May 1st, 2014

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80 Responses to “joyful”

  1. “Here,” he said, kneeling down beside the girl and passing her the binoculars. “Why don’t you take a look?”

    “Yes! Thank you! Thank you!” She cried, face blossoming into the most beautiful of smiles.

    But his was a sad one as he watched her tiptoeing to peer over the visitor rail. He wondered if any of them understood life’s simple pleasures anymore.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 05.01.2014

  2. Birthdays that I can remember. There were kids singing, I think I might have been singing. Heh. Have been. I was happy once.

    By Peter Wester on 05.01.2014

  3. It was a joyful occasion, her wedding. Or, at least, it should have been.
    Marius Denarius was a handsome prince, soon to be a handsome king; their children would be beautiful, would want for nothing. But what did it matter when her heart would never lay with him?

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.01.2014

  4. The contrast struck Judith not as incongruous or discordant, but as more true and starkly beautiful than anything she had experienced in a long time…a very long time. A tear rolled down her cheek, as the piercing, tragic chords played and the the soft, brokenhearted voice sang, and Bryan absentmindedly painted the word “Joy” in vibrant Christmas colors on the poster board at her feet.

    By Fay on 05.01.2014

  5. she’s so happy she could die, here in the mermaid’s arms, being kissed so gently and lovingly that she wonders how she hasn’t suffocated or passed out from sheer bliss yet. she was half-expecting the woman to eat her, but no, there were no bitten lips or forceful shoves, no taking without permission. where she thought she might find brutality, all there was was sweetness.

    By heartful URL on 05.01.2014

  6. I cannot describe how she makes me feel. Every time I gaze upon her glassy surface, I see the sunshine reflected and it brings me joy. Every time I watch her rise and fall, tides swelling with the wind, I delight in her playfulness. Every time she storms, throwing the tantrums she is known for, I am in awe of her, wondering at her power.

    By KT URL on 05.01.2014

  7. The festival was beautiful. Bright lights were strung up from stalls, where vendors were calling people to buy cotton candy, or to play a game. Children were giggling, running about in costumes, a joyful spark in their eyes. Every few meters someone was bursting into laughter at a joke made by a friend. The night sky was peppered with the scent of street-food, and the atmosphere was lively and warm.

    By Ruchika Ganesh URL on 05.01.2014

  8. The Dumb was always so joyful. I oftwn envied him his happiness.

    By Sherloki on 05.02.2014

  9. “What does it mean to be joyful?” my daughter asked as she gently tugged the bottom of my long skirt.

    “What do you mean, Sweetie?” I asked, amazed that a seven year old did not understand the concept of joy.

    “Well, daddy says it means being happy, but not quite. My teacher said it is just being okay even when the world isn’t. And Angela told me it is when you smile,” she answered innocently enough.

    I picked her up, held her tight to my chest, and whispered, “Joy is anything that makes you feel good. Like when someone calls you pretty or when a kitten licks your hand.” I hugged her tighter once the words were out in the open.

    She hugged me back giggling and in that moment I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was doing something right as a parent.

    By Madison on 05.02.2014

  10. this is what life is all about, our birthright is to be in joy. It is found within.

    By Ram Hari on 05.02.2014

  11. Her mouth twisted into the imitation of a joyful smile, but we all could see through it now. It had been too many years of the same. Repetition had made her predictable.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.02.2014

  12. The sky slowly faded to black and all its children came out to play, glowing white light on a dark scene. A hill, a brook, and a breeze.

    By Jonas Seton on 05.02.2014

  13. His smile. Those cerulean, large, curious, deep oceans of eyes. The way his hair wasn’t too long, or too short, which made his pale blue strands fall orderly around his face. He loved him. He just didn’t know it yet.

    By Lin on 05.02.2014

  14. is joyful you and me or me and you. is there a difference between the two. is joyful the song that is in the sky or is joyful the thought of christmas. joyful is as joyful does i guess. what is joyful anyways, i have forgotten what it even means..

    By Elena on 05.02.2014

  15. He was joyful in her arms.

    It was a rare feeling. Often just a thought of her pale skin in the harsh lighting of the bathroom, or her curls sticking to her face in the shower, or the way her nose crinkles when she’s thinking gave him the same warmth.

    By Sara URL on 05.02.2014

  16. Joyful is a park with kids. Joyful is lake with fish. Joyful is the sun, shining. And joyful is us staring at each other. It is good. being joyful.

    By haneira on 05.02.2014

  17. The time spent with my children and grandchildren is always joyful. I wish I was a happier person in general though and was always joyful.

    By Alexandra URL on 05.02.2014

  18. In our lives, we have a choice of what we choose to feel at certain times. We can either wallow in our miseries, or we can be grateful for what we have. We can either despair over an ex, or we can be joyful for what’s yet to come.

    By Sarah on 05.02.2014

  19. caloo callay oh joyous day! though it is 40 out and wet. but i am alive. i walked the dogs and have a big glass of iced coffee next to me. time to live or at least to type.

    By Lee URL on 05.02.2014

  20. Army people enjoyed joy

    By Mukesh Singh URL on 05.02.2014

  21. I didn’t know you had it in you. Maybe I did, I don’t know. It seems to come out when convenient. I’ve heard better fish tales.

    By jar on 05.02.2014

  22. When is joy full? Is there ever a moment where you can lose yourself entirely to joy and shut out everything else going on outside of it, or is all joy tinged at the edges with the haunting memories of loss or pain or hospital rooms or the toe you stubbed this morning?

    By mholland URL on 05.02.2014

  23. Hazel and Gus enjoy each others company.

    By Julie Foster URL on 05.02.2014

  24. it was beautiful

    By Julie Foster URL on 05.02.2014

  25. Hazel and Gus enjoy each others company. They both like each other. They have a lot in common. they are off to amsterdam too meet their favorite author. They both are happy. they

    By Julie Foster URL on 05.02.2014

  26. The festival was always my favorite time of year. The fireworks lit the ground a joyful shade of yellow or orange. I never could stay away from the funnel cake stands, even on a diet.

    By Dini Arnold on 05.02.2014

  27. running through my forest, or rather (since my dear marvin always says, the woods don’t belong to anyone), the forest that adopted me is what brings me joy when i come home from lab after hours of frustrating work; the calm mossy air, penetrated frequently by the clattering of crushed leafs, flushes out the stress.

    By berenique URL on 05.02.2014

  28. Joy I’m full of it
    but don’t think of it
    as a thing
    I think of it as
    Colorful flowers backwards hat baseball caps in the ninth inning with two outs to go and free slushies whether you win or lose
    i think of bruises
    after 5AM hockey practice
    backyard football before dinner
    and hotfudgeicecream oh boy
    It’s summer

    By charlie card on 05.02.2014

  29. do what you want with my body
    like you have known me all years
    like you have known me as a disk jockey
    who play this song just for my baby

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 05.02.2014

  30. It was a joyful occasion, when she thought we never happen. How had she gotten William to agree to marry her, when so many people had failed to get him into a relationship before. He was meant to not be interested in sex, well he was now.

    By kirsty on 05.02.2014

  31. the rain descended on the dim dark town only a few lights shown as weird as it is the depressingnewss of the rain me joyful i guess made me feel like someone else shared my pain as if someone understood me for once in my miserable life i live the rain is my relief my only companion in this dark city of sorrow i call home

    By brendan hallstrom on 05.02.2014

  32. The joy in every letter of every word of every paragraph in your life story dazzles the senses of a drunken drama queen. Thank you.

    By Emmy on 05.02.2014

  33. Meaningless.
    Um. I don’t know, i don’t remember what it’s like.
    What do you think destroyed it?
    i don’t know…i just don’t know.
    Can you think of a time when you were joyful?
    No, not recently.
    There has to be something you can think of when you hear this word.
    Why? Because I’m like permanently high all of the time?

    By Katie on 05.02.2014

  34. Her life was void of happiness and she brought pain upon everyone because of it. She had no friends and her family acted as though she did not exist. She was dark but her eyes were a bright blue and she hated it. She felt as though the lightness made her overall dark look meaningless. Yet the thing she desired most in the world, was one joyful memory.

    By Bristol URL on 05.02.2014

  35. The joyful sounds of the angels caught my attention. They were majestic and beautiful and I knew that I must be dreaming. They sang and shouted and danced. I was awed by their presence and knew that they were here to help me.

    By Crystal URL on 05.02.2014

  36. It begins with a numbness– a sense of clarity, as if the world had just been cloaked in white sheets and everything is empty. You stand here, and at the peak, once joyful, everything grows.

    By Peskiper URL on 05.02.2014

  37. She couldn’t live up to her name, all the time. Wondered why her parents named her ‘Joy’.

    By Krysf URL on 05.02.2014

  38. joyful… the feeling you get when you are with your closed ones… when you achieve what you always wanted… when you experience serendipity…

    By ishti on 05.02.2014

  39. i don’t know if it’s real or not, to be joyful. usually people say the word and don’t mean it, don’t mean the springing forth of pure white emotion, the joy of wind and sunshine and peace and love. usually they just mean happy or giggly or just the pleasure of getting into trouble.

    By Susan Naud on 05.02.2014

  40. Joyful sounds abound this day. That’s all I have to say.

    By Pool Bar Jim URL on 05.02.2014