March 29th, 2014

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69 Responses to “security”

  1. Its my blanket.
    My headphones, the shielding beats.
    Its not a gun or a knife.
    Its my identity, my individuality.
    Its me.

    By Kia on 03.29.2014

  2. Nothing makes me feel more secure than being in my husbands arms. I know how much he loves me then. That no matter what, I will have a strong and tall wall to hold myself up against. I know he will always be there no matter what I do.

    By Amethyst on 03.29.2014

  3. Clara knelt down and immediately started performing CPR on the woman who’d dropped like a dead weight right behind us. A few customers began to crowd around, some on the phone with 911. My insides felt like jelly and I was panicky, not knowing if I should stay and help or go get someone. What a trip to the mall this had turned out to be.

    She glanced up at me frantically, still pushing on the unresponsive girl’s chest. “Go get mall security, now!”

    I hesitated. Staring down at the woman it finally clicked in my brain who she was. And I immediately felt like throwing up. I didn’t want Clara to revive her because when and if she woke up, I’d probably be dead.

    “Maria, go!” Clara yelled, snapping me out of my funk. “Hurry!”

    I took off running, silently hoping that by the time me and an officer arrived, it’d be too late.

    By AJ Kenobi on 03.29.2014

  4. There is something so nice about knowing that everything you do is monitored, everything locked up and secured and placed in a metallic box for someone else to read; there’s so secure about knowing that you’ll always be trapped in place. It’s ironic, the box you live in, the box with a roof and four doors with keys and security systems wired to the police. It’s ironic that these things keep you in as much as they keep others out—that you’re a wild animal, really,

    By Jessica on 03.29.2014

  5. There’s something about the way sweatpants and messy hair increases my security from filthy boys on the streets, that makes me feel our judgment is flawed.

    By Andrea on 03.29.2014

  6. Security is a funny thing. You’re born with a sense of it, from your family, the doctors, everyone around you in that hospital room. Their main focus is keeping you alive, keeping you safe. But what if all that security disappeared? What if instead of having all these people to protect you, you had people trying to kill you?. What if, as unlikely as it could be, it seemed all of these people, and more, wanted you dead, because of one HUGE mistake. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Well welcome to my life.

    By Rosie on 03.29.2014

  7. By the time security was called, Lily was gone, bounding over the fence and leaving skids of risen mud behind her heels. The rain was coming down heavier than ever, her wool mask damp and even itchier than before against her face. Leaping across one slope, she came to a halt by a clearing to gasp for air, only to hear her sister’s voice beside her.

    “While you were running, I got the goods.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.29.2014

  8. When i hear this word what comes to my mind is a security guard who is feeling biting cold in the night that is his companion but he will go on, to feel his children and to see that reassuring satisfaction on his wife’s face.

    By Yash on 03.29.2014

  9. makes us feel safe, but that means that we are watched, we restrict ourselves. we put bars on our windows and we did no crime. we put them there to keep them out. But we also keep ourselves in. The insanity is not always apparent.

    By River Ranter URL on 03.29.2014

  10. I feel safe, when I am secure. And when I am safe nothing bad will happen to me, even if a volcano erupts ill be so safe, the lava won’t be able to touch me. I can’t get shot if I have security, I’m in a blanket of safeness, and nothing can hurt me. I

    By Nikki on 03.29.2014

  11. I feel safe in this place, nothing can hurt me and no one can make me feel as if I am nothing. I come out of the darkness of my mind, and I try to think what makes me feel safe in this place.
    the tunnel that I live in or

    By Nikki on 03.29.2014

  12. The feeling of safety and warmth. A child being wrapped in his father’s arms as he scares away the demons that hide beneath bedcovers and behind closet doors.

    By Erin O'Malley on 03.29.2014

  13. “Daichi.” I whispered. somehow being here with him made me feel safer than being at my own home. ” I don’t want to go back” I cherish being here with him right now, i hope he lets me stay the night.
    “I know.” he replied, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and embracing me softly. His shoulder cradled my head and i pressed my cheek against his neck. Was his body always this warm, or had i suddenly become cold? My heart beat with trepidation as his warm arms encircled me.

    O_O what did i just write….

    By Dani J on 03.29.2014

  14. Security is something viewed as good and necessary for human survival. I see it as a cage, a false sense of happiness. Security CAN bring happiness, but not that much of it. Sometimes it envelops people and they forget how to live with uncertainty and unknowing, which is exciting. I am not currently living my life in hopes of gaining ultimate security, though that seems to be what everyone else is doing.

    By Lydia Kate on 03.29.2014

  15. loneliness and seclusion. trapped in the ideals of material and expectations. security is something you find when you have accepted the insecurity of your position and not an object to be bought and sold. security is belonging and love and being needed

    By Pearce Littler on 03.29.2014

  16. He was… is… my security. There is so much uncertainty. I don’t know what to do with myself with out him. With him it’s, joy. Magic actually. Late night talks, slurpees, trips to the lake, soft kisses. With out him, I don’t know. It’s nothing. My only hope is found in his dazzling blue eyes, my only security is in his arms. I just know it has to work out someday, but for now… we’re friends. That isn’t enough right now for me, but over time maybe it will be. I care about him. That’s enough… It has to be enough…

    By Brooke Tuinei on 03.29.2014

  17. Maintenance all people safe

    By João on 03.29.2014

  18. My knees hit the pavement harder than I expected. He was behind me I could still hear his hot heavy breathing from the window above. Before my body could register that it wasn’t in running condition my legs took flight and I bolted toward the

    By Catherine on 03.29.2014

  19. security makes me feel safe, makes me feel at home, makes me think of money for some reason, having a good job and that’s it…

    By Jackie on 03.29.2014

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    By Jackie on 03.29.2014

  21. I’ve never felt more safe in my life than I do in his arms. Enfolding me, surrounding me. Everything else is gone in that moment, and I am left with only his smell, his touch, his skin on mine. Everyone else is gone. Everything else is gone. It’s just us two there on the planet, safe finally in one another’s company.

    By Tori on 03.29.2014

  22. All I was, all I’ve ever been, was thrown away in that moment. When I lay in the back seat of that car, all I knew was the smell of the leather, the heat on my skin. I felt safe, knowing he was watching over me. Occasionally he’d send a glance in the rearview, and I always avoided it, continuing my bitter facade. But truth be told, I was glad that I was there. My old life was flowing away behind me as the tires flew across the pavement.

    By Tori on 03.29.2014

  23. In front of a concert, they won’t let me in. Damn security thinking that my tickets are false. If i was just as strong as them i could just beat them and go inside. Man i wish they werent here.

    By Dizencio URL on 03.29.2014

  24. Holding tightly onto his arm, she felt a sense of security as he walked ahead with the flashlight gripped tightly in his hands. Neither of them knew what they were about to face, but somehow she knew if she let go of him, her whole world would spiral out of control into the deepest nightmare she’s buried away inside her mind.

    By Sarah C. on 03.29.2014

  25. “Damn,” he hissed and let the lock fall back to the gate with a rattle. No way of getting in the conventional way, and as he was still wearing his mother’s stolen high heels, he was dubious of his chances of getting over the fence. He wasn’t the kind of boy who’d done that sort of thing.

    By Yona on 03.29.2014

  26. I feel a sense of security around him, it’s like I am a terrified animal and he is the security blanket rescueing me from the horrifying place I have lived all my life, at least until now..

    By Lexie on 03.29.2014

  27. “There is no way to get inside, they have levels of security higher than on presidential visits. The only way we will get to him is when he comes out. We will have to pose as paparazzi, he has a weakness for them, lets them get too close.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.29.2014

  28. She found she had security with him. Strange that she felt safe with a perfect stranger. Only time would tell until she knew if she could truly trust him. For now, security was enough.

    By 709 on 03.29.2014

  29. Security. People dedicate their entire lives to being safe from phantoms and ghosts. I don’t remember my childhood, the ghosts have scared it away from my head, and every day the phantoms knock on my head, begging to be let back in. Slowly, the will erode my security, and the shell will be broken, leaving only the scared, lonely child that never got his chance.

    By kurtseph on 03.29.2014

  30. I need people to feel secure. They talk for me whenever I need them. They remind me when what I’m doing is wrong. My greatest fear is to be without people. Who would help me?

    By Alyssa on 03.29.2014

  31. Security is a blanket that surrounds us, an invisible field. It entangles, and enthralls. We, it’s slaves, relax in tranquility as the world passes us by.

    By Chase on 03.29.2014

  32. Her blanket, almost as old as she, protected her from the dangers of the outside world. Her shield from the too curious of eyes, from the painful comments, from all the questions, from any responsibility whatsoever. It allowed to exist in her world, one where she felt welcome and lost in the sweet smells of happiness and home. It was her only constant security in life.

    By umbazachika on 03.29.2014

  33. It’s weird but i didn’t feel safe anymore in this town, the security i before founded with my friends, was gone. How did I get here? How I didn’t realize this was happening around me?

    By Paulina on 03.29.2014

  34. There is comfort under this tree,
    From it’s light and beauty darkness flee,
    Bird and deer and fox and bee
    come and rest in security.

    Strong and tall and wide it be,
    Routes planted, drinking oh so deeply
    never moving never faltered ever standing firmly.
    From mustard seed to security, this wondrous tree for you for me.

    By Jose on 03.29.2014

  35. Quasi-paradoxically, when a society or a entire nation is collapsing, the corporations and ideologies that flourish hasten its death, and the things people seek for security, eventually, will rob them of security.

    By Isabel Solanes on 03.29.2014

  36. The security in this country isn’t good at all. Last month, a friend of mine was travelling by foot and a man came running and stole his cellphone. He cried and shouted all month because he wanted it back, so we decided to buy him a new one and give it to him.

    By Yair on 03.29.2014

  37. Working in security wasn’t exactly a glamorous gig (not that she’d expected it to be, mind you). Still, it was a steady job with an equally steady paycheck and, at the end of the day, that’s all she’d been looking for in the first place.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.29.2014

  38. No matter what happens you will always make me feel it. No matter where I go my thoughts of you will feel it. Everything I say & do makes me feel it because of you. All the time I spend living you feel less of it. But you always have the open arms ready to make me feel it mother.

    By Samuel Maxwell URL on 03.29.2014

  39. Neat idea. It felt like a high school exam.

    By Samuel Maxwell URL on 03.29.2014

  40. The security guard nodded grimly at me from his inconspicuous position by the door.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.29.2014