December 30th, 2015

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50 Responses to “scent”

  1. She puts it on her notes, tokens, and trinkets that she gives to you. But a scent isn’t tangible. Its simply a memory of past scents and stirs the thickening pot of smells and memories that define who you are. Perfume, breakfast, BO, it all is a memory.

    By Shmoop Poop on 12.31.2015

  2. passing through
    the thick cloud of
    poisonous plumes
    of toxic fumes
    assault my senses
    his subtle musk
    gently pulls me in
    and he’s the entire

    By katiekieran URL on 12.31.2015

  3. If you asked someone what the scent of failure is, what would they say? The smell of alcohol-and-ashtrays in bars, even in the mornings? The smell of piss on bridge walls in the underbelly of cities? Or is it just air in general, in the cleanest of homes, on the tallest of mountains, breathed by people who have only clean homes and physical fitness to show for themselves?

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.31.2015

  4. the scent when a cavalier gallantly gallops on
    his sea-biscuit caliber horse,
    down the Oceanside,
    onto the merry streets of Long Beach,
    a renegade pined for by his once-was lovers;
    he leaves behind the ticky tack worries
    and concerns
    and he rides
    towards the sun that only sets in one direction!

    By Milad URL on 12.31.2015

  5. “Candles are stupid,” Said no one ever

    Yep that is all I have.

    By Annee on 12.31.2015

  6. a portal to the past. a warning. a welcome.

    By BeccaJean on 12.31.2015

  7. There was an amazing scent that filled the room, it reminded me of.a.faint and beautiful summers afternoon, relaxing out in my car, just waiting for the dream man of my life to come peeping around the corner to come and brighten up my dad with his charming ways. He would always come about with a smile and a fishing pole usually tagging along with him. He would usually ask how I was and hope in the car and say, ” let’s get outta here”, and like that we were off heading to wherever our hearts desired.

    By Anne Hodges on 12.31.2015

  8. *day

    By Anne Hodges on 12.31.2015

  9. fragrance to influence others. Making an impact to those around you. Feeling fresh. A good feeling.

    By LC on 12.31.2015

  10. “Candles are smart” said no one ever.

    By Annee on 12.31.2015