May 14th, 2014

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70 Responses to “severe”

  1. What is not to your taste
    Too much
    With haste

    You put aside
    Call, and exclaim
    But it’s behind a word you hide

    By Sarah on 05.14.2014

  2. “I’m sorry,” snapped Alaria, “did you think your punishment was not severe enough? Should I have used more ropes? More blades? A deeper bucket of water to submerge you in? Pray tell me, prisoner, what did you find lackluster about my performance?”

    The emaciated man said nothing, his eyes bulging from his hollow skull as his dry tongue flopped out of his mouth in a futile protest. The High Councillor smiled and unsheathed her father’s sword.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.14.2014

  3. It was getting worse. My netflix addiction was getting… severe.

    By Alex on 05.14.2014

  4. Severe thunderstorms, severe case of the willies. We attach the term to any concept to magnify it, make it more grandiose than it is on its own. But what’s severe to me may be commonplace, everyday routine for a stronger soul.

    By Ashi URL on 05.14.2014

  5. She was in pain.

    He couldn’t help her.

    Each passing moment, each piercing cry, told him just how strong she was.

    Just how strong all mothers are.

    By Koii URL on 05.14.2014

  6. severely she severed her arm. waiting until it bleed out, she was wondering how long she had. counting down. maybe it won’t happen. maybe it will. why is she wondering about the possibilities of some things when after all, none of it will ever matter. it seems quite absolute; our choices, our commitments to ourselves.

    By Kimfrank on 05.14.2014

  7. When the sky cleared and the tornado was gone all we could do was cry. The damage had been so severe that there was nothing left of our home. We have to rebuild everything we ever had from the ground up.

    By likeyouneedtoknow on 05.14.2014

  8. Emma looked outside to the storm raging outside. She wasn’t used to this kind of weather – especially nothing as severe as this. It made her very core feel as if it were uneasy, a quivering down at the bottom of her gut that rumbled along with each rolling chorus of thunder. But nevertheless, she was struck with the beauty of the storm. She related the branches of lightning to trees and tried to think over the colour of the clouds.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.14.2014

  9. Looking up at the sky they held hands, they could not behold the site they took in as the severe dark cloud spun before them. Spinning, and coming closer, and closer.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.14.2014

  10. It was a combination of feelings and emotions and actions that led me to do it. It was a simple act, an effect caused by all of those things but everyone else viewed it as too extreme. So what, he broke your heart? Why would you do that to him? Haven’t you heard a boys heart is

    By Bailey URL on 05.14.2014

  11. The grey haired man exited the room, his demeanor holding everything but happiness. “I’ve done all I can, but unfortunately her condition has grown more severe.” said Dr. Clayton, closing up his medicine bag with a grave air. “I doubt she’ll last the night…I’m terribly sorry, Roger. I know you loved Cassandra very much.”

    Roger nodded and swallowed thickly, waiting until the doctor patted his shoulder and left the house before the sly grin touched his face. So, his plan had worked, finally. He’d be rid of his wife after seven painful years of marriage—and Natalie would finally be his.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.14.2014

  12. The consequences, she was told, will be severe.
    Severe? As in, lose an arm, lose a leg, lose a hand? Get it chopped off? Get it cut off? What next? Her head? Her hair?
    The aforementioned part of her body was yanked roughly. “Talk like that again,” she was told, “and all of them.”
    She worked, slave-minded, laboring hard deep in the belly of the hot steams.

    By owl eyed on 05.14.2014

  13. Drew wrapped his hand around the steaming mug of coffee, using the other to turn down the volume on the television in the kitchen as he turned to his girlfriend, who was frying eggs for breakfast. “They said there’s supposed to be some pretty severe thunderstorms in Florida tomorrow. Have you talked to your mom lately?”

    “Yeah, she said they started stocking up on non-perishables.” Ana replied, flipping the over easy egg and sprinkling it with salt. “It still makes me nervous, though. Last year they got hit pretty bad.”

    Drew nodded and set his mug down, putting a few strips of bacon in a buttered pan. “I’m sure they’ll be okay, babe.”

    She smiled at him and then turned off the burner. “Eggs are done.”

    By Blue Iris on 05.14.2014

  14. There was severe damage to the car. It was a terrible accident. Well no one got killed but I felt like shit for ruining my dad’s car. I was about to get in so much trouble. The entire front bumper was taken out and the windshield was smashed. At least I had just run it into a tree… but still, it was hard to look at the positives in that moment.

    By mai on 05.14.2014

  15. The flames licked at my heels like a lost puppy attempting to follow me home, but I would not allow it. The colors changed from red to orange to red again until all I could comprehend was white. The flames traveled up my legs until I finally freed myself from their embrace. The burns were severe but that was the least of my problems. The pain was unbearable and the scars left will forever remind me not to play with fire.

    By elena tomasello on 05.14.2014

  16. It was a pretty severe wound, but I wasn’t one to complain in public, especially with the girls watching and judging me with their severe glances and their beady little eyes. No, I feigned composure even as I felt quite uncomposed, and I believe I was largely successful in the endeavor.

    By Max URL on 05.14.2014

  17. For every moment that goes by I think that the thoughts in my head actually do get more and more severe, I guess I should stop letting my imagination run wild like this. But, at the same time I’ve realised that as the thoughts get worse the pain actually subsides.

    By Monica Marcella on 05.14.2014

  18. it is an extreme case and what can one do about it but be aware, painfully aware. to live severely though is a present living. to care deeply about all things without degree of importance.

    By morandi on 05.14.2014

  19. Flushed, freckled skin stretched over sharp cheekbones. His forehead was wrinkled in permanent cautiousness, eyes pointed intently, as if skepticism was a thirst he could not slake. Such a severe face for such a young man.

    By Charlotte Keynes on 05.14.2014

  20. The wound was severe. How did that fall happen? I had just been walking in a state of glory through the mountain tops weaving in and out of the whispering pines when the next thing I know, I am laying here bleeding from my leg at the bottom of a ravine.

    By Jessica on 05.14.2014

  21. His look was severe to say the least. It contained storm clouds, thunder and lightning. She giggled at his murderous look. He really thought he could stay mad at her? She was his and he was hers. He could get as mad as he wanted, but he could never leave her.

    By Sam on 05.14.2014

  22. The severity of the storm was undeniable. Thouanda died a severely painful death along with there seveeely mangled jomes. What do we do now? We’re severely fucked.

    By meghan on 05.14.2014

  23. As I walked down the hall, I saw him: Devin. He sprinted down the hallway with all of his friends, laughing and joking. However, all I felt was a severe case of butterflies as he passed me. My heart sank, though, as I realized he hadn’t even noticed me.

    By ShortCutiePie on 05.14.2014

  24. Severus snape is severe. He is super mean. Why didn’t Harry use the time turner to go back in time and kill voldemort? Why didn’t he drink the luck potion when he went to kill voldemort? These situations are severe.

    By Shawn on 05.14.2014

  25. My mom is extremely severe about me getting good Grades
    And I should persevere

    By Aryan Dhir on 05.14.2014

  26. He was a strict taskmaster, severe almost to the point of harsh. He held nothing back and, in return, expected her to offer the same, to give all of herself to his many lessons. Sometimes, she pleased him. Most of the time, she did not.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.14.2014

  27. He dove into the flames like some guy from an action movie, his movements were short and swift, dodging the fiery pillars before him, when he got out, although his burns were severe, the little girl he saved was completely unharmed, the way he dodged the flames was incredible, he danced the dance of fire.

    By redeye on 05.14.2014

  28. The discipline she received as a child was severe. She never recovered from it, always fearing authority figures and afraid that she was going to get in trouble for something. Her parents were strict and unkind. But she always knew that she would escape them, even if it was just in her mind.

    By Crystal on 05.14.2014

  29. They were just driving around, taking in the sights of Tokyo at night. Then he spotted the Budokan, a place he had done a show before. “Stop the car, I wanna walk around!” he shouted at the driver, who pulled over outside a temple. “Hey, this looks cool!” he smiled to his girlfriend as he took her hand and led her through the large stone gate. Minutes later he posted a photo on the internet of the two of them inside the temple, It would start a storm of protest more severe than any he had experienced before.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.14.2014

  30. The wound that she left. The hurt that was still in my heart. That was very severe. I never felt anything like that before. I loved her with all my heart. And this is what I got in return.

    I thought she loved me. I thought we are going to have forever. But alas, it was over before I knew it. She has some other guy. Other than me. What did I do wrong? Is it me, or is it really her?

    By roze_princess on 05.14.2014

  31. The farthest one can be
    out among the stars
    the distant plain
    pain beyond what can be held
    ultimate and devine
    the most and the least
    is what this defines

    By James Foster URL on 05.14.2014

  32. It really wasn’t that sever a punishment. What really got under Steve’s skin was the fact that it was such a stupid reason.

    “It was just a joke,” he mumbled.

    “Am I laughing?” the voice behind him made him jump. He dropped the sponge and turned to look at his history teacher.

    By Claire on 05.14.2014

  33. his tears finally spill over his cheeks when romeo hisses in pain at his touch; corsica’s frown is almost painful, but he can’t help it.

    “you idiot, y-you– you…you idiot!” he shouts, fists trembling. the puddle of blood staining romeo’s bandages seems to expand.

    romeo laughs, somehow remaining charming while wincing in pain. “did i worry you?”

    corsica growls and raises a hand to slap him, but ultimately softens and covers his crying face with the extremity instead.

    By heartful on 05.14.2014

  34. I was

    By fairy on 05.14.2014

  35. Just so you know, I do want to talk to you. I said I didn’t out of spite.
    It’s hard to make time to speak with you though. To select the most important things I want you to know in one phone call. A phone call that slips quickly into one with darker intent.

    I’m guessing it’s the same for you, that we both think it’s healthy to want to speak with each other. Life is different. Or really, back to how it was. It’s not amazing with a cursive capital Z, but it’s good too. Oh, and writing. Writing will forever be my definition of Amazing.

    oneword: actually [read aloud] //

    When I say I’m telling the truth, I am. I am speaking the truth.


    I need a break from myself,

    I am savage and relentless
    in every detail of my life.

    A coffee? Three cups, not one. Black,
    I don’t want to tone it down with cream.

    Writing? Let’s try every word, one of each punctuation, things that don’t make sense, things that make too much sense. Every way, every style. Something that the reader can hear in my low, cigarette-burnt voice.

    I won’t claim that I am the first person to try something. Sometimes I do.
    But I have tried so many things. I have experienced more than a simple, wild man from Oregon should be able to experience. My body has the sensitivity and my mind has the capacity? I guess.

    And all… that… it’s… left me with…

    is being saturated with desire and wanting
    and wanting more. All. The. Time.

    This has been so painful to write.
    Hand wounds breaking back open.
    That’s when, no matter what I end up thinking,
    I know I’m going to write it real damn well.

    So can’t I just be satisfied with simple pleasures?
    Complex lusts are just so difficult. But. They’re the only lusts.
    Simple attraction isn’t enough for me. Give me more.

    …I need a break from myself. Who can handle me?
    I’m fucking insane.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 05.15.2014

  36. The weather turned severely cold. We hadn’t packed enough warm clothings and were huddling together to keep warm. The nights were worse. We managed to get a fire going. The next day, the cold air turned warmer as the sun shone brightly in the sky. We were able to go fish in the river and cooked a sumptuous meal of fish pie and strawberry pudding. It was a great relief from the first day when I recalled the severe weather that had passed. It was time to treat ourselves to some relaxing picnics and runs in the meadow before we have to get back to the grind of work the following week.

    By Leng Tan on 05.15.2014

  37. The breath flushed from my lungs in a flurry of severe panic. For just a moment, I swore it was all gone.

    By t URL on 05.15.2014

  38. He has a severe case of the munchies. She can tell from the next room, wide awake in bed. He’s usually quieter, more considerate, especially when he thinks she’s asleep. Tonight, he carelessly slams cupboards and laughs at nothing and sings the songs from cereal commercials. It’d be cute, maybe, if she didn’t have 10 a.m. class and an exam to take. Tonight, she’s downright pissed.

    By Jessyca (@goawayjess) on 05.15.2014

  39. He stood at the door of the white, bare door, staring at the metal plate with his lover’s name written on the front. With a shaking hand, he grabbed the cold handle of the door. It’s alright, he told himself. It was just a car crash. Nothing will be injured permanently. With that thought in mind, he opened the door slowly, and prepared himself.

    He was lying on the bed, in a horrible state; his usually tan skin was looking oddly pale, and his midnight eyes were staring at the ceiling blankly. They moved lazily to stare at him, as he walked in.

    “Hey–” He began, walking slowly towards the bed.

    “Who… who are you…?” The figure lying down replied.

    His heart almost stopped. “I… I’m your boyfriend. You do remember, don’t you..?”

    The other showed no response. “Sorry man, I’ve never seen you before in my life. You’ve got the wrong guy.”

    And that was the moment, that he realized, his world was just beginning to fall apart.

    By Lin on 05.15.2014

  40. because even in the silence I still believe you are there.

    By t URL on 05.15.2014