May 27th, 2015

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48 Responses to “options”

  1. many of the options are given to me to make a choice. Option can be fitted into parts: good and bad, happy or sad, strong or weak, heavy or light. It is good to have options so take tham as they come and enjoy.

    By gene on 05.28.2015

  2. “There are many options here ma’am, I know this is a lot to take all at once.”

    “Yeah, I…I just need some time to think.”

    “Of course.”

    By magician on 05.28.2015

  3. Everyone says I must have so many options now, now that I’m free of a job that was killing me for four years. And the truth is, I do have options. Many options. But I can’t seem to do anything to get there. It’s like my brain was working too hard for those years, or maybe it stopped working completely, and I’m stuck looking at all those options, helpless.

    By SK on 05.28.2015

  4. Options–it’s a powerful word when we consider it. Option–it opens myriad opportunities when we stop to consider all the choices before us.

    By Genny McCutcheon on 05.28.2015

  5. options are things we all have to some extent. whether we like the options presented to us by life is another story altogether. i had options even when I couldn’t exercise them due to oppression. they were there, waiting for me to wake up and take advantage of them. however, those who were in charge kept me numb, asleep, unaware to what I could be. their option was to take mine from me.

    By Jen on 05.28.2015

  6. She was running out of options. Plans A through X all failed, so all she had left were Plans Y and Z, and those were the two worst plans of all. The only reason she even came up with them was so she could finish the alphabet.

    By Blunz on 05.28.2015

  7. I’m watching the clock tick away the minutes –a rabid clawing feeling growing stronger in the centre of my chest– and all I can do is worry about what comes next.

    It’s all up to me now.

    Nobody else.

    And I can’t help by feel like I’m out of options.

    By KEROALMA on 05.28.2015

  8. Please give me a voice,
    To ask for help.

    Please give me strong grip,
    To pull myself out.

    Please give me some clarity,
    To find some peace.

    Please give me some options,
    Please, someone, please.

    By KEROALMA on 05.28.2015