March 29th, 2014

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69 Responses to “security”

  1. My greatest sense of security in life is knowing I exist in an ocean of humanity, that there are seven billion me out there living different lives, all backed up on different brains. :)

    By Milagros on 03.29.2014

  2. What so many look for, so many yearn for. It’s solid, make us safe, feel like we did when we were two and Mom and Dad were there and were our world, our Gods on Olympus. To be oblivious to the ached and hurt that’s around every corner one more time.

    By Protean on 03.29.2014

  3. We locked the gate but did we check the other gate? Running around the house suddenly seeing chairs under windows. How did they get there? I didn’t put that there. Check the door that is always locked. OK it’s locked are you sure yes I’m sure. Get in the car. Let’s go. Don’t look.

    By Elaine on 03.30.2014

  4. there is none. everybody is scared about not having security or thinking that they will lose can you lose something you dont already have? there is no security in life except that which comes from taking risks.

    By anki on 03.30.2014

  5. (y)

    By anki on 03.30.2014

  6. Security is a feeling that helps you sleep at night. It is the feeling that gives you confidence to go throughout your day. It presides over those fortunate enough to have it like a blanket warming an infant. Security is a feeling a yearn for. I have felt it around strong characters who protect me but I yearn to feel it for myself by myself.

    By Eh Dubz on 03.30.2014

  7. It had been two weeks since the last attack and according to their informant it was only a matter of hours until the next. Searching for Al Jaber in Mumbai was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. The investigating officers started to have concerns. Sargent MacAlister ordered his charges to increase security around the target.

    By bb333 on 03.30.2014

  8. Security is not how i feel now, I don’t feel secure in my job. I feel like Bambi stumbling around trying to walk when it seems impossible. Scared off failure. I want security and anxiety to go away.

    By Fia on 03.30.2014

  9. Security is being wrapped in their arms on a dark stormy night. security is being 3000 feet up and free fall while not having a worry in the world.

    By Analisa on 03.30.2014

  10. The company was always unsure how to deal with thieves but this was getting ridiculous! They needed to employ one of hose boofheads to stand at the door and scare would-be robbers in their boots…. A security man.

    By Eb on 03.30.2014

  11. The security guard dragged me across the floor of the mall, trying to get me to stop screaming. I didn’t even know why i was doing all that. I had never been the drama queen type.

    By AnaidSkylight on 03.30.2014

  12. The deposit was equal to the rent check, and the landlord made her write two, to the same person twice for the same amount. “It goes into a different account,” the landlord said. “Escrow.” And so she complied, writing double the amount, twice, for two bank accounts, to one person, just to be sure.

    By Erica Plouffe Lazure on 03.30.2014

  13. It’s hard to sleep without my blanket. I haven’t been without it since I was born. I always used to call it my blanky; it was my security device, the only thing that could save me from the monsters lurking underneath my bed.

    By Lana on 03.30.2014

  14. i stood there engulfed with a warm fuzzy feeling of contempt, i don’t know why but this place provides me with everything that was missing. I had a motherland but know I form stronger connections by throwing myself in complex situations. something only few will understand. It is quite conflicting but if I realise how lonesome this world is, then I realise what is really important for an individual.

    By Maddie on 03.30.2014

  15. Operational System have to be security. More and more people are dealing with bad experiences at not security OS

    By Marcos on 03.30.2014

  16. She felt the security of her home, but she wanted the security of his arms. The warmth of his touch, and that strength that her home could not provide.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.30.2014

  17. Somehow I don’t understand security until I find myself insecure. If I long for other things aside from what I have and when I long for them with jealousy, contempt, envy, then maybe I am not secure as I believe I am. If I look for things in the wrong places and look for them desperately, then I am not secure because if I am I will not be looking int eh first place.

    By anonymous on 03.30.2014

  18. i feel very strange about the word security. what does it mean? money, safety? what? are those things related.. or are they fully separate entities? i can never tell. i do know that security is something to be desired. right now i want security from love. it seems ill never find it though. not what im looking for at least….

    By frances URL on 03.30.2014

  19. security found in him. in his arms, in his, “thata girl”. security in his smile, his ever-evolving, short-termed smile. Security in when he looks at me with those eyes-those mysterious, dark, shaded eyes, squinty like an Asian, but black as his skin. a security lost when an invitation was accepted. drowning in doubt when the bottle was emptied. securities misplaced when the texts were sent, when she stuck around with her big eyes and bright smile. security lost when the lie was exposed. security gone when my heart and soul were broken.

    By emily on 03.30.2014

  20. we were deep within the security of the bunker, far enough underground that we hardly heard the noise of the bombings overhead. last time any of us saw the surface it was a burnt out husk of the world we knew. anywhere i could remember from before the war was covered in charred rumble and burnt remains

    By Hisoka on 03.30.2014

  21. Security. A three syllable word. Someone once told me that the only thing you need in life is security. Maybe that’s why now, at the ripe age of 22, I’m ending all of this. The security of an old blanket might help me now. After all I have been through, never have I had security. Well that’s a lie. I found solace and security in him. But now that he’s left to an eternal ending, I have no security. My parents were not very securing. Not in the least. My friends never made me feel safe and warm. The only thing was him. Since he has been gone, I have been so inspired. I have written poetry, I have painted my living room, I even launched a new website for my writing. But what’s being inspired to a flake of snow. I’ll never amount to a success, for it cannot happen. As I lay this dagger into myself, I prove one last time that I cannot do anything right.

    By Alley on 03.30.2014

  22. I need a security system in my home. It will help me to feel more secure. They have security in many places especially the schools now. Security is having a good felling that you are secure. I wouldn’t mind being a security officer. I

    By sblackwell on 03.30.2014

  23. There’s something really heart-wrenching about this false sense of security you’ve bestowed upon me, as your warm embrace guides me into the pit of your chest. Why should I feel secure when I know that, even in your arms, I am lost?

    By Amanda on 03.30.2014

  24. No use looking outside for security
    Having things to own and hoard
    ain’t gonna fill empty place inside

    By Maureen McMahon on 03.30.2014

  25. Its all about security these days

    By Herb URL on 03.30.2014

  26. It was something she never had. A foreign word to her lips, a haven that had never had a place in her transparent life.

    She was good at never leaving any mark behind her calloused, soundless feet and flighty hands. Remaining unnoticed was her primary method of survival, and she had perfected it over the restless years. She was more of a shadow, a breath of air, a heartbeat than a person. Her mercurial days held no promises.

    She would have forgotten her name if it weren’t for the book.

    By Hannah on 03.30.2014

  27. She wrapped the blanket around herself tighter, waiting for him to get back. Now that she was away from her old abusive boyfriend, and in her brother’s flat, she finally felt safe and secure.

    By Vivian on 03.30.2014

  28. The security system was easy to bypass and break into the office

    By Jerri on 03.30.2014

  29. The security of being safe is something that I want to know. Keep me safe and secure even when I am scared. Keep the dangers out of my life and away from me. There is no security like knowing you are safe and loved. But can you ever really know that? I don’t know.

    By Crystal on 03.30.2014