February 26th, 2016

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38 Responses to “orbit”

  1. I am in orbit. Orbit starts with O and ends in it. I wonder if I should orbit something.

    By Howe156 URL on 02.26.2016

  2. Claudia loved it when people orbited around her. It was like she had a gravitational pull, an attraction that drew everyone of all genders, races, sizes, creeds, and interests. Just one glance in your direction and a batting of her naturally long eyelashes was enough to get half a dozen people scurrying over to her in class as soon as the biology professor told the students to get into pairs or small groups for lab time. The only person who didn’t seem affected by her pheromones or behavior was, of course, yours truly.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.26.2016

  3. He left the orbit a few seconds after his fiancee. He had too. Just before noon the’ve met in front of the officer and they’ve both said says. Right after they’ve joined hands, she decided it was about time to leave for their honeymoon.

    By Stef URL on 02.26.2016

  4. this is mars.
    you know you won’t come back alive. ever.
    he shrugged. she merely looked down.

    no one is coming back from the mission. it’s like… a huge commitment. a lifetime commitment.

    he had never fathomed what was the clue that had brought them there. but he bit his tongue on the way out.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 02.26.2016

  5. orbit the gum is great, and i love it!
    whenever i go to florida i grab a pack of orbit gum for a good price.

    By Lewis on 02.26.2016

  6. The children were playing in the gymnasium. As the ball was tossed around in an orbit, no one noticed the solitary child being left out of yet another game. Why was she neglected? Because she was overweight.

    By Gigi URL on 02.26.2016

  7. I would really like to see what it would be like to be in orbit around the Earth. I’d love to orbit all the planets, and hopefully leave the solar system and look at the other galaxies and the rest of the universe. Orbits are interesting when you think about it because it’s just like…we’re a huge rock…orbiting a huge fire ball…in the sky….of nothingness.

    By Colie URL on 02.26.2016

  8. The orbit of the shuttle brought it overhead and during the clearest nights, the people could see it slowly and regally move across the sky. All the cities had gone and their was no more electricity so there were no longer obstacles to see the stars, and the satellites. A very sad scene, as the people within the shuttle, and all the other space platforms, had long passed away and it was only their coffins orbiting the Earth, being dragged closer to the atmosphere, where eventually they would burn up.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.26.2016

  9. The orbit around the earth is pretty high. It is used by space explorers to leave earth’s atmosphere. You need a rocket to get into orbit and all the satellites we use in communications orbit around the earth.
    There are only a few men and women who have orbited the earth.

    By Vijay on 02.26.2016

  10. Circle. Earth. Solar system. No more pluto. Einstein. Sun. Stars. Orion’s belt. Gravity. Matter. The big bang theory.

    By Mark on 02.26.2016

  11. She acted as though the whole world revolved around her. And I, poor soul that I was, had been caught in her orbit. And I saw her for what she truly was: she was a star on the brink of collapse; a death waiting to happen, waiting for everything around her to come crashing in until she was alone, completely, and forever.
    She’d deserve it, though. I’d know firsthand exactly how much she’d deserve it.

    By chi URL on 02.26.2016

  12. Around and around the day to day routine seemed to follow a pattern. A rut even! Something big needed to shake it out of orbit.

    By Cosmos on 02.26.2016

  13. I orbit around him. Waiting on the rim, slowly circling around and around. I attempt to come closer at some times, but I’m pushed away. Pushing me away due to a repetition of his history…yet day after day I circle around, longing for his gravitational pull to let me in…thinking that if I just get close enough..if I circle at a distance long enough he will let me in. So slowly I circle…around my Sun…loving his warmth but hating the distance. Day after day I orbit.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 02.26.2016

  14. Jackson entered orbit at 0600 hours, finally relieved to have escaped earth’s bounds. He was floating, feeling the weight of the planet and what he left behind leave his body.

    By Timn on 02.26.2016

  15. Don’t think, just jump, he said, in a voice that was a little too calm given the circumstances. She ignored him, chose to stay, and watched as he fell into a cavernous well of darkness. just then a bird swooped by and picked her up where she stood.

    By Sarah on 02.26.2016

  16. Circling and encircling, creeping in. The darkness spirals out of control; I am in the eye of the storm. Slowly it sucks me in, quietly; no where to go. Breathe.

    By Heidi P. URL on 02.26.2016

  17. everything got very quiet very quickly once they were in orbit. the ship quieted to the a quiet thrum and the crew settled in to rest before they have to move on to their next endeavor. all harlin could hear was the ever present white noise of machinery and the quiet whirs coming from inside the room temperature metal of his right arm.

    By rowen URL on 02.26.2016

  18. orbit

    By daisykk URL on 02.26.2016

  19. Mars and Earth have orbits which change with time

    By daisykk URL on 02.26.2016

  20. When I was younger I liked to chew gum called Orbit without sugar spearmint. It tasted great! Yummi!

    By Bluered on 02.27.2016

  21. we don’t get a second chance, do we? we’re floating around space
    on this tin can called planet earth and if we fuck this up, then what’ll we do.
    my mother used to chew gum all day every day when i was litte. then she dropped that habit because she realised how nervous it made her.

    By berenique URL on 02.27.2016

  22. things revolve around you in strange ways.
    you pull me in with gravity
    and i find myself facing the infinity
    of your strange galaxies-
    closing gaps
    finding stars and finding planets
    i have always dreamed of space exploration.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 02.27.2016

  23. His gravity was too strong for her and she found herself circling the shelves, pretending to look for a book while she gazed at him at the table. She hoped her eyes didn’t reveal the longing she felt in her heart, the pull on the muscle whenever he came into her axis of action.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.27.2016

  24. He made an orbit around the room, looking for that one girl to keep him company that night.

    By Jay on 02.27.2016

  25. The plants orbit around the sun, just as I orbit him. Everyday.

    Will he notice? I doubt it.

    It’s like he knows my life revolves around him and he carries that pride with him.

    By B.E. on 02.27.2016

  26. when we went into orbit our plane exploded. we quickly got our oxogen masks and went outside.

    By turbodestiny URL on 02.27.2016

  27. My orbit is quintessential to my existence. It is in harmony when other entities recognize the peaceful aura it can only function in.

    By Krysf URL on 02.27.2016

  28. I have my own orbit.
    These rednecks i worship, these bible like poems, the cult, all of these BEAUTIFULLY orbit me. My orbits remind me i am capable and not to be ashamed of who i am.
    My orbit is a beautify white daisy.

    By sameeka on 02.27.2016

  29. galaxy

    By Hermano on 02.27.2016

  30. ball

    By Hermano on 02.27.2016

  31. It was like floating, but with purpose; you didn’t just drift away, but something anchored you, some unseen force, that kept you in motion and yet never any closer or farther away than you’d started. Perpetual motion, but not moving forward. How odd– that one should be making progress and yet go nowhere at all.

    By Courka URL on 02.27.2016

  32. I orbit around you, not because I need to, but because I didnt mind getting stuck on you.

    By tafellaken URL on 02.27.2016

  33. The sun was always in orbit of the fleeing moon, wishing he could say sorry for his mistake, and the moon, the precious, scared moon could only look back in fear.

    By totallyfictional URL on 02.27.2016

  34. Every temple withered. The porous holes gave way to the orbiting scarabs, scorpions, and sinister sands that knocked incessantly upon the great blocks of worship.

    By Turdzan URL on 02.27.2016

  35. He just sat there puffing away at his cigarette. Every week he would come to the small cafe I owned and puff at his cigarette while drinking his coffee and watching the people passing by through the large windows of the shop. He never made any small talk and neither did I at the times when I would sit at the counter. I loved being there and interacting with the clients, but there was just something about him that told me he wasn’t up for any bit of conversation. And I was okay with that.In the end we did have quite some customers who would always keep to themselves and only enjoy their time here quietly without bothering to speak more than a few words to the baristas. They seemed, however, to be quite comfortable here. And that made me happy. It meant I was doing my job well.
    I often used to think about everything that had happened in my life until that moment and realize how my life had somehow ended up orbiting around that precious coffee shop. It seemed funny how I had always pestered my mom about being such a workaholic and being too dedicated to her work when I had somehow ended up the same way. But the truth is, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That shop made me happy. The people that came there made me happy. The people working there made me happy. To me, they felt like a second family. And to top it all off, my actual family was doing well, I was managing to keep in touch with everyone I cared about and I was even managing to squeeze a bit of time for my hobbies. I had to admit that life was pretty sweet. It did get difficult or monotonous at times, but it was good and I was alright.
    However, I was soon to welcome in my life a few aspects that would make me even happier, and show me a whole new side of life. With it, came a lot of new things that I did have a bit of trouble adjusting it. But I loved it. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    By Anaid Skylight on 02.27.2016

  36. her mom orbits her way into Scheherazde’s room;
    not knowing she knew, her antsy daughter
    quickly sat on her quilted bedsheets so that she could blockade the pile of clothes
    that her mom folded up for her earlier before Schederazade arrived.

    Later, she decided not to leave her shirt behind at his house, rather, she reached for her panties, then thought she’d regret leaving them in her drawer because they were too drenched.

    “Do you think we can do it again?”

    “I can’t envision why not”

    the two intermingled their souls until a rupturing sensation floated out of the young women entrapped in a thirty year old women’s body; he then sat there, admiring her as she changed out into her leafy green, long dress. Each button demanded a smile before moving on, as she arrived down to the very bottom button, she flickered back around towards her lover, and balled her fists in a glinting joy that propelled her to take a seat on his lap.

    They inhaled each other’s presence, words, which were all they had, were meaningless, in that moment, but, only, in this one. Sherezad’s phone interrupts their simmering moment of dalliance-like calm(rrriinnnnggggg). She hardly fumbled to her phone like she would normally have, if she were elsewhere, but the trainquil wooden walls within the cabin left Shezezdad and Mr. Habra in a motionless predicament.

    By Milad URL on 02.27.2016

  37. The Enterprise was orbiting a new planet. Kirk was in his captain’s chair talking to Mr. Spock who was trying to explain the most recent scientific discovery from his science station.

    By Emily Harrison on 02.27.2016

  38. The spaceship had only been in orbit for an hour before its engine exploded, sending thousands of pieces of fiery shrapnel headed towards the Earth. As those in the space station panicked, desperately trying to see if there were any signs of life, Finn knew that there was no way anyone had survived the apparent malfunction.

    By Gennie on 02.27.2016