November 17th, 2015

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44 Responses to “figured”

  1. Figures can be angles and also the way that you look at something. Figures are also used in math.

    By Lillian URL on 11.18.2015

  2. This one time at band camp, I figured I would be a famous clarinet artist. But I didn’t because I got hungry and took a marshmallow and put it on the reed of the clarinet and decided to roast it over the fire. The whole thing started to get really heated up so I lost my grip and dropped it into the fire pit that was roasting the marshmallow. I decided I wasn’t cut out for this music thing in the end. Or for roasting marshallows

    By Jessica on 11.18.2015

  3. Its funny how i figured things would get easier. When you figure things out you see nothing is really getting figured out, things are constantly changing and that is the best part of figuring something out, you’re briefly living in the moment to see what was figured and then it continues to change so you continue to have to figure it out.

    By Lopeti Maile on 11.18.2015

  4. I could’ve figured that it would turn out this way. Here I am, blood on my loafers and my prints all over the gun. I know what you’re thinking:
    “He killed this guy. Yeah, him, the one with the gun and the crazy eyes.”
    Well, I didn’t I promise. I didn’t.

    By ZBooty on 11.18.2015