November 16th, 2015

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53 Responses to “rocket”

  1. Mine is red and can go anywhere. It can fly past this universe to the next. It can wind its way through planets and stars; all good people can travel on it. It isn’t the kind that crosses borders and hits the homes of the innocent; not the kind that blasts airplanes out of the sky, bringing down a thousand or more lives all at once. It’s not the kind invented to hurt humanity; it’s a different kind of rocket. The kind we can invent when we want to. The innocent kind. That is the only kind of rocket there ever should be. All aboard to the universe of peace.

    By nyla on 11.16.2015

  2. Rocket fuel. Both good and bad. combustion creates force that moves the universe. get too close and the human flesh burns, incinerates. How to stay away from the heat and not get burned. just get some warmth without bursting into flames.

    By eebooWRITES on 11.16.2015

  3. They left in a rocket to the moon they did.
    The only survivors they were.
    Beyond a miracle was what was needed.
    On a planet of dust and dirt.

    By Steve O URL on 11.16.2015

  4. Sally saw the rocket in the sky and was reminded of the toy she kept in the pocket of her jean jacket. A miniature spaceship, a flying saucer, that buzzed and beeped and flashed when she pressed a button on it. She had had that little trinket ever since she was nine years old, and here she was, twenty-six years later, watching her nephew zipping off into the cosmos, strapped into a seat with his spacesuit on.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.16.2015

  5. I would like that one day can go to the other planet
    For this happen i need to buy a rocket.
    I need to help to save money to conquist my dream… i love dream…

    My name is Anderson and I am from Brazil… I learn English and rocket is a new word for my vocabulary. thank you a lot.

    By Anderson on 11.16.2015

  6. This is an old fashioned invention but it is used today. It evokes the future of the past.

    By Aylen Maquehue on 11.16.2015

  7. Propelling forward, it evokes the future of the past.

    By Aylen on 11.16.2015

  8. there was a rocket that flew to the moon in outer space it was fast like lighting, loud like thunder and huge like a giant and animals used to go in them, now humans go to the moon from nasa and they find out about the planets.

    By potato man URL on 11.16.2015

  9. they need more words

    By potato man URL on 11.16.2015

  10. He was sitting in Rocket which was ready to take off for Mars. History was in making and he was very happy that he is part of it. He was filled with happiness, excitement and bit of fear.

    By yas on 11.16.2015

  11. We ride the subway to our destination like rockets with a designated coordinate. I wonder if it is right to stray off the plotted course and seek a new horizon on my own. Could I not return to where I was? Could I not fly into some unknown area or plunge into the sea and get lost in the depths of kelp and reeds?

    By Eric Harrell on 11.16.2015

  12. Something to is arodinamic and goes intoo the air at high speeds. Refered to a space shutle, or rocket ship.

    By AwesomePerson on 11.16.2015

  13. 3… She counted, stars in her eyes as she looked up at the vast world beyond. 2… She waved goodbye to everything she once knew and told herself that it would be okay as soon as she stepped foot on the moon. 1…

    By Dylan on 11.16.2015

  14. To rise as high as you can, to test your limits to set yourself free from the weight that is holding you down, it is possible that to do this like a rocket bursting up to the sky like its gonna go on forever, it will definitely, absolutely go down but at least it was on the top of the world even for once.

    By Dario on 11.16.2015

  15. Outer space! Fly away! Aliens? Dream! NASA! Neil a. The moon! Interstellar travel?

    By Cassie on 11.16.2015

  16. Like a rocketship on its way to Mars,
    I move at escape velocity,
    Ricocheting off of stars
    At supersonic speeds –
    My contact with them is brief,
    Momentary, before I am flung
    By my own momentum
    Like a child spinning around a flagpole,
    Back into the dark, airy blanket of space,
    And onward to the next destination.
    With such lack of presence,
    I am stoic and alone;
    Loneliness, however, never sets a foot
    Across the threshold of my subconscious,
    For it is alive, awakened to the presence
    Of that from whence it came;
    In these heavens,
    My synapses surge as the memories
    That had dulled from thunderous existence
    Into static blips, unnoticeable,
    Return once again to their former state.
    I lay amidst the stardust,
    My eyelids growing heavy as they prepare to seal
    Me into sleep, before the far away lights
    Slide out of view, and I disappear.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 11.16.2015

  17. She was a rocket, burning brightly and fiercely to the absolute pleasure of those around her. But ultimately she came crashing down, never to be brought back up.

    By Verona on 11.16.2015

  18. To the moon we go, everybody all aboard. There’s not much time, the sky won’t wait. T-minus ten, that’s when well be sent. Shoobawabadooobeedooo, Im glad to go to the moon with you.

    By Towers Ted on 11.16.2015

  19. rocket in my lunch. i am at a function. at a funeral. what a tragic day. but this funeral is different because everyone is wearing colourful clothing. some emotions are meant to be felt, but not to this level. which is why i smoked gear before i came. i had to. i couldn’t get through it otherwise. try to act normal, think normal thoughts. i hope it doesn’t show in my eyes.

    By Ellaandlara on 11.16.2015

  20. Raketti

    By henna on 11.16.2015

  21. Raketthi suhahtaa taivaalle, moottori suhisee tulta räjähtää pommi sukkula kuu avaruus etsii nökyy valo nopeus vauhti super asdf paskaa jäkälää homoja kaikki.

    By Jäkälä on 11.16.2015

  22. the rockets blazed through the sky. there were short bursts. the fizzle of fire and sparks. there were some that died mid-flight with a short snort or sigh. Others celebrated.

    By Anu on 11.17.2015

  23. i especially refreshed the page not to get rocket but oh well.
    rockets are cool. in dreams, fantasies, newspapers. they represent freedom and adventure, venturing into the unknown in dizzying speeds. but what actually happens is probably the dizziness.

    By v on 11.17.2015

  24. to space, I’d imagine. I’d imagine something deep and atmospheric. indigo and black. take me carry me there with you and we can taste the planets and sprinkle salt and minerals to our lips.

    By whitnelise on 11.17.2015

  25. Rocket symbolizes growth and flight. It represents mankind’s quest for exploration.

    By Leo on 11.17.2015

  26. Like a rocket, the force flew from her. Ayesha turned on her heels, and then with a rapid swish of her arm and a flash of her eyes, a large, psionic blade appeared at her arm. They saw Goliath’s lips part in an expression of surprise short moments before he felt onto her blade, stopping him in his tracks.

    By Chan on 11.17.2015

  27. a fucking horrible missile
    after what’s happening in France i just only thing about it
    i’m not sad but i’m mad of what people can do only for religion
    it’s disgusting
    innocent people didn’t ask for anything of that

    By Katia on 11.17.2015

  28. I wanna leave
    like a rocket –

    Blast on outta here
    into the black
    of whatever
    is out

    I wanna leave
    like a rocket.


    I’ll stay

    like a

    By dinamspice URL on 11.17.2015

  29. i see them in the sky in movies. i’d love to go to space and go where a rocket goes. i’d love to past the sun and see what it looks like up close. a star in it’s truest sense. light up my life.

    By Mack on 11.17.2015

  30. Rocket to the moon… in my youth (aka my pre-children 20s) I followed all of the latest rockabilly bands. One band had a song about rocketing to the moon and I really remember loving it. In my old age (aka mid-children late 30s) I’m struggling to remember the song and the band.

    By Marcella Termini on 11.17.2015

  31. “Oh no, I’m not the man they think I am at home, I’m a rocket man!”

    Overexposure and superimposed, poorly acted or tongue in cheek, I think to myself, “I was made to love someone exactly like you, but is it too late for people like us? Say it isn’t so, I want to be the air in your lungs and the blush on your skin, and if we meet as two souls in another future, I’d do it again.”

    By Toking Tuxedo on 11.17.2015

  32. The rocket was gathering acceleration and beginning to lift off, This will be a milestone in India space history, scientist are all on the edge f their toes hoping for nothing to go wrong. And it was a success!!

    By Shanmuga on 11.17.2015

  33. She shot out the door, running at full speed. They called after, but she was gone and away, a rocket bursting forth. She couldn’t stop. She had to go. She stopped after several blocks to catch her breath.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.17.2015

  34. Houston rockets comes to my mind. When I was a freshman in college, my floormates were huge rockets fans and they were trying to convert me to a rocket’s fan when I didn’t know nothing about the team.

    By johnny URL on 11.17.2015

  35. As soon as their lips brushed, a countdown had begun. It was inevitable now; this thing between them was really about to launch. And he was firing on all cylinders tonight, didn’t even need his usual supply of vodka to gear up. The waves of electricity bouncing between them would be fuel enough.

    By Soft URL on 11.17.2015

  36. Imma rocket to the sky omg literally the girl next to me kept interrupting me so I had to go back so I’ve written “imma” like 20 times and she keeps talking to me like UGH LET ME PROCRASTINATE I know this should be meaningful and deep but I’m just not about that life.

    By justalittletlc on 11.17.2015

  37. the rocketship exclaiming my prosperous lip
    tufted to the meteorite while it boomed downward into an empty cropland;
    this meteorite, when sited, gleamed sparkly covert-crystals.
    A farmer picked up a piece of the rock, to realize:
    Any form of life is part of his life.

    By Milad URL on 11.17.2015

  38. Martin Wording sat in the cafe, reading his newspaper, but not really applying himself to the words on the thin, stormy gray pages. The idea of the engine was burned into the back of his mind, dominating his thoughts and his fantasies.
    I could make it, he thought to himself. I could make it to Mars.

    By Anne on 11.17.2015

  39. well its like hard, thats how my life has been in my adolescence, there were lots of obstacles i went thoriugh. Some of these days i was thinkning about almost all of them. However what makes me glad and cheers me up is the fact that i overcame all of them, Im vistoriuos, thats what counts. So if I succded in the hard times, why not will I succeed in the good ones?

    :; )

    as a summary i can say Im a warrior together with my family, God will answer all our prayer we are waiting for!! : )

    By vladimir on 11.17.2015

  40. The room was filled with space themed decorations.

    Here and there, rockets stood on top of bookshelves, drawers, study tables, and bedside tables. The glow-in-the-dark stars were glued to the wall, facing the king sized bed with the navy blue comforters and black pillowcases. Action figures and puzzles were displayed inside a glass case nailed to the wall at one side of the room, facing the door.

    By Randompeepur on 11.17.2015