December 18th, 2015

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33 Responses to “flee”

  1. I must flee from this horable place
    I want to be free

    By skyler69 on 12.18.2015

  2. The family had to flee from their native country due to war and famine, but the only town they were able to settle in was in the middle of nowhere, and no one was friendly to them. The father of the family got to work renovating a dilapidated split-level house that he had bought on the market with what little savings he had, and eventually, everyone was able to relax. As the eldest went to find a job, he was alarmed to see how many citizens of the town were giving him dirty looks.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.18.2015

  3. He told me to flee.
    He told me to flee, but I couldn’t move.
    My entire life had lead to this moment and he told me so in not so many words. Flee, he said. Flee, he screamed, getting wide eyed as he saw me fixed there, my eyes almost just as wide and panicked as his.
    I couldn’t. I just couldn’t, and wouldn’t he understand? History wouldn’t; the press wouldn’t — but he had to understand I couldn’t flee this place just yet.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 12.18.2015

  4. “People don’t like it when you’re too clever. It makes them feel threatened. Like you could turn on them or swindle them and they’d never see it coming.”

    She says this in all earnestness; I can tell she means to flee this scene, this town, this region. Presumably she will find somewhere where the people aren’t so easily threatened.

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.18.2015

  5. I must flee from this writing assignment. Why? Because as soon as I saw the word, I thought fleece. What the what? That makes no sense at all!

    By michaelbuzz on 12.18.2015

  6. I flee from a lot. I fled my home. I fled my school. I fled all of my friends. But what I didn’t flee from was him. He was my sunshine. I loved him and even if he didn’t notice me, I noticed him. And with every smile he showed, I couldn’t help but lose my cool and burst into flames. I loved him and I would never flee him. Never.

    By Ghost Writer A on 12.18.2015

  7. run for your life, scared, running, zombies, zombie apocalypse. It’s really happening, the dead are coming back to life. It’s the end of the world. save canned goods, get food, fresh water and run. Grab zombie apocalypse knife, gonna need it. Grab the kids, god I hope we can save them. Gotta go, gotta run.

    By Sarah on 12.18.2015

  8. My feet were flying across the pavement. My jacket billowed behind me like a cloud, flapping harshly in the wind. The breath ripped from my throat and I could feel my legs burning. But I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t let it get me. A quick glance over my shoulder revealed that he was still there, showing no signs of stopping.

    By Ashley Day URL on 12.18.2015

  9. Over a sidewalk curb, they lept and piled into the streets with the crowd. Dundas square loomed from uptown, the bright lights illuminating Yonge streets horizon. A narrow strait of urban expanse, consuming their entire view. Two mountains of glass and cement with one canyon route leading to the center of the city. They each wondered how fast they could flee their duties and bleed into the parade doen Yonge. A cities offering, respite here and now, take it.

    By Eric Harrell on 12.18.2015

  10. She flees from the room, her emerald eyes ablaze with terror. Her deep red cloak whips out of sight around the corner, a second before the great beast follows.

    By Laura on 12.18.2015

  11. I hate when plans
    are not planned
    and sentences
    are not valid.
    I hate when plans change
    and they expect you to get
    5 hours of sleep
    and fucking go somewhere
    you weren’t fucking planning on going
    this weekend
    this month
    this year
    this decade
    and you have to leave
    and you are angry
    because they’re making you leave
    and no one ever wants to leave a place
    that’s warm and comforting
    and has all of your friends
    where you can talk to your friends
    and not be bored
    and not go crazy
    and not need to play the cello
    and you can just relax
    and write poem after poem
    of the plans you have for yourself
    in the future.

    By Scythe42 URL on 12.18.2015

  12. She’s here
    to flee
    h s.
    e rt

    By dinamspice URL on 12.18.2015

  13. Into the fuschia cracks I am always running, spread tempera across my fair skin, I would have tried to shimmy out of that one too- this fair skin of mine, and the automatic padding it affords me- run into oblivion a better nanny than the thick depressive taunting

    By Rune on 12.18.2015

  14. a girl with a pursed face, the faces esoteric and smell like blue calico quilts and crowded rooms and foreign mold and customs you would never understand, little sibling in a backpack she carries with her. long line of tattered people.

    By Rune on 12.18.2015

  15. My heart pounds in my chest as I hear the snorts of horses behind me. I can’t let them catch me. I can’t. For the sake of everyone i love I can’t.

    By Katacomb on 12.18.2015


    By Sheri W on 12.18.2015

  17. You can’t always flee from the things that haunt you, that paralyze you motionless. In order to grow, to change, to evolve into our best selves, we must face our fears head on. But mind, it’s hardly easy, or else it wouldn’t be something we fear. Still, it’s all about progress.

    By Ashi URL on 12.18.2015

  18. i already did this word. i ready to flee to the next page and see whats next. I just want to make music and be rich and famous. ugh this sucks. now there are so many female rappers coming out of nowhere but how can i be mad at them for doing what they love
    that is all

    i hope i dint have to keep putting in my name and email after every 60 seconds thats so ire if so I’m gonna find another website ugh

    i jus wana b successful

    By shadygurl on 12.19.2015

  19. I often feel like fleeing. There are so many things in this life that feel impossible, hard, un-accomplishable. And when that happens, I feel like fleeing. I have learned, however, that God does not want us to flee the hard, but endure, grow, and flourish in it. Don’t flee. Flourish. It is the key to life and perfection in Jesus Christ.

    By Rachel Piferi on 12.19.2015

  20. She made the mistake of trying to look back over her shoulder as she fled from her assailant, that was the last mistake she made. One miss step was all it took after that.

    By Wyldshadow on 12.19.2015

  21. Flee across the rivers, over the mountains and under the trees. Away from your family, your job and yourself. Start over somewhere else and realize you will have to flee over and over again.

    By Julia on 12.19.2015

  22. The hall suddenly was enveloped in awkward silence… His speech was gone. He wanted to storm out of the stage because of sheer embarrassment, but he took a redeeming gulp instead in hopes that his speech might get back at him.

    By nom de luc URL on 12.19.2015

  23. Flee from the Bee that’s chasing you
    Run from the ton that’s falling on you
    Escape and reshape your life today
    Laugh at the photograph, from your birthday

    By M on 12.19.2015

  24. Flee from the Bee that’s chasing you
    Run from the ton that’s falling on you
    Escape and reshape your life today
    Laugh at the photograph, from your birthday

    By M on 12.19.2015

  25. ND there I was fleeing for my life from my vicious attackers again and again they shot around me only to strike fear into my soul for when they finally hit, it was a clean kill.

    By Ruben URL on 12.19.2015

  26. when i was six,
    i wanted to run away
    because i thought it’d be cool
    to make my own peanut butter sandwiches
    and pack my own bag.

    i never even stepped out of the house.

    i thought of it as adventure,
    mystery, happiness.

    yesterday, i thought about running away again,
    and it felt like a dream in another way:
    impossible, like a prisoner thinking about

    i wish i could step out of the house
    and feel in control for once.

    By Naomi Tomlin on 12.19.2015

  27. Run, run away. Get yourself away from the troubles in your life. Leave everything, leave you burdens, leave them all behind. Find your safe haven, find your happy place, and stay there. For as long as you need..if that’s forever, then so be it.

    By Z on 12.19.2015

  28. She started running. She could hear him calling after her. As if he had any right to try to stop her. As if his first instinct hadn’t also been “flee.” She couldn’t bear to look at him, to see how he had changed. Or, worse, how he hasn’t changed. How he had stayed the same man she had fallen in love with.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.19.2015

  29. One second she was there, the next, she was gone.

    But he stayed. Always there, always waiting.

    By Naeco on 12.19.2015

  30. Take it, take everything. Run, run before it’s too late. Run before the sun set of the horizon, run before the wind changes direction. Run with all your might and however fast your legs take you. Wherever you stop, stay there, and find your happy place.

    By Z on 12.19.2015

  31. Mina’s breathing came out hard and fast. It erupted heavily from her lungs, but she didn’t care. All that mattered, was that she had to flee before she was caught. A grin unexpectedly broke across her face, and she stumbled, falling headfirst into the twisted thicket. A protruding thorn scratched her leg and blood oozed down her knee, but she stood up and continued running, pushing bushes and branches out of her way. She could hear the crashing footsteps of her pursuer and pushed herself to run faster. It would ruin her whole reputation if she got caught; she just couldn’t let that happen. A round circle of whitish-yellow light danced in front of her, framed by the leaves and trunks of the forest trees. It was the opening. Mina ducked under a leafy fern and set her eye on the beckoning light. Just as her hand was illuminated by the sun’s gaze, she felt a hard slap on her back. She tumbled to the ground and nearby brambles scratched her face. She turned to see Riley, her best friend lying on the ground, panting her breath coming out in heavy gasps. Mina groaned, her breath coming out equally hard and fast. Riley stood up and helped her friend to her feet. “Tag. You’re it, Mina.”

    By Teeny Duckie on 12.19.2015

  32. Flee from the chaos that I am inviting into my life.

    By EB on 12.19.2015

  33. run away, travel, quickly, fast, scared, frightened, stressed, overwhelmed,

    By Sarah on 12.19.2015