February 24th, 2016

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52 Responses to “scientific”

  1. love it! the idea of observing and quantifying difficult things.. and its lovely because its still subjective to whoever is observing… love it.. others can try on that persons observations and disagree or agree.

    By melanie cap on 02.25.2016

  2. These words on this website have been lacking lately.
    As the unicorn jumped from roof to roof, the troll tried his best to tame to prince frog. “Stop it, you slap-dragon!!” he exclaimed as the frog tripped in a puddle of sparkles. “A princess would never kiss such a warty creature!!” he pleaded for the frog to stop flopping around.
    “What is this?” I ask from the laser-submarine.
    “It’s the opposite of scientific reasoning.” blew the clouds. “Just accept it and have fun!”
    I jumped on that unicorn’s back and joined the cotton-candy clouds. Until I woke up. Goodbye.

    By Jaidyn on 02.25.2016

  3. the word scientific reminds me of people talking bout science like it is a scientific fact that this and that happened like in my facts app it uses the word scientific very often

    By Catherine on 02.25.2016

  4. Scientific is a woman in a lab coat, the stars, a telescope. If there’s one thing I regret most in life it’s not believing I could understand math. I could have been an astrophysicist.

    By Laura J. on 02.25.2016

  5. Scientific describes a train of thought. Those who think scientifically are more about solid facts than emotions. Scientific can be used to describe facts about the things around us.

    By Cassandra Reed on 02.25.2016

  6. he looks at me like he’s observing
    but his tongue pokes out onto his lips
    and he never makes eye contact;

    he cries like he’s angry,
    rubbing tears away,
    repenting to me for his emotions;

    he crushes anthills and leaves
    and steps in puddles
    and blushes after;

    he wears leather jackets
    in an emotional artistic way,
    and he never shows me his writing;

    and his eyes dart everywhere
    before he kisses me
    and sometimes i think
    he’ll hit me.

    By naomi on 02.25.2016

  7. “The scientific method, man, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you! Proof! Evidence! Come’on man! Don’t play coy with me”. By the end he was screaming at the top of his lungs, his three-day old beer breath making it impossible for me to breathe at the same time.

    By Bryan on 02.25.2016

  8. Scientific tends to relate to the field of science. One can use it as ‘scientific research, or studies. I know may scientist.

    By Fatima on 02.25.2016

  9. it is scientifically proven that humans need love. Babies need LOVE and ATTENTION to live.

    By aprilemmons on 02.25.2016

  10. She thinks that there must be something about love that you can explain. Some reason why this boy she thinks about and dreams about and talks to when he’s not there (because she’ll never talk to him when he is there; she isn’t popular enough or pretty enough for that), there must be some reason why he never talks to her. On days when she wears her nice clothes and new shoes and puts lipstick on he pays just as much attention to her as he does on the days when she gets up late and throws clothes on and forgets her makeup because she has to hurry or else she’ll be late. He pays no attention to her at all. She’s been reading about her body and the things that are happening to it at school. But the other day, she went to the library and took out some books about that talk about what happens to boys when they get to this age too. They are in worse trouble than she is, she thinks. It’s not that they said so in the book. But she can tell. But there’s nothing in those scientific type of books that tells you why, when she would give him everything she had, including her virginity, when everything she thinks about winds up becoming about him; when, even if he happens to look at her by mistake, she feels like she’ll fall down, nothing in those books says why he doesn’t care at all.

    By nyla on 02.25.2016


    wait we’re not talking nerd stuff


    By cowmom on 02.25.2016

  12. I hide behind knowledge to excuse the insane
    to make sense out of love, negate heartbreak and pain
    a flush of the face; a mere chemical effect
    nothing in the heart a glass slide can’t reflect.

    but for you, there is no thesis; no research that defines
    the reason why your eyes, to me, are treasured, bright blue shrines.
    the vacancy you never filled, I only now perceive
    the absurdity of missing you, never mine to leave.

    By stonefoxkneesocks on 02.25.2016