May 2nd, 2014

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63 Responses to “reminded”

  1. “Why do I keep putting myself through this”, she said.
    It must be one of those things. You know those things that one continues to do even though they see no real purpose in it.”
    “please remind me of what those things are”.

    By Pool Bar Jim on 05.02.2014

  2. As she packed her last bag and slung it over her shoulder he whispered, ” Won’t you miss the zombie babies, the sour apple kisses, the late night walks through this ghost town you chose as home, the pet ninja we named Sam, Hank and Mollie the dragons. Darling, what about the robots and giants and leprechauns we used to party with when we were young? Can you really just leave all that behind so effortlessly?”

    There were tears in his eyes and she had never seen him cry before, she pulled him close, ” Thank you, I had forgotten when I promised to remember not to forget just as the couldn’t forget to remember me. Thank you, but I have to go.”

    But how could she leave after being reminded of something so important to the people she loves the very most.

    By Madison on 05.02.2014

  3. today i was reminded about my incompetence. i have wasted the 25 years of my existence in sheer laziness and dreaming of doing something big. its not the first time. will i take something from today’s experience and do something about it, or continue to rot in my room, in front my computer.

    By black on 05.02.2014

  4. I remind myself to remember – chicken-scratched notes in a reminder book.
    If only I could remember what I intended to be reminded of. I can’t make out my writing.

    By Krys on 05.02.2014

  5. The girl can’t blame her mom for worrying about her. They’re cut from the same cloth after all. While her mom worries, the girl obsesses. She has this intensity about her and how she approaches life, an intensity that goes unrivalled by anyone else in her family, anyone she has ever met before.

    Just then her boyfriend pops into the kitchen and reminds her about the concert tonight. He grins as he tells her and his dark eyes gleam with childlike excitement. Everything about him in this moment reminds her of a child on Christmas Eve or one anticipating a trip to Disneyland. Most of all, it reminds her of why she’s with him “till the end” as they’ve always said, even though the definition is little more gray, a little more bleak.

    By Jessyca (@goawayjess) on 05.02.2014

  6. opening a forgotten cupboard
    i was hit by the salty sweet smell
    of the sea,
    and reaching in,
    found my old seal-skin wetsuit,
    still smooth, strong,
    and waiting for me.

    By Emily Pritchard on 05.02.2014

  7. Whenever I go past one particular office building in Edinburgh I am filled with dread and reminded of the worst two months of my life – working a job where I was a nervous wreck, hated those around me and hated the nature of the role. I wish I could tear that building down…

    By Sarah on 05.02.2014

  8. little memories caught in the wind
    floating flight
    tiny hands working in the dreams
    the past is fall
    reminded of heat and sunshine
    the sweat off the backs
    how we held hands
    little memories
    little dreams
    soon passed away.

    By matt on 05.02.2014

  9. Whenever I see a sprinkler I am reminded of a younger life, when we had water in guns, and lunchtime consisted of sandwiches and sliced apples in the yard. We would spray each other with the hose. Pieces of wet grass would stick to our bare feet. Oh the joy of wet feet.

    By Alex on 05.02.2014

  10. “Y’know, you just reminded me of something important,” Ernie remarked, grabbing his jacket from where it was half-buried among the couch cushions.

    “What, that you’re supposed to meet your date at the bus stop in seven minutes and the drive is about twelve?” I pointed out, grinning with flecks of potato chips stuck between my teeth.

    “Nah, I mean flowers. I should get her flowers.”

    “Yeah,” I sneered. “As an apology for being late to your date.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.02.2014

  11. A room with a view. The smell of a stew.
    A place out of context. The reply of a friend.
    Out of no where but all at once.
    A trance in your brain.
    An explosion of thought.
    Being reminded.

    By Cassandra on 05.02.2014

  12. I am reminded of why I left the Midwest on hot days like this. Where it is so hot that one tries not to breathe. My fingers fly across the keyboard, not creating a breeze, not lifting a skirt or an eyebrow. I sit back and click the button to submit.

    And I’m cool.

    By PJ Colando URL on 05.02.2014

  13. They call it dead man’s switch, and Jeremiah was so skeptical of it his girlfriend had died last week and it hadn’t worked, she said, was it a fire? had it been a fire she had died in or was that his mother, he couldn’t remember
    he couldn’t remember what was it? did she die? he seemed to remember poisoning maybe her appendix broke or her water did she die in birth
    and did he have children?
    He stares blankly at the screen in front of him, beer can in one hand, a popped open bag of chips in the other, the inside shiny and metallic.
    Did he? did he have any? did he h

    By owl eyed on 05.02.2014

  14. Today I am reminded of my strength, my strength that is my birthright, born into my soul.

    By jennie on 05.02.2014

  15. Everything reminded her of that fight, the one that was about everything she had done and nothing he had. Because he was always right and no matter how much she wanted him to believe her, he always dismissed her point of view.
    All that she had done was wrong; she was wrong about dancing, wrong about love, wrong about herself. He meant well–he cared about her, she knew–but it always hurt and soon the happiest parts of her life reminded her only of his attacks.

    By Claire on 05.02.2014

  16. It reminded me of a quiet night. A night that was silent and still. That beautiful feeling of peace and tranquility that washed over me. A rare pleasant time of a quiet mind. I yearn for these times again. Before my mind was full of reminders of the night that changed everything, ended my peace. It was naive to think you could carry on unscathed. Why should u be so lucky? An exception to the rule that is life.

    By Judy on 05.02.2014

  17. ate this fucking massive burger earlier and it reminded me how fat i am and why i lost her over some fucking food. fuck.

    By cam on 05.02.2014

  18. He was quiet, but I could tell his spirit was kind, generous. The type of boy you’d want by your side for the rest of your life, if you ever got lucky enough. He reminded me of my father, actually, or what I’d been told of him…he died when I was young, and the efforts to keep his past hidden from me had so far succeeded.

    “Andy?” I asked quietly, lazily swishing my feet in the crystal blue lake water.

    “What, Carrie?” He looked at me then, questions dancing in his brown eyes.

    “You know how…well, you know when you’ve found that one person in your life that you just…know is right for you? He or she completes you, and nothing else in the world feels right?”

    He nods, and a smile touches his mouth. “That’s how I feel around you.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.02.2014

  19. The young girl behind the counter reminded me of my father, with similar features, and a distinctive heart shaped mole under her left eye. When I realised she would have been born around the time he left my mother and came here, I started thinking I might be one step closer to finding him!

    By tonykeyesjapan on 05.02.2014

  20. everywhere i go, i am reminded of her. i see her eyes in the water surrounding this small town. i see her spirit in the birds that fly high. they are leaving, just like she did. i only wish i could see her, just once more.

    By Abby on 05.02.2014

  21. It was something Brook simply could never forget – it had just been buried at the back of her mind for so long that it seemed like it was gone. But as soon as she spotted the enormous dictionary, all of the definitions that had become the entire basis for her life came back to her. This had raised her, as strange as that was. Without that, she wouldn’t have been able to make it through her life.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.02.2014

  22. He hasn’t seen is broadly smiling face in ages, and while he claims that he prefers it that way, having no one to taunt on a daily basis gets kind of boring after a while, and frankly, lonely as well. So he swallows his pride and asks Kiyoshi’s grandparents for his current address.

    By Satsui on 05.02.2014

  23. He was reminded of an instance years ago. Since her murder had been hidden, there had been no funeral. His chest ached. No funeral for the only friend he’d ever had. He’d built a small grave for her out of fist-sized stones, circling a white rose bush that bloomed every year. He made it a point to visit that place on the anniversary of her death.

    By 709 on 05.02.2014

  24. Im reminded by pictures. im reminded by documents. im reminded by the “hey bud”‘s and the “dadgumit”s heard daily. Im reminded by a snarky smile or a charming phrase. Im reminded by the sunsets and by certain songs and big white trucks and fishing poles. im reminded in the memories in my sleep. Im reminded of you constantly

    and i cant say that i mind.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 05.02.2014

  25. every time i fart im automatically reminded of everything i ate and all of the bad food decisions ive made… which make me ponder my own life and exsistance

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 05.02.2014

  26. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are loved by being shown through actions of those who say they love us, not only by words spoken. Words get old after a while.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.02.2014

  27. He takes the train and he tries not to think until his shirt’s coated in a light sheen of perspiration.

    By Satsui on 05.02.2014

  28. I was just minding my own business, walking down the road to the store when I saw those daffodils. They reminded me of you. They reminded me of the time you and me went down to the river and sat and talked and picked flowers. It’s not the same anymore.

    By Kristen on 05.02.2014

  29. Anabel sighed as she looked at Clem and realized she would have to get him reminded to take her to her dance sessions. This was extremely frustrating because he never forgot to do Sienna’s stuff but when it came to Anabel, he always forgot. She reminded him again and again.

    By RainbowBunnyRabbit on 05.02.2014

  30. Dreams reminding
    even when I’ve let go
    my heart controls my mind
    and sabotages my ability to forget.

    Yes no requests
    and what ifs…

    By La Bête becomes Man on 05.02.2014

  31. He looked at her, laughing and spanning in her bare feet. It reminded him of back before everything got complicated. Back when everything was fine and he loved her more than anything, Back when nothing could hurt them. But things had changed. And that, he reasoned, was the great tragedy of life.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 05.02.2014

  32. Every time it rains I am reminded of the day you kissed me. We were stuck sitting outside, under the cover of the platform that jutted out high up on the building, stuck here due to having to work late shift, and you just reached in, no words, and kissed me hard and long, my arms stretching around your neck and my fingers intertwining in your hair.

    By Amanda on 05.02.2014

  33. I was reminded of the smell of her hair. Of the soft cotton of her summer shirts and the taste of her lip gloss. Of the sand that we kissed on in that beach in August. And of the soft breeze against our skin, that led me to hold her close and keep her warm.

    By keepcalmcarryon on 05.02.2014

  34. Me without you.
    Me without you.
    Me without you.
    Me without you.
    Me without you.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 05.02.2014

  35. eren holds the bundle of mint leaves up to his nose and takes a tiny sniff of them. he has to turn away from mikasa and jean, a bright red blush creeping across his cheeks, before he buries his face in the fresh herbs and inhales deeply. he wonders in the back of his mind what he would do if he snorted a bug. mostly, he’s stuck reeling in the familiar scent of corporal levi’s tea.

    By heartful on 05.02.2014

  36. It was dark, cold, and wet. Surrounded by fog. Everything was fuzzy around the edges and no matter how hard she tried, all her memories remained just out of reach.

    By The Black Flamingo on 05.02.2014

  37. It reminded me everyday of all the pain, the suffering, the forgotten love left behind from the melancholy past that slipped through my grasp as if silk on skin. It dawned on me that my life used to be, and once was, and always will be, just a reminder of pain.

    By Kaitlyn C. on 05.02.2014

  38. Mikki sat on her bed. She flipped through an old book, one she had finished when she was smaller- absolutely tiny. Way, way back before she was scared of her own sad body and the mysteries of life and adoption. It was a fantasy tale, a typical “Save the Princess” type story with a prince and a quest and the big monstrous dragon.

    She always loved romances, always loved when the prince and the princess finally got together, how they belonged. When the prince slayed the dragon- the big, angry, fire-breathing monstrosity- and carried the princess back to the kingdom.

    Mikki wondered if she would have a prince or a happy ending or maybe even just getting the dragon to wander off… She kept herself in the sweet delusion a little longer. It was so much easier to think of a warrior slaying a figurehead than to think that she was getting worse.

    By korpuskat on 05.02.2014

  39. The sky reminded him of a pair of beautiful, bright, gorgeous eyes. Eyes accompanied with a special, adorable smile. It hurt. So much. How could he have been so stupid to let such a treasure go? But he had sunk too deep, and at that time, it was impossible to escape from that suffocating abyss that was himself.

    By Lin on 05.02.2014

  40. I looked at the ball and instantly saw your face. Blue eyes, cheeky grin. I also immediately thought of my good memories with you. Why can’t you still be here?

    By Brianna on 05.02.2014