejka on 08.27.2014