February 24th, 2016

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52 Responses to “scientific”

  1. If it were not for scientific observations, our world would not have such ridiculous theories such as evolution. Remember that all theories can be falsified. There is so much evidence to prove evolution false.

    By Tina Grace on 02.24.2016

  2. There was no real scientific evidence to support any of the doctor’s claims. Still, he prattled on and on about his conspiracy theories and confusing mathematical prophecies “revelations,” all while both he and his guests drank glass after glass of red wine. As the copious amount of booze continually flowered from new bottle after new bottle, the volume of the doctor’s voice grew louder, and his balance was increasingly becoming unsteady. Still, somehow, the words came out of his mouth without a single slue, and the nonsense, albeit at a slower pace, continued practically unabated.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.24.2016

  3. Analysis was the starting point of the day. Testing had taken place and now it was time to review the data and establish whether or not the project was going to get off the ground. Nerves were at a peak.

    By Cosmos on 02.24.2016

  4. we are never scalpel sharp or lab coat strict, but we are scientific in our organic grit… the astronomy of your sunspot freckles, the supernovas under our eyelashes, my unrelenting inertia toward you and the homeostasis you have fostered in my blood, the safety we have created in this private biosphere…

    By caitlinmonster URL on 02.24.2016

  5. Scientific deals with science. With facts, with things that can be explained through some form of theory of equation.

    By Ashleigh Boisseau on 02.24.2016

  6. The scientific method has many advantages. Being kind isn’t one of them; it has completely eluded the realm of tender emotions for quite a while now. However, Sara-Jane did not care much about this stone cold edge. She had decided she would be kind in all things, and she wanted one of these things to be science. Nevermind what her mentor had to say to get her to sharpen her thoughts and deeds, she would find a way to … to make it right.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 02.24.2016

  7. Working indoors all day, wearing a white coat sometimes and safety googles all of the time. Raised a country girl, running barefoot and catching creatures with no care of what germs they had. Being in a scientific lab, Rosie had come a very long way from home.

    By MsShel330 on 02.24.2016

  8. I learned a new scientific word today. So now I’m a scientist working in a lab.

    By George on 02.24.2016

  9. The data is scientific. It was culled from information from many different forms of research around introverts and how they hate to say exactly how they feel for fear that people will think they don’t know how to communicate verbally. They think in writing, in words on a page – not ones spoken.

    By Gigi on 02.24.2016

  10. “The scientific method is –”
    Laughter rings out at something the kid in the last row said. I didn’t catch it, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to.
    “The scientific method –”
    A cell phone plays a phrase from one of the latest pop hits. Someone forgot to turn their phone to silent before class.
    “The scientific –”
    “Miss, I’m bored. Can we play on the computers now?”
    I sigh. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to show up to class.

    By terradi on 02.24.2016

  11. Scientific is not a word i would associate with myself. I don’t seem to have the brain for the mechanics of things, and find I lose interest when I have to really concentrate on the nitty gritty of how things work.

    By ally on 02.24.2016

  12. My favorite topic in the world: anything biologically scientific. My mind races when I hear this word, or anything associated. I never realized this love for science until a few years ago, but still now I am unsure of what to do with my life. I am inspired by science and how the world around me works, and not just what the world around me is. It’s science.

    By Kim on 02.24.2016

  13. There’s ink all up on her fingers if you can believe she’s been dialing into sinks. Humming about diamond blings and favorite things, cause there’s a glimmer in the canyon, oh, that old la-la sing. “Ain’t got anything to tune and time but a mess of scientific thinks.”

    By Quicksilver on 02.24.2016

  14. Oikawa was never smart, he’s excelled more in strengths such as sports and talking to people. Iwa-chan new this, and he new that with the new science test coming up, Oikawa had no hope in passing it.

    “Iwa-chaaaaaan” oikawa whined, “It’s Just too haaaard.”

    Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, looking from the work sheet the the brunet in front of him. “It’s hard because you’re stupid. And because all you ever think about is volleyball. You realize you can’t stay on the team if your grades fall.

    By aralliya URL on 02.24.2016

  15. tThis is so hard what the shit.

    By aralliya URL on 02.24.2016

  16. Shiro’s never been good at science, so when Kuroo’s sitting there with blue powder on his face and his eyebrows gone, she can’t help but laugh, and also worry for her brother because he really doesn’t look all that fun with his eye brows missing.

    She watches as it slowly sets in that he’s eyebrow less, and bursts out laughing as he slowly whispers, “wait…”

    By aralliya on 02.24.2016

  17. It’s what I believe
    and see as the future
    all is real through
    data and logic
    no fantasy
    clear thingking in a realm
    of vision and imagination
    where man takes a forward step

    By Protean on 02.24.2016

  18. I like to watch scientific shows because I think the more factual information we know as a human race the more we will come together. Scientific subjects are interesting because i like learn how things operate.

    By isiah on 02.24.2016

  19. He was the scientific approach. He never did anything without checking every available fact, without double checking everything, without a safety net underneath him should he fail. And fail he did, quite often, because sometimes the best choice you can make is going to be the most spontaneous decision you will ever live to make.

    By chi URL on 02.24.2016

  20. Of, or having to do with science.

    Having the quality of being derived from, or consistent with, the scientific method.

    In accord with procedures, methods, conduct and accepted conventions of modern science.


    By Toady on 02.24.2016

  21. The scientific results were astonishing. At last, they had developed a cure against the devastating disease.

    By Bluered on 02.25.2016

  22. Metric, reality, periodic table, universe, earth, NASA, survival of the most adaptable, darwin theory, Einstein, Bill Nye the science guy.

    By Mark on 02.25.2016

  23. It’s a known fact. Those who are scientific are often captivated by artistic expression.

    By Krysf on 02.25.2016

  24. when you stand at the edge of a cliff – no wait thats not the right word, were talking about science here, the empirical way, the only true way – no wait thats idelogy, were talking about the art of observation here, the way to a womans heart – no wait, thats stalking, what are we talking about then, can somebody please explain to me in an illustrative fashion?

    By berenique on 02.25.2016

  25. ‘It’s just not very scientific’ he said exasperatedly, ‘I don’t think that one thing is necessarily causing the other’. And with that he was gone.

    By Burger Clap on 02.25.2016

  26. The proof was undeniable, well, at least to anyone with an ounce of composure. She threw the paper down. “It’s wrong.”
    Natalie looked up from the table. “Wrong?”
    “It has to be. There is no other explanation.”
    “No. I’m telling you. It has to be wrong. I refuse to accept this.”
    Natalie put her elbows next to each other with her face in her hand. “Here we go again.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.25.2016

  27. The scientific way of thinking is the most important to make us understand the world. We can use it to understand where we came from and how the world is always change as well as understand why

    By Aline Silva on 02.25.2016

  28. I believe in science, I think it explains the world we live in. How everything starts, what’s happening and our possible future. The scientific thought is where I find

    By SsilvaAline on 02.25.2016

  29. “It’s not very scientific, is it?”

    “Nonsense!” He yelled over the hum, “These are the building blocks of science!” He attached another battery.

    “But… we don’t even know what this is. You found it under a rock.”

    “Exactly! Now we are electrifying it! Science!”

    By Steven on 02.25.2016

  30. The scientist have a scientific method for everything.

    By Caden on 02.25.2016

  31. Anybody can be a scientist but to be scientific you have to be precise and correct.

    By Caden on 02.25.2016

  32. “C’mon, do it for science,” his best friend, Hal chided. Deon swallowed down his nerves and a thousand secret fantasies and quickly removed his thread-bare undershirt. The floor suddenly was super interesting and he decided to keep his eyes on it as Hal’s fingers caressed the new scar from his arm surgery.

    By Soft URL on 02.25.2016

  33. They were very scientific when they built their robot and spent almost a fortune on the robot. They installed a bunch of different features including speed.

    By Caden on 02.25.2016

  34. Stick to your guns.
    Do not say the Lord’s name in vain.
    Be not beholden to the vices of the physical world,
    and hold fast to your convictions steeped in heavenly magic
    that scientific blathering cannot supersede.

    By asavas on 02.25.2016

  35. Some people make scientific discoveries. A scientific discovery may find a new planet or find out something new about a plant or animal.

    By Em on 02.25.2016

  36. She is a scientific genius.

    By Katy on 02.25.2016

  37. the scientist uses scientific stuff to get his answers

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.25.2016

  38. “Margin of error?”
    “+0.5 to +0.9.”
    “Pressure lid status?”
    “Pressure stabilized.”
    “How many minutes left?”
    “T minus 20.”
    “Good, turkey’s almost done.”

    By nom de luc URL on 02.25.2016

  39. These words have been lacking lately.
    As the unicorn jumped from roof to roof, the troll tried his best to tame to prince frog. “Stop it, you slap-dragon!!” he exclaimed as the frog tripped in a puddle of sparkles. “A princess would never kiss such a warty creature!!” he pleaded for the frog to stop flopping around.
    “What is this?” I ask.
    “It’s the opposite of scientific reasoning.” blew the clouds. “Just accept it and have fun!”
    I jumped on that unicorn’s back and joined the cotton-candy clouds.

    By Jaidyn on 02.25.2016

  40. It’s a scientific discovery of a lifetime, its a super, mega, awesome, unbelievable chemical that actually makes you lose weight.

    By D.A.T guy on 02.25.2016