December 29th, 2015

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48 Responses to “bully”

  1. “Well, bully for you.” She turned on her heel and stomped off. He followed, almost laughing, but not daring too. “I was kidding.” “No you weren’t.” “No, I wasn’t, but come on, is it that big a deal?”
    She glared straight a head with an intensity he was glad was not directed at him. Directly. Direct. He was getting flustered.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.30.2015

  2. mean people. they want to keep others down so they can feel up. hurtful. they can be emotional bullies or physical. my biggest fear is that brayden would be bullied or be a bully. they are the lowest of the low but everyone is a bully in some way.

    By whitney on 12.30.2015

  3. Mean and hurtful because she is hurting also.

    By Carol on 12.30.2015

  4. I was called a bully once. It made no sense, largely because I was mercilessly bullied throughout grade school. The whole experience fundamentally shaped my character; to this day, I always stand up for what I believe is right and good, and I never turn a blind eye to abuse of any kind.

    By BeccaJean on 12.30.2015

  5. I hear it pays good money if you can stand the thought of wearing heals and torturing men a certain way. In rubber or latex, with cages and locks, stocks and whips. Blindfolds and all manner of restraints. I think it’s an odd dynamic, this need to will oneself over another. To handle things like pounding meat. But everyone’s gotta make a living right and in the hands of a pro at least there are guidelines and consent. Bonus points for creativity since everyone’s got to have an outlet. So these are the conditions from which seedy power obsessed fetishes grow. But what if your fetish wasn’t to cock punch someone in a display of mutually agreed upon cruelty?

    What about the rest of us, indeed…

    By Cbt on 12.30.2015

  6. You shouldnt bully people
    bullys are mean

    By martha on 12.30.2015

  7. There was only one chance that he would have during the midday break to get his lunch. Fiddling with the coins in his pocket, he stepped up to the counter to order his meal. Just at that time the big brute stepped in front of him, his hand crushing the boy’s hand as he squeezed out of his fingers the coins the boy had been holding onto.

    By Murray Ingram on 12.30.2015

  8. I love reading these but what would be spectacular is to literally STOP all writing after the 60 seconds. The feature to ” end your sentence ” is obviously interpreted by many ( who shall remain nameless ) to go back and add and add and perfect. It takes away the meaning and fun of the site.

    By ZUZU on 12.31.2015