November 15th, 2015

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62 Responses to “fed”

  1. Aw nah! It’s the feds! Gotta run or they’ll catch me and kill me and torture me jk I’m a good citizen and I don’t steal but I do murder people jk I’m actually a little kid who is in love with men who are like 30 years older than I am so yeah I guess I could be arrested for stalking but hey what can you do?

    By justalittletlc on 11.16.2015

  2. She fed him colored lies and treachery. He fed her obnoxious love and beautiful promises, in equal quantity. The only difference was, hers was a huge appetite.

    By Sonia on 11.16.2015

  3. I am fed up with you. You tell me yo love me then you go and leave for a month. You never even told me where you are going. I was so worried. You are a bastard! Maya has been asking where daddy is and what I supposed to tell her?

    By Alexis on 11.16.2015

  4. “I’m fed up with this garbage!” He screamed at the dull grey sky.
    His cans had been tipped once more by the rabid neighborhood children. He trudged back through the trash to his front door and in to his closet with the gun safe.
    “No more, man.” He said as he cocked the shotgun. “No more.”
    Donald Trump bellowed from Fox News as the door slammed shut behind him.

    By ZBooty on 11.16.2015

  5. There were nights where he couldn’t contain the monsters in his head that torment him constantly to a point that he almost committed suicide because of how fed up he is in his life.

    By nom de luc URL on 11.16.2015

  6. – He looks well fed.
    ~ So?
    – I’m just sayin’. He doesn’t go hungry, you know?
    ~ Yah.
    – Probably had bacon this mornin’.
    ~ Meaty man. I like that.

    By BeccaJean on 11.16.2015

  7. If you are fed whatever it takes for you to believe that your existence matters then you will never question the world that is feeding you. You need to dettach, break free and see what is the truth. The Truth is out there..

    By Nicholas on 11.16.2015


    By daniel reitz on 11.16.2015

  9. pastor dan

    By pastor dan on 11.16.2015

  10. Feed the god’s. Feed the mighty people. And feed everyone. It is good to feed everyone.The God is good. He feeds us so let him feed me . This is good this is right.

    By maddox on 11.16.2015

  11. Fed……feeeeeed…def….fEd…feD….hard to think of a story ’bout fed….well… i fed my dog today… yay what a story:/ i get fed up……pfffffff….. 50 seconds wellllllll yeaa blahhhhhhh

    By Devon on 11.16.2015

  12. I am hungery mom! I am going to die. Please get me something now. Give me some water I am thirsty. Please. Please. I think I am dying.

    By bairyk on 11.16.2015

  13. I don’t know how it happened. I’ve always been good with pets. All that I’ve had, I’ve loved, taken them out for walks, given them good food, never overfed them. But this one in particular, it grew to be my favorite. It’s called Fear and I became obsessed with it, then possessed by it, gave it everything it begged for. It became obese, disgusting, and now I loathe it, have tried to kill it, but it is killing me, slowly.

    By Nada on 11.16.2015

  14. I am fed up. I am fed up about what is happening in the world, and I am fed up about knee jerk responses that only seem to perpetuate more violence, more intolerance, and more and more reasons to flex muscles rather than actually think about things and use our brains. I am not normally an angry person, but certain events have made me so.

    By Marni on 11.16.2015

  15. I get so fed up when people don’t listen to what I have to say. Sometimes I feel they don’t listen to me, and they only listen to my little brother. They always pay attention to him, and always listen to what he has to say. It drives me crazy. Like seriously, you have no idea. So, I’m the ”good’ child because I’m not supposed to write mean things about my brother, which I’m not I’m just saying I get fed up when they don’t listen to me ad when they don’t pay attention to me and that I always get in trouble when he does something wrong. I could write bad things about him but I don’t, because I’m being the ”bigger” person and doing what’s right even though its hard. So just remember that I’m the good child, and you don’t want to get on my bad side, otherwise bad things will happen, okay? Byes the byes.

    By Faith on 11.16.2015

  16. This is such an important part of our lives that I believe we go about undertaking this activity without even thinking about it. However, if you do have a situation where you do not partake in the joy of this activity, you will feel the hunger pains and this could result in driving you mad with pain and suffering.

    By Murray Ingram on 11.16.2015

  17. I was done. Finished. I stalked off furiously.
    “Oh, so you’re just gonna walk away. Great. Good job, kid.”
    “Shut up. I’m so fed up with you. And don’t call me kid.”
    His eyes flashed with mischief, mixed with frustration and annoyance. “Who’s gonna stop me?”
    My lips were on his before I knew what I was doing. His hands traveled my hair and he pressed against me, holding onto me tight.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.16.2015

  18. I need to be fed. I give and give and give attention. I give and give and give advice. I give and give and give love. But it feels like I’m starving. Starving for attention, starving for advice, starving for love. This wisdom I’ve gained I’m much too young for. So I give and give and give it away, feeding others and gaining nothing in return. Im starving and need to be fed.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 11.16.2015

  19. His anger fed his strength. Around them, glowed a darkening red light. Eli gritted his teeth. As his foot shifted against the ground, he saw a sparkle in the other’s eyes. The power intensified around them even more. Eli gulped. How was he supposed to defeat someone who gained their strength from movement?

    By Chan on 11.16.2015

  20. Fed-Ex. Your one stop shop for anything you need to deliver just about anywhere in the world. Do you ever think what the strangest thing Fed-ex has ever had to deliver is? I once sent my rein

    By Danica on 11.16.2015

  21. EATEN ALIVE very alive babies get fed everyone gets fed

    By Jenny on 11.16.2015

  22. Tim was city kid. He envied his friend’s affinity for nature. He marvelled at Wally’s ability to know when the tides were coming in, when the wattle was going to bloom and when the long neck turtles had laid their eggs. It was as if he had absorbed the landscape by osmosis and the land itself had fed him all of its intimate secrets. He instinctively understood the complexity and fragility of ecosystems. He trod lightly over the playgrounds of his childhood, exploring every nook and cranny, and in the end he became their greatest protector.

    By bb333 on 11.16.2015