May 15th, 2014

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64 Responses to “mountainous”

  1. The journey to her future husbands kingdom was a perilous one. The road itself was long, with an untold number of places for bandits and other such lowlifes to try and overtake them, and the mountainous landscape was not without it’s own dangers; the thinner air and steep trails gave even the most well-trained members of her retinue cause for concern.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.15.2014

  2. Flying across a landscape brown, mountainous and hugged by clouds, the spirit remembered he had to buy a ticket to the movie, “Cold Mountain” which was playing in a cinema near him.

    By Zahra Aamer on 05.15.2014

  3. I felt very spontaneous the other day.
    It felt almost as if I were lifted to the mountainous
    degree of thinking and reacting.

    I don’t know whether you know noticed.
    I don’t know if I even noticed.
    That this thought is over and this
    was a mountainous subconscious debate.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo URL on 05.16.2014

  4. I love a mountainous landscape. Looking through the window at the mountains covered with snow in the winter is what makes me feel calm, happy and relaxed.

    By Agnieszka on 05.16.2014

  5. It was a long, long road that stretched on endlessly. And he had to walk it. Without stopping, without resting. And that’s what broke him. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t reach the end of that road. And as a result, he fell apart. He sunk into himself, like a heavy rock thrown into the ocean. Down, down, down. He couldn’t ever return to the surface again.

    By Lin on 05.16.2014

  6. Florida is not mountainous.

    By michaelbuzz on 05.16.2014

  7. As much as I enjoy sandy beaches and sunshine I would also love to be up in the fresh air of a mountainous region.

    By Alexandra on 05.16.2014

  8. The hills were mountainous and snowy. As I climed, it was hard to keep my footing. First one foot would slip out from under me, then the other. The dog would climb a few feet and then slide all the way down. It was exhausting. How was I ever going to make any progress. I would die out here. Alone.

    By Michele on 05.16.2014

  9. oh, to touch your breasts again, those himalayas of beauty.
    to be able to see them once more, in their milky glory,
    akin to the sun rising over snow-covered peaks.
    your soft little nibs, the camp at which i would strike base.

    By berenique on 05.16.2014

  10. For many years I have heard that Northern Spain has the most beautiful mountains. I don’t know if that’s true anymore. I still haven’t been to Spain, per-say, but in my mind there is no way they can compare to the Sierra Nevada’s.

    By vince URL on 05.16.2014

  11. it was quite a surprise for this flatlander. i thought i saw them starting in nebraska, but i think it was just fatigue and bad weed. we were not prepared for the scale, the whole sky seemed different

    By Lee on 05.16.2014

  12. His arms were like huge tree trunks, and she felt ensnared within his hug. His voice was soft and his words were sweet, but the slow threatening squeeze tightening around her small frame reminded her that she was a prisoner.

    By Soft URL on 05.16.2014

  13. ull of obstacles, molehills to mountainous hurdles that test your soul, not just your mettle. Nothing is too much for the human spirit, nothing that life can throw @ you.

    By honey on 05.16.2014

  14. we face a mountainous dark man.
    the team has mountainous behavior on field

    By sadiq on 05.16.2014

  15. The glare that searched him through the hoard of children was biting. In desperation, he avoided what could only be the only other mountainous figure among little hills that jolted around them in excitement, wishing in that moment that he himself be the littlest hill.

    By Peskiper on 05.16.2014

  16. Struggles or views or beautiful
    Where from the bottom you can barely seem the top
    Engulfed in fog and cloud cover
    And from the top you can barely see the bottom
    Etched in forest and tree canopies
    One eyre me I the other to take your sights
    So far away that they can’t see the other side
    Side they possibly have been in not so log ago

    By Lauren on 05.16.2014

  17. it is the ridges of his spine, exposed from the thin sheet that covered his frame and shielded him from the breeze coming in from the opened window. My fingers are explorers on the expedition of his skin, lewis and clark of the epidermis.

    By Bailey on 05.16.2014

  18. Struggling to get around
    Goal that needs to be achieved
    Getting away and finding the beauty in nature
    Building train of thought for new chapter & new experiences

    By Carolina on 05.16.2014

  19. I wish I kept up with you. My legs wobbled like spaghetti. I puffed with troubled air the higher we went. Footsteps faltered.

    Why didn’t you turn around and check on me?

    I wouldn’t have ended up in the morgue.

    By Wanda on 05.16.2014

  20. Mountainous feelings of loneliness and soaring feelings of inadequacy.Is this this how it ends.?The rosy stories we tell ourselves in junior school.,fade and sour as we find out Cinderella is just another fallible woman.
    There are too many men in the world,I have added to that quota,Too many aggressive women with their clawing arms and fierce eyes scoop them up.They are the cutting rivers that run through the valleys of these men;s souls.They grow on verdant slopes and root themselves down to the core.The mountain man is scaled.

    By stella on 05.16.2014

  21. It was just great ,and i dont know why i’m writing this ,or how should i end it ,but dude ,i guess i’m just doing it… I don’t know what to say ,but what i’m doing is just maintainous

    By Palestine URL on 05.16.2014

  22. huge big large up high – that was him. he was basket-ball player tall wih deep brown eyes and the most cliche bone structure you could fathom. But I didn’t care because sometimes you have to give in to cliches – they exist for a reason, you know

    By Nicole on 05.16.2014

  23. It’s like he’s way up on the rocky peaks, staring down at a sprawling forest below. Except instead of crags and flowing leaves, it’s straigh-lined buildings and screaming cars. That’s what happens when civilization takes hold.

    By Baekhesten on 05.16.2014

  24. It’s like he’s way up on the rocky peaks, staring down at a sprawling forest below. Except instead of crags and flowing leaves, it’s straight-lined buildings and screaming cars. That’s what happens when civilization takes hold. He’s not sure if he likes it or not; he remembers the mountains. Way up here, he can pretend they still exist. But that memory is long gone. It’s just another jumping platform now.

    By Baekhesten on 05.16.2014