May 14th, 2014

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70 Responses to “severe”

  1. Really, it was in that insignificant instance when he first saw him again, after a stretch of time that seemed impossible to measure, this rigid back of the man who broke him and severed him from emotion, that he realized his was a mortal, one who was living and breathing in pain.

    By Peskiper on 05.15.2014

  2. Frankie literally bristled with excitement. The nerve endings all over his body were throwing out little sparks of sunshine and he was weak with anticipation. He was so desperate to be home it hurt. As the Buick limped closer to the house he strained his eyes, already knowing what he would see. His smile widened and when the endless journey was over he opened the car door and fell into the grass and into a puppy ambush. He was in for a severe licking.

    By bb333 on 05.15.2014

  3. Severe…life threatening. Severe demands an equal reaction to whatever is happening! That’s why you must always be on your toes to tame whatever come your way.

    By Ryan on 05.15.2014

  4. the pain cracked like lightning
    up his leg.
    the tears rolled into
    a soft whimper
    and a balled fist
    clinching a the bed rail
    for dear life.
    but he refused to scream out,
    refused to call out for help,
    refused to acknowledge
    the severe pain.

    By NuSol URL on 05.15.2014

  5. Couldn’t believe it, not again…. the throbbing, the pain. The undulating waves of madness pervading my mind. Clarity of vision disrurbed calling for action, wasn’t the ordinary. Something definitely was up! Surely there ws something that could be done, perhaps for a moment? Relief

    By Eleanor on 05.15.2014

  6. You don’t think anybody really would understand when you tell them about the fact that you are rotting from the inside. You don’t think anybody would really understand that this fucking leviathan living in your veins is in fact, not a product of millions of years of an evolutionary process gone wrong, but your own cancer.
    It’s kind of funny when you think about it. The brain is built to protect us, isn’t it? But somehow, somewhere along the blurred lines of tomorrow and yesterday, your brain became it’s own cancer.
    Nobody will ever truly realize that what you call a mental disorder is personal cancer. Nobody will ever realize that your brain has caused something so severe inside of itself.

    By Hannah on 05.15.2014

  7. Many of the girls cried at the mention of it.

    “Bend over and grab the desk!” the old nun would say.Her voice was calm and even, almost soothing.

    There was never any contempt on her face when she swung the paddle back. But her impassive expression belied the glee in her eyes.

    By Soft URL on 05.15.2014

  8. It also has the rig of sever
    Of completely removing
    Chopping off
    A radical and swift decision
    A choice that yields such heavy
    That you feel like yor swimming trough caked mud
    That your limbs canny propel you forward
    That time itself is locked in that moment

    By Lauren on 05.15.2014

  9. severe damage is what he did to her. damage that wont ever leave her again

    By helene on 05.15.2014

  10. Her expression was severe; even forbidding. It was so unlike the sunny expression he expected that he caught his breath.

    By mrsmig on 05.15.2014

  11. don’t tell me about glassy-eyed poets
    or the sounds a burning building makes–
    it’s not enough to make me cry

    my fists are tiny and my mouth is tinier
    but i’ve reached resistance to most common sorrows
    (it’s easy if you’ve known nothing else)

    don’t tell me about wars in your belly and bugs
    flying into your dreams when you sleep–
    it’s not enough to make me sympathize

    my dreams are blank and my body is light
    but that doesn’t mean i don’t know what it means
    to overflow with dread

    day in and day out
    until the fountains beneath my eyes dry up
    like parodies of cartoon deserts

    imagine dry tumbleweed. imagine a tiny girl in a
    short skirt who is nothing, nothing at all yet imagines herself
    to be the heroine of her own story

    i have a severe hunger, but at least i can admit it.
    and all this dread forced down my throat makes me want to choke
    even though i’ve gotten everything i’ll ever need in my life

    this is enough to make me cry.

    By F URL on 05.15.2014

  12. the look on their faces. the disapproval there. the sneers, the eyes that looked away. how could i have known the severity of the crimes i had committed? because they were crimes not considered so in any other place I had ever been.

    By Lee on 05.15.2014

  13. of course the consequences were severe. Betrayal was never something that was right and she knew it, but she hadn’t heeded his warning and that was what she ended up with.
    A tear fell, but of course she paid it no attention. She deserved every little bit of pain she felt, along with the dirty stares sent from people who despised people like her. Of course.

    By Carolinez Martinez on 05.15.2014

  14. severe love …thats what i feel for her now…
    but alas..thats what i dont want to confess in front of her ever..
    she is special in her own way for me..dear girl i wish u knew this :) and believe me i dnt want this relationship so severe to be bound in a small boundary of a casual relationship.
    true…u are special for me..
    and so are your habits and your manners…
    haha live on girl..and laugh on…
    and i will keep loving you in my own way :) :)

    By sumit saha on 05.15.2014

  15. There was severe shortage of food in the camp. This resulted in an even more shortage of patience on the part of the many refugees who were crammed into it. In turn, this resulted in some violent confrontations that caused some serious injuries.

    By Nicardo McLean on 05.15.2014

  16. well dats what it is…
    its severe..
    a feeling so strong that u fear it..
    it may be love..
    maybe pain even..
    but we fear it..
    and fear is the key
    to overcome….

    By poet on 05.15.2014

  17. It was severe pain I would say
    cringing at the sound of your words,
    And what your words were saying, which meant something entirely different and entirely insane
    You always look at me like I’m wrong and a
    piece of trash, a waste of time, a waste of space
    You do disgusting things
    Posess foul language
    Say would I pain severe was it

    By Brittany on 05.15.2014

  18. The weather forecast was quite worrying. The storms predicted by the meteorological office were likely to be severe.

    By Alexandra on 05.15.2014

  19. The rain began to freeze, she pulled her coat closer, hands held together to fight off the freeze. Ice formed on the outside of her coat, her shivering taking over, unable to walk further. She sat, stopped and stayed.

    By ryon on 05.15.2014

  20. very hard not easy pressured punishment overdone an injury that is very damaging

    By Sandra Herrington on 05.15.2014

  21. wait until its severely raining outside. then you will undoubdtdyl understand the smell of rain mixed with mud. complaaingi that you have no experiance of life just sitting inside will not help you in experiancing.

    By shrd on 05.15.2014

  22. The ache in my soul used to bring me nothing but pain. The constant throb of the permanent wounds used to rip my love to shreds. But eventually, eventually, I learned to dance to the rhythm. It taught me to feel alive.

    By Heidi P. on 05.15.2014

  23. Severe, what an emotive word. What classifies are severe? We live in a very extreme world were we say that it is …

    By Cleen on 05.15.2014

  24. Hdjhdvbhhnnndnndndndndmndn

    By Annette on 05.15.2014

  25. My life is far from severe, I am up at 6:45am (ideally) and down at 10:45 (again, ideally if I wish to experience a life).

    A modern life, a life filled with modern issues.

    I have been through as much as I expect others have, yet I would not say I truly know what a severe life is. I has been without need. I have been with want, however I would say that even those want have been superficial.

    I have seen the severe lives up close and life. Seeing these I still have not eradicated unnecessary desires or stomped out the feeling of being without.

    By Haddie on 05.15.2014

  26. it’s fine, and I’m fine and you’re fine. I don’t want to talk about it because it’s FINE everybody always makes a big fucking deal out of everything these days… h my god, it’s the worst thing ever. Oh my god, I’m broken”… “he broke me”… fuck that, that is the attitude that STOPS things… it makes things stop and I won’t let it becuase I won’t let him

    By Nicole on 05.15.2014

  27. Severe is the term for the word for pain. It goes a little something like..insane! I can’t complain because the rain brings it back. Like an attack from an old retractable razor. Can’t find my phaser when I need it because its gone like the wind. Can’t believe i just sinned all because of this severe eraser pain laser.

    By Billybob loves boobs on 05.15.2014

  28. Severe is a beautiful word. It has a sort of dual interpretation. To the ear it doesn’t sound severe at all but it’s meaning is exactly that. It comes with that gentle elegant sort of threat that beautiful women have. It is the femme fatale of words.

    By Chance on 05.15.2014

  29. Nope, Nope, nope!!!!!! She screamed as he lay her down in the ditch full of spiders. It was her final test to get into the club. As she felt around, she noticed the spiders were beginning to crawl on her fingers, then her toes, then she noticed a strange arousal at the idea that she could do this. She felt a severe courage in her heart that only a Lion could share. In that moment, covered in spiders, she was invincible. He saw this in her fierce eyes, and concluded the thoughts everyone else had shared. She was the one. True. Fearless. Leader

    By Kind of Krazy on 05.15.2014

  30. There were consequences for the things he’d done. He understood that now, better than he ever had. The words he’d tossed around so carelessly, the lives he’d trashed like seedy motel rooms on a hot summer night after tumbling off the wagon and into a bottle of cheap whiskey. Oh, yes, Phelps, there were consequences, and they would be unanimously severe.

    By emgee on 05.15.2014