December 30th, 2015

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50 Responses to “scent”

  1. what things smell like. flower fragrance. aroma. incense and fresh strawberries. or the smell of a gas leak. suspicious things make me cower and meek. bloodhound senses, scents scattered like dandelions. weeds. fresh showers with company, saves water that way. Im concerned for the environment and all. As well as smelling good, because I think that’s good for the environment too. It’s a public courtesy to not smell like balls. I hope my scent is memorable and able to pick out from a crowd.

    By jonnea on 12.30.2015

  2. a familiar fragrance that causes a flash back of a past distant time. tantalizing my senses as it takes me away in a whirlwind of sensual aroma mixed with memories of times that once were.

    By Nari Finesse on 12.30.2015

  3. The scent of her hair transported me to a far-off land. I felt surrounded by luscious plant life, and the warm caress of sunlight bathed my skin. Every time we kissed or held one another, I was in a safe place. I wish beyond everything else that I could go there just once more.

    By liam on 12.30.2015

  4. of a woman. Al Pacino, and that boy-faced actor who I couldn’t stand. Tango with a flower. That man lost his eyes to a grenade. Hoo-ha! he showed them in the end, though we all know, no one took his words to heart.

    By AJ on 12.30.2015

  5. He didn’t share this talent with most people he knew. How would he broach the topic? Should he comment on the flushed cheeks, the shortness of breath, or the mischievous smile before pointing out the subtle, yet palpable scent of pheromones that plainly revealed coitus which occurred just moments prior?

    By asavas on 12.30.2015

  6. The scent of baked apples and cinnamon rolls filled the small bakery’s lungs up with a sweet, happy air, and I breathed in the aroma and felt its nearly aphrodisiac qualities work its way into my brain. As I looked at all the pastries, I recognized the girl working behind the counter. She kept her cute red curls beneath a gray cap.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.30.2015

  7. Would you know me from the crowd? That’s all I’ve really ever wanted to know, just how well you detect my “scent” whatever metaphor it may morph into; if you can even make the distinction, if not, let’s stop wasting each other’s time on pledging false vows sure to broken.

    By Pantalaimon on 12.30.2015

  8. The moment I enter the room the smell overwhelmed me. One of those scents that sticks in the back of your nose long after you have the ability to sense it. It is just that pungent, and just that terrible. It sticks with you.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 12.30.2015

  9. His scent is intoxicating. It was what drew me to him when we met. It’s what I breathe in each night before I go to sleep.

    By Aly G on 12.30.2015

  10. I love the scent of Sunny. I can smell his scent on my cloths sometimes when I come home from his house. It reminds me of how we were pressed up against each other only hours ago; no space between us just his intoxicating smell and the pleasure that came with it.

    By Tiffany M. Long on 12.30.2015

  11. I was walking through a forest full of fauna and flora which consiste of oh so many different smells but I was looking for a smell in particular. I searched and searched for miles but couldn’t find it.

    Finally, I did. I found her and a soft smell of cologne coming from her neck.

    By Pili on 12.30.2015

  12. Blew out in clouds.

    By Ritumallikasonipal on 12.30.2015

  13. The cloying scent of Jack’s cologne had seeped into Sean’s clothes and skin, making for a rough conversation with his husband Tom later.

    By Timn on 12.30.2015

  14. The smell of dirty shoes after a run
    the smell of my hair after a shower
    the smell of grass in the warm sun
    the smell of a rose, my favorite flower
    all these things give off a scent
    but nothing compares to the way she smells
    and how her days are spent

    By rose on 12.30.2015

  15. It swayed through the surroundings, that scent.

    By rose on 12.30.2015

  16. A smell. A gift. It is something that the nose detects. But it’s more than just that. With scent you are offered an alternative to seeing, not just that. If you learn to put them together, you can develop something wonderful.

    By Tiffany on 12.30.2015

  17. the smell of florals filled the grand hall bouncing from the tile floor to the gold leaf ceiling. out of breath i inhaled the light and earth from every direction.

    By Drew on 12.30.2015

  18. The smell of the air in Washington has me addicted. Exhilarated. I sit long at the window and breathe. I walk more than ever. I breathe in trees and the wind is my breath and my breath the wind. We are one, this lovely place and I. We are united.

    By Zuzu on 12.30.2015

  19. ‘Let’s see if you can guess which one’. How particularly odd for her, he thought, as his wife held up the two garments. Was this supposed to be sexy, or should he be suspicious of her wondering mind again.
    ‘Put them down, love. She doesn’t exist.’

    By P F on 12.31.2015

  20. the scent of her never left; it imbued itself into her clothing, her hair, the fiber of her being. she had loved it when they were together. she still loved the scent; just not the owner.

    By Randy URL on 12.31.2015

  21. Fragrance, aroma, essence, sense of smell – strongest connection to memory.

    By Jamie on 12.31.2015

  22. the scent of Ann’s roses as they start to die. shabby roses give the greatest scent. powerful they are ad deep as the life they give, transplant to smell ebbs away to the greater good and purpose of survival.

    By teedubz on 12.31.2015

  23. His scent was intoxicating and I had fallen deeply in love with him too fast to even acknowledge, his mind was so appealing that I had no way of stopping myself before it was too late and I was lost in him, falling desperately

    By Lauren Smith on 12.31.2015

  24. Just the scratching of leaves out the front of the house, just a sound of a motorcycle, or a van, or some music outside, even the scent of fuel hints at him coming home to me. I can’t stop looking out the window hoping that that each noise I hear is the sound of my master coming back to spend the afternoon with me.

    By FuMashu on 12.31.2015

  25. something i smell, a good smell, soemthing that tellsa bout another, determines how I feel about something

    By Lynn on 12.31.2015

  26. My One WordWord

    By JP676943 on 12.31.2015

  27. Smell good

    By JP676943 on 12.31.2015

  28. Great

    By JP676943 on 12.31.2015

  29. Scent is a great in different aroma and can really leave you in a great mood.

    By JP676943 on 12.31.2015

  30. a fragrance. something that lingers. awakens the scenses. Creates a lasting memory. You hope it is pleasant!!!

    By abby young URL on 12.31.2015

  31. the scent of flowers fill me with comfort, a comfort that promises hope and dreams in the future, a comfort that tells me that everything will be all right, that i should continue standing strong.

    By kris on 12.31.2015

  32. Stream of early morning
    sunlit and soft sheet
    layering in scent –
    sweet wisp of
    sleep and
    the sweat
    of you.

    By dinamspice URL on 12.31.2015

  33. The scent was heavy and it cast over the room like a thick suffocating blanket and he had no choice but to clamp his hand over his nose. His pale face distorted with disgust, the room was absolutely vile.

    By Lily-Ann Cunningham on 12.31.2015

  34. It was messing with his head, interrupting his thoughts, screwing with his tongue. His effortless charm was now struggling and his palms suddenly felt clammy. She was wearing lavender and… something far too familiar. Nostalgia slapped his mouth shut as a vivid memory shook him to the core. “Chamomile,” he murmured. She frowned and leaned in closer, “What?” He swallowed. “Uh, you smell like…you smell good,” he finished awkwardly.

    By Soft URL on 12.31.2015

  35. An smell that takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen or her bedroom – the smell that makes me feel safe and secure – loved. The scent of flowers makes me feel luxury and pampered.

    By Lyn on 12.31.2015

  36. Scent… the often overlooked of the senses. Yet, scent is so powerful. A smell can bring back memories of days long gone by, intoxicate you with the pheromones it contains, or instill a physical reaction requiring you to get air!

    By hektor on 12.31.2015

  37. The scent lifted from the note as I held it in my hand. She hadn’t written me in so long; I was certain she’d forgotten of my existence. Those days, the days when we were together; they were all so long ago. There was no way the note within in the envelope would portray the words I wanted it to. No, it would only tell me of my own heartbreak.

    By Lucas Coon on 12.31.2015

  38. pleasant perfume memories crackling fire snow rain breakfast bacon babies

    By Pam URL on 12.31.2015

  39. I smelled the scent of you. When you would hold me in your arms. I remember those days. Now as I look at you from across the room, I remember all of those happy memories. And how they are all in the past.

    By JustMe on 12.31.2015

  40. The smell of him lingered in her bed long after he was gone. She had to get out. She pulled on her tennis shoes and ran out the door as fast as didn’t look totally crazy. She could still smell him in her hair and on her skin. Sweating didn’t seem to cover it up.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.31.2015