March 30th, 2014

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63 Responses to “adolescent”

  1. “You have a choice,” the voice boomed loud in his ears, “to stay in this time and live as you are, or to be reborn with your memories and choose new life paths based on the knowledges gained in this past life.”

    Stewart stumbled to a wall, pushing against it with his upper back.

    By Michelle URL on 03.30.2014

  2. Years creep forward, much too fast once you start to realize they’re running off. By that point it’s too late. Too late to take back the screaming matches and surly days. By that point, it’s hard enough to try to act like the adult you’re supposed to be.

    By Beth A on 03.30.2014

  3. The young adolescent boy walked down the sidewalk leading to his house. As he walked, he thought of what he did that day in school. What happened with Sarah. He sighed, bowed his head, and continued walking.

    By Paul Tilley URL on 03.30.2014

  4. She blamed it on adolescence but I was pretty sure it was just me, uncovering and securing my place and personality for the rest of my life. I know I’m stubborn. I know I’m feisty. I know I can be irrational in the pursuit of making others happy. I made quick decisions. But it wasn’t hormones, I constantly told my mother, it was just me. And she could either love it or not. I could not and would not change who I was for the world. Staying under the radar was her main concern but I didn’t care about sticking my neck out a little. Staying true to myself was it.

    By Caroline on 03.30.2014

  5. Personal pleasure
    pursued by most in excess
    is adolescent.

    By haiku-man on 03.30.2014

  6. It was all too much, too soon. Her adolescent brain, developing as it was, just couldn’t handle the responsibility thrust so suddenly upon her shoulders.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.30.2014

  7. Learned or not, Man repeats
    Mistakes in history and…
    Stays adolescent

    – Haiku-man

    By haiku-man on 03.30.2014

  8. i stared at this word for longer than any other and still can’t find the right phrases to sum up all the confusion. maybe because i still am one.

    By Laura s on 03.30.2014

  9. thoughts of skimming the surface
    but i’d be getting too deep
    the words wash over us
    wind and rain furtive glances cheap
    lost in a moment a second
    a stitch in time
    hands trembling like shaking and a leaf
    to leave or to never be
    adolescent come back to me
    adolescent wrongs to write and need

    By matt m on 03.31.2014

  10. Adolescent. That’s all he was, all he would ever be. He didn’t want to get caught, to get stuck in the Program, but he did. It was completely his fault. He had no one to blame. That was the worst part. He was caught while helping a couple of kids. He couldn’t even blame them.

    By Kylie on 03.31.2014

  11. Adolescent I like to write about adolescents, something about the place they are in at this time in their life. My own adolsecent time was not all that interesting. I have trouble remembering it. I remembering it.

    By Crystal on 03.31.2014

  12. When I was an adolescent, I ran away quite often. Most times it was just so I could be outside for a while, since my mom would mainly just ground me as a way of punishment. It caused me to be quite comfortable with not socializing and staying in. Well, it contributed, a lot of that was also just from being my father’s daughter.

    By acceber on 03.31.2014

  13. a dole lessened

    By Svetlana on 03.31.2014

  14. Self-awareness as an adolescent is almost like a foreign thought or meditative ability that doesn’t come naturally. Then again, sometimes that feeling never goes away.

    By asavas on 03.31.2014

  15. We must expect much from our youth when they reach their adolescent age. Those who have learn to do right and reason without discrimination, in time will develop the right aptitude to be focus in going forward to build a firm foundation.

    By victor URL on 03.31.2014

  16. Being an adolescent is hard. You’re simply just angry and horny all the time. I heard someone say recently that musicians only write about 1 of 2 things, being angry or horny or about a time that they were angry or horny i.e. an adolescent

    By cian on 03.31.2014

  17. In her opinion her boss always acted like a adolescent. One day he came into the office and she him and laughed. The scene was so kafkaesque. He actually had turned into an adolescent overnight.

    By Jerri on 03.31.2014

  18. there is nothing more confusing than being an adolescent. The most difficult is that things are constantly changing. Sometimes they don’t even stay the same for a day. In these conditions, i find it really stupid when teens ask themselves why their friendships rarely last. It is obvious that as they and their friends are constantly changing, their interests and opinions will also change and they might not get along that well anymore. This is one of the most natural phenomenons of life, as, in life, people always come and go.

    By AnaidSkylight on 03.31.2014

  19. So insecure, trying to figure it all out. Building ourselves, but misunderstood even if we’ve all been there. Innovative, definitely worth listening to, undervalued.

    By Ema on 03.31.2014

  20. Oh boy they always told me I should reach that, to be more serious, to be more observant. But when I see those adolescent ones i cant keep myself to think that they are complete fools in their maturity. Trying to replace with booze, cigars or drugs something they have lost long time ago, something they only but remember that was here, like a memory of a fleeting dream. So its better to stand aside and watch the ones whom call themselves “Adolescent”

    By Ivan URL on 03.31.2014

  21. I cannot map the times that they have said that we are but adolescents
    that we know nothing, and are here for little, good for nothing
    Ha I say
    Hay I say
    There is no good for them that cannot see the future

    By ASLW on 03.31.2014

  22. I myself am an adolescent, this is why I spell it wrong frequently. I am young and seeking knowledge and wisdom from my elders. Spiritually and mentally our knowledge grows, as does our physical form.The problem is, how do we stay adolescents?

    By Kaelin on 03.31.2014

  23. Shadow studied her. Only fourteen. Barely an adolescent. How could her kidnapper have done what he did? Snatched her from her home and tortured her?
    She realized she was being stared at and said, “What?”
    He relaxed. “Listen. You’re going to be fine. You don’t have to worry.”

    By 709 on 04.01.2014