September 25th, 2014

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79 Responses to “retreat”

  1. theres retreat in going to the playground. breathing. imagining the universe
    zooming out
    breathing out

    By lina bamberg on 09.25.2014

  2. retreat to a old memory.
    There’s happiness.
    I’m playing cards with my father
    my three brothers are there
    We are happy.
    Retreat to an old memory.
    My mom is crying.
    I’m playing russian roulette with my life
    No one is thankfully there.
    At that moment after, none was happy.

    By fail on 09.25.2014

  3. The women glanced forward at the edge of the Canadian cliff,
    she glared at the pit-less depth that stood beneath her,
    a deep gasp bellowed from the raw earth held her up,
    air is thin, but love is thick,
    she was blown back by her own breathe,
    her Lakewood backward could not behoove her enough,
    though her love retreated her!

    By Milad URL on 09.25.2014

  4. Retreat is the word im seeing right now. Retreat my heart from your stupid baby childish shit. Protect it. Like the general that sees the battle is over. I have no other option than to retreat.

    By Georgi Angelov on 09.25.2014

  5. We have learned these war games like the insides of palms, lifelines and trajectories. Sometimes I look at you, and I am back in the sticky-soft spring, a thousand miles south of here, where you were young and your eyes like a thin haze over the sky. Battle plans in the tired curving of your shoulders and sea wind like kisses along my spine. I know your commands before they leave your throat. I can anticipate your movements. It is on days such as this one that I thank every god I don’t believe in for putting us on the same side.

    By Sol on 09.25.2014

  6. I called a retreat. It was a cowardly idea, but I couldn’t bear the thought of killing… this thing. It used to be a perfect, lovely, compassionate man that held me softly and spoke to me kindly but… now it was a shadowy memory of what he used to be. Just a demon in his body. He’d become a vampire.

    By ggravendust on 09.25.2014

  7. A squirrel flows, fluid, through the grass and looks up. Human feet, human legs, jeans running up to the tshirt so the head in the clouds. Slowly backs away. Turns tail and flees, the dust of retreat in its lungs.

    By Amelia Glass URL on 09.25.2014

  8. A squirrel flowing in the grass
    peaks up and sees human feet,
    jeaned legs climbing up into heat
    and a head in the clouds,
    so it turns tail and flees,
    and in its lungs is the dust
    of retreat

    By Amelia Glass on 09.25.2014

  9. I want to runaway,
    give up on the hardships in front.
    To wave the flag,
    and claim defeat,
    for I cannot win this war.
    This war has battered me down,
    and the white flag is hanging out my pocket.
    I am ready to wave it,
    running as fast as my legs can carry me.
    I’m broken,
    there is no option left yet but to retreat.

    By Jordan Cross on 09.25.2014

  10. Being one to think about your life. To get away for the rush of life.

    By Brenda URL on 09.25.2014

  11. oh for a vacation–a retreat of the soul–a way to refresh and relax —find yourself again amid this busy world around ==quiet times and lovely times–

    By she53lly URL on 09.25.2014

  12. They had been utterly defeated. He was the only one left, the only one still alive. His brother had given him his Comp, and he held it now and faced Lucifer and grinned, the tears running down his cheeks the only sign of how afraid he truly was.

    By Seth URL on 09.25.2014

  13. its a form of wisdom, not always defeat. most things were won in retreat. You tire out the enemy, hoping they will stop, and then that is when you attack. retreat is important, and never should be frowned upon.

    By Jaimie on 09.25.2014

  14. I will retreat when I hear the drums. I will hide myself in a pile of leaves. The autumn wind will carry me away before the troops can get to me. I will climb my way up a redwood tree, and I’ll be a part of the seasonal breeze. There will be rainclouds above and hellfire below, but I’ll find equilibrium that the generals won’t know.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.25.2014

  15. Retreat is a sign of surrender. A sign that you’ve given up. If you retreat, you are saying that you physically and mentally cannot complete the task you are given and that is one of the saddest things to hear and to experience.

    By Cod on 09.25.2014

  16. I hear them screaming at as to run. The terror is flashing in their eyes darkly. They shriek, “run!” but what can we do now when the enemy is nearly upon us, when we have nothing to run to?

    By A. G. Russell on 09.25.2014

  17. When she kissed him, he hesitated at first but then allowed himself to be taken away by the softness of her lips, until he remembered who’s bedroom she had been in a few days before.

    By Josh on 09.25.2014

  18. retreat is thing and thing is retreat

    By hte on 09.25.2014

  19. the dragon lowered his golden head and stepped backwards. the maiden followed him into the cave. inside, gold coins littered the entrance, but in the center of an elaborate fixture was a ruby chain.

    By bob on 09.25.2014

  20. the arc of my spear-throwing hand stopped midway through it’s path. through my eyes, i saw hellfire and ruin. my hands were black with the ash of it. it filled my lungs. i blinked and felt the breaths of my own soldiers, the enemy’s soldiers. blinking again, i turned around. i tore a patch from my shirt, called my men to a halt. swept the rag around my spear, waved it to the enemy. saw it mirrored on the other side.

    By sunnysuraj on 09.25.2014

  21. you retreat to a place of happiness, fidelity, a place where nothing can go wrong and everything goes right. But what is wrong and what is right? What if the line between was blurred and the retreat that everyone so desperately looks to escape to is nothing but a nightmare. The fantasy that never came to,

    By Zoe Michanos on 09.25.2014

  22. to retreat is to escape
    the worries, the lies
    to find comfort
    in that which does not exist.
    we look for retreat because
    we crave stability
    and with out that anchor
    we will sink.
    Escape reality.

    By zoe-mockingbird on 09.25.2014

  23. This was my retreat. Whenever I was here, well, it was not that nothing else mattered – it was that nothing else could find me, and I could wait, think, until I could face it all again. This was less a place, than a state of being.

    A state of being wherein my family thought I had disappeared off the face of the earth, because they could not see me anywhere.

    By a terrible poet on 09.25.2014

  24. retreating back to the woods after a long night of running
    from what?


    what is one to do?

    just run


    By runningdowntothe-riptide on 09.25.2014

  25. Cheech told us about his retreat. First we cut up some onions and peppers, then olive oil. then father Bernardi blesses them and we play cards. Oh, we say grace.

    By Paul Smith on 09.25.2014

  26. I wanted to write more, but it’s probably best I didn’t.

    By Paul Smith on 09.25.2014

  27. The bravest of men will charge, fly head first into danger. But only the bravest of the brave will have the courage to retreat. To fall back, acknowledge they cannot continue. It is this self awareness that has saved so many lives, but the complete lack of it has caused so many unnecessary deaths and pain. Sometimes we need to retreat.

    By Peedee on 09.25.2014

  28. All those hours of practice had paid off, the flashmob worked a treat! The dancers, the mariachi band, the jugglers; all were perfect! Even the llamas behaved themselves! But when I dropped down out of the Pinata, thrust the ring in front of her and asked her “to be my lifetime Amigo!”; then, only then did I realise it wasn’t my girlfriend standing behind the counter.
    “Maria’s not here today?” I asked, wondering how I could retreat from this scenario with any shred of my dignity intact. The girl, whose nametag told me she liked to be called Lucy, was probably as embarrassed as I. “N-no, she called in sick today. . .”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.25.2014

  29. “Retreat!” Yelled General Washington. After an exhausting battle of blood, grime, and sweat, the Confederate Army had lost. Again. I clenched my fist into a tight ball, imagining my fingers clutched around the sorry throat of a redcoat. The rebels will win, no matter how long it takes us. There’s no other choice.

    By Kumquat on 09.25.2014

  30. from what the back heel backwards the about face to turn the behind is better

    By tiff on 09.25.2014

  31. “If we feign a retreat, we can lure them into the pass here,” she dug her knife point into the map for emphasis, “And their numbers will mean nothing,”
    “That’s dishonorable conduct,” General Greaves bellowed, “It’s not sporting,”
    “Do you think dying a more sporting pastime, general?” she drawled, fixing the aged warrior with a pointed look, “Because I certainly don’t,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.25.2014

  32. it’s a bit late for these types of measures
    i think we crystallized a little too early, and way too fast.
    autocatalyzation or something fucked us up.
    i think we could’ve been a part of something bigger,
    but i think i’d rather be me,

    By Kairn on 09.25.2014

  33. I retreat into my shell when I’m in a bad place. I’m more like a turtle than a bird, with my big shell. Though I can’t swim, I CAN in fact blow up the best darn condom in the whole fucking world. Ya seen? That’s from a rap song you probably haven’t even heard yet (unless you are black or like rap or something, in which case you’re fucking weird).

    By Lamar Smith on 09.25.2014

  34. That was back when my love for her was untainted. When I could #retreat into her eyes without ravenous desire. When my hand over her heart was alive in her soul. When she felt the boundless enormity of the sky in my kiss. But it all fell apart…something went horribly wrong. #oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 09.25.2014

  35. He needed to run as fast as his legs could withstand it, but his body refused and stubbornly remained glued to the seat. The meeting was about to start, but he still was as incapable as the first time he entered the office, or so he thought. Upon the arrival of the CEO, he pushed himself upwards and greeted the man with a casual and even charming smile. “Good afternoon, Mr. Deas.” He started, as the man shook his hand.

    By Flesh on 09.25.2014

  36. retreat..would like a retreat from all this hustle..all this rushing..congestion..just want to have a quite place,bt then..quite places bring out the voices in me..they are more scary than the sounds sometimes..coz the voices tel me im not good enough..i am ugly..i am just not worth it

    By Rebecca on 09.25.2014

  37. I had no sense of retreat. I refused to face defeat… but, in my arrogance, I did not heed the cost. For it was not only my life on the line.

    In fact, for her, it was so much worse.

    By Iceman on 09.25.2014

  38. “Argh!” shouted Commander Gru and hefted his shield into the air.

    The arrows flew from his bowmen’s longbows and crashed in a wave onto the enemy. Men toppled like ants below the wall, but kept coming. What a multitude of men! Never before had Gru seen so many all in one place, all with one purpose. It was harrowing and chilling.

    A crack sounded where the enemy had been battering against their walls, and quick to follow was a bang and rumble that shook the walls themselves, leaving him and his men shaking.

    The enemy bled through the broken doors, hacking women and soldiers apart in their haste to get to him, the commander. Shit.

    “Retreat!” he called, though it went against everything he’d been taught.

    By joycronje on 09.26.2014

  39. Forest, river, diving in and water surrounding you, rushing into your ears, surrounding your senses, taking over and washing out everything, flooding out all sensation but the cold, lapping water against your skin, flooding your ears, your pores…like hearing the rain outside the window, drowning out any thought. Like when you plug your fingers in your ears and all you can hear is the blood rushing. Hearing the ocean in a shell is just this…solitude.

    By gin URL on 09.26.2014

  40. it’s a little bit defeatist but i’ve convinced myself that being lonely because i’ve retreated into myself is better than being lonely despite being surrounded by so many people

    By ydoel URL on 09.26.2014