February 25th, 2016

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37 Responses to “projector”

  1. The science teacher turned on the projector. Strange little blobs showed up.

    “Now, can anyone tell me what this is? …James?”

    I looked up from the paper with hearts doodled all over it.


    “Wrong! Detention, Mr. Hughes!”

    By B.E. on 02.25.2016

  2. The projector wasn’t working, so the class couldn’t see the film, and they were less than thrilled. Still, the substitute, Mister Hervsheim, did his best to entertain the class. He even offered to a read a book aloud to them, but considering that he was dealing with restless and rambunctious eleven-year-olds who only wanted to stare at a screen for the whole class, the suggestion wasn’t exactly received in a positive way.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.25.2016

  3. There’s only one projector, and it lies in the middle of the room.

    The room is empty save for the projector and, I suppose, myself. I say I suppose because, in a way, I am the projector. Or at least the projection.

    By Betty Erikson on 02.25.2016

  4. Projector is a device to show and illustration…It can also be a person who tends to project their thoughts and behaviors onto someone else knowingly or unknowkingly

    By Karen on 02.25.2016

  5. The flickering light of the projector lit only the frizzy hairs around her braids, like a crown of flyaways. In the dark of the studio, she could forget who she was, where she was, what she was running from, and simply exist, like one of the dust motes floating in the jet of light.

    By Loey Gregory-Wiley on 02.25.2016

  6. The movie projector had obviously overheated. The film was distorted onto the screen as if it had had one too many drinks and lost its balance. The projector specialist had not noticed that this was going on until all the audience members began to screech, “Hey! What’s going on with the movie?” or things in a similar vein. Positively though the yelled obscenities must have gotten his attention as they put into question the specialist’s competence and intelligence. Those types of things can be heard from any soundproof room, if you ask me.

    By Gigi on 02.25.2016

  7. is what i think to show something, a machine that shows something like a picture or words to help explain a meaning visually.

    By Elisabeth on 02.25.2016

  8. I stand in the front of the classroom, nervous hands for a nervous body, nerves on end. The projector whirs silently and I get on with things. It’s over before I can process and I sit down and wait for time to come back to me.

    By Bri on 02.25.2016

  9. lights off
    flickering screen
    eyes burn

    lights on
    eyes tingling
    old lesson

    By rm on 02.25.2016

  10. As he went up the dreary steps, he already knew how his day would go; he would go up , load the projector, watch the movie through the square hole and then do it all over again. He didnt know why today it was hitting him particularly hard though, his routine hadnt changed since 1995

    By Kat on 02.25.2016

  11. Dispel light onto the screen
    we scream and yell
    for what the hell I don’t know
    out into the night
    to face realities blinding light
    tansparent fixation on display
    as we trapes across the landscape
    simple symbols of what we wish
    our life would be
    could be something
    a taste of a dream

    By Protean on 02.25.2016

  12. As a teacher I used to show my students example sentences and pictures by means of a projector.

    By Bluered on 02.26.2016

  13. youre doing it again, jimmy. there’s the youth, there’s her great skin, her firm legs, jimbo. and here are you, with that desire to touch youth. but james, don’t you forget, she’s only human, women are all humans, and just because she’s not yet thirty, jim, does not mean she truly is that myth of youth you’re projecting onto her.

    By berenique on 02.26.2016

  14. When you think about it, it’s a boring word to write about. But write I must, for I’ve delayed this too long. I want to write about a projector that will project my dreams of lily-covered valleys and me with my hair open. I want to write and make a movie that is beyond everything beautiful. I want to become a film maker, who projects dreams and silences onscreen. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I want to turn all my hauntingly beautiful thoughts into visually stunning stories. I will make that possible. I’m getting signs each day. Let me have the strength to accomplish it all. Let me be what I think I can be.

    By Mann on 02.26.2016

  15. Everyone has their own projector. We project discomfort from the past, ideal ideas and expectations on each other. Thats one fucked up movie.

    By tafellaken on 02.26.2016

  16. Tengo que escribir sobre algo que no utilizo muy a menudo y francamente me parece un poco raro, pero vamos a ver de vez en cuando utilizo el projector en el trabajo para compartir contenido.

    By lexu on 02.26.2016

  17. I recall my dad’s projector.

    The films of our family at home and elsewhere that he meticulously stored and showed via the projector at Christmas and other festive occasions.

    That was then.

    Today, youth Google ‘projector’ and store it in their memories under ‘history’.

    By Krysf on 02.26.2016

  18. The projector whirred to a stop. She sat numbly as the lights flipped on and he walked back to the front of the classroom. “So.”
    “None that I feel like sharing.”
    His warm brown eyes filled with hurt and anxiety.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.26.2016

  19. how can we truly project something if nothing was ever real in the first place? nothing represents reality as it really is.

    By mitzi on 02.26.2016

  20. This lecture is taking forever. If only it wasn’t me giving it.

    By . on 02.26.2016

  21. The projector was left on with that nude photo of the young girl. The young girl who had been beaten, raped, and murdered. The girl that nobody knew except for the family, except for me. The tragic ending to my beloved sister. The sister I loved dearly and ran out of class when her image was projected on to the screen in my class. My college class at this law school. The class that is now investigating her death.

    By Alex Smith on 02.26.2016

  22. I walked into the classroom and immediately my eyes fell on a projected sat in the middle of the room on Chris’ desk.

    By Shayla on 02.26.2016

  23. The energy in the conference room was rotten, pungent even. Smelled of death. The video projector cast third quarter financials on the wall. All reds, not a single black. Someone or someones, plural, was walking out of that room without a job.

    By Bryan on 02.26.2016

  24. I don’t want to write the first thing to pop to mind, or the second one, or the third. Because it recalls all that’ll fall if enacted like a chain of dominoes.

    She said, with an air so cleanly keen, “Apocalypse girl give it a whirl, it’s right there on the edge of the world. And darlin’ you’ve been dreaming about jumping for far too long.”

    By Quicksilver on 02.26.2016

  25. When we were in college, Tim sang in several bands. I was in love so I hung out with them. Like a crazy groupie! Back then, words were put on overheads sheets on a projector. I was the overhead girl. The job you got if you weren’t good enough to sing in the band!

    By rachelgi on 02.26.2016

  26. kinda like a tv but it goes onto a screen by using a screen recorder thing
    that hooks onto the ceiling

    By Devin on 02.26.2016

  27. a mini tv that is hooked up to your computer, It will show whats on your computer on the projector screen

    By Devin on 02.26.2016

  28. flashes please clean the filter
    some day we will not be able
    to see through the grime
    today i schedule a time
    to wipe my glasses with
    instead we go to the bar
    and decide it’s too stuffy
    outside on the bridge with some traffic it’s
    noticeably more flicker, less sound

    By Kairn on 02.26.2016

  29. The picture stilted and then blurred before everything went black. A collective groan rose from the seats, and people filed out to get a refund. “Perfect,” he muttered under his breath. She quirked a eyebrow, slipped her hand into his and leaned into him. “Now it is,” she whispered.

    By Soft URL on 02.26.2016

  30. The projector that was projecting the movie at the park was owned by a very known man.

    By Caden on 02.26.2016

  31. The man started looking around for the person who stole his projector. Because he thought they wouldn’t get that far since it was heavy.

    By Caden on 02.26.2016

  32. you project your feelings towards people, therefor you are a projector of a type. it cannot be helped, we’re all projectors, projecting our appearance and personalities whether fake or real. we just project ourselves to others

    By Grayson on 02.26.2016

  33. The projector lit up, displaying the assignment in front of the class. I watch as the other students begin to copy down the pointless information, and I wonder to myself; “Why do they waste their time on pointless knowledge such as this?” So without a second glance i began to draw on my paper, creating a whole new world for me to survive in.

    By Kellian McKenna on 02.26.2016

  34. She could project things like no one else could. She would tell stories in the most brilliant ways that would leave the audience captivated. It was as if she were there in every single book and tale. Oh, how she could project emotions!

    By Hartfairy on 02.26.2016

  35. At my church we have a projector in our youth room. For worship they put the words on the screen and for the sermon they sometimes have special points.

    By Em on 02.26.2016

  36. They used the projector to play the movie so that everyone could see.

    By Katy on 02.26.2016

  37. my brother used to have a projector and every year on a special day he would put a cetain film and would focus it on our house and play it it was cool

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.26.2016