May 27th, 2015

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48 Responses to “options”

  1. I carefully weighed my options and I moved my finger along the rim of the glass. I wondered how long their eyes have been fixed on me. They were awaiting an answer. My heart raced. I felt a single bead of sweat form above my brow. What do I tell them? Is there anything they don’t already know about me?

    By Lina Bean URL on 05.27.2015

  2. So many options we face everyday… What should I wear? Who should I talk to? What should I eat? Yet, we don’t think about our biggest option enough, Who will I be?

    By AlexMarie on 05.27.2015

  3. As it stands, we have to try one of two options. The first option is to go on the offensive. Make sure everyone knows we mean business. If they get too close to our territory, we shoot first and ask questions later. And hopefully we won’t have to actually ask questions because, hey, they’ll be dead. And dead people tend not to be very inquisitive.

    The second option: Run. Run as fast as we can. When the tanks start rolling in, we’ll be long gone. The mountains will still be capped with snow when we hide.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.27.2015

  4. I have many options in this life. So many, in fact, that it often overwhelms me. I think about all of the places I could go, the things I could do, and the things I could see. I think about which would best benefit me but the reality is that I just don’t know. I’m 21 years old, and yet, I still just don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going but I hope I pick what’s best in the end.

    By Ash on 05.27.2015

  5. You have many options in life. To marry, to become a rubbish collector, to go to the library until your head swells. My options were broader than most because I live in the developed world and found education easily accessible. Other people aren’t so lucky. My options were limited

    By Sally Bigwood on 05.27.2015

  6. “Okay, so what are our options here?”

    “We could stay here and finish off our homework, go to that party tonight or just go home and get yelled at by Carol. Take your pick.”

    “Be serious, Cassie.”

    By Juliet Winters on 05.27.2015

  7. there are many choices that present themselves to you in life
    options, competing for your favor
    but sometimes you just have to go on a whim
    and trust that what you do is best

    By katie on 05.27.2015

  8. Options, like when you’re at Mcdonald’s and you think to yourself, should you take the chicken burger or go for 20 nuggets. The burger will be more meal-like, but the nuggets are just goddamn perfect. Minus the fact they’re probably made from Chicken Anus

    By Aaron on 05.27.2015

  9. I keep getting options. Maybe there should be an option to have a word other than options? There’s only so much I can say about it before I run out of combinations of words in the English languague. I wonder what Options is in French?

    By Aaron on 05.27.2015

  10. Some people believes that success is all about having more options. But, as you have more options, it becomes more difficult to compare different options and make right decision. The more you move upward on ladder of success, more you have to spend time in comparing different options. So, more options some time become a deli-ma because it becomes difficult to identify “right” option.

    By yas on 05.27.2015

  11. The world has many options. What matters most is that you make the right ones. Do I eat or not? Do I promise or not? Well I’m the only one who asks themselves do I kill or not?

    By Genna URL on 05.27.2015

  12. Opinions is something that everyone has. Thats being, everyone has diffurent opinions. In the world i see around me today, the opinions i see the most are about changes that people think are needed in the world.

    By Danielle on 05.27.2015

  13. we all have a road to pick, a road to take, an option. It is with this that we make the worst , best or meaningless choices. Some worse than others. No one can really tell the diffrence concidering right and wrong are a man made consturuction. It is not the options we make its the ones we dont make that are the real problem.

    By Julia on 05.27.2015

  14. I wish I had more options about what to do with my time this summer. Of course I will be busy with working at school and babysitting on the weekends, but I can’t really spend my time how I want. I wish I had the option to spend a summer night in the park with my love. I wish I had the option to take him on a nice dinner date. I wish I had the option to spend the night with him, just one more time.

    By Acela URL on 05.27.2015

  15. Options were never something I had in abundance. I often wondered what I should do with my life. But what does that even mean? Is a career life? Life, a career? I don’t think I should be valued by what I do necessarily but by who I am. Even if I am a simple understaker.

    By missindustrious on 05.27.2015

  16. I see myself through this lens
    Rather than seeing my capabilities i see limitations
    I’m too sick, unworthy, insensitive

    These opportunities are before me
    Where do I go
    I need more time,
    But the options paralyze me

    By KayleeLaPaix URL on 05.27.2015

  17. He lit up a cigarette and leaned on the edge of the railing, hoping to puff away his agony. His life seemed as bleak and lifeless as it was a year back, only countless failed job interviews was an element which was missing this time. Whatever options did he have anyway? Nothing expect living the life of a gruff loafer, loathed by all.

    By kyungsoo on 05.28.2015

  18. I have a lot of options but i dont like any. Options are a bad thing to have because make you choose between things you like and things you need to prioratize. makes you think and go insane. too many options is bad. 1 option is bad too.

    By Pei Pei on 05.28.2015

  19. Left or right, sinner or saint, do I take this road less traveled, what dangers lurk, what surprises await, do I eat now or later, do I not eat at all, these options…

    By Roy Cutler URL on 05.28.2015

  20. something where you are given difference choices. Freedom, and ability to make the decision you want based on what is given to you. Variety, in the things offered.

    By san_p on 05.28.2015

  21. Well I have quite some options. Too bad that none of them really appeals to me. So many ways are laid out before me but I just sit here.

    By MrLastname on 05.28.2015

  22. “Options. Options. Options,” I cross my arms, smirking. “I am tired of making your options and suffering the consequences, darling.”

    By E on 05.28.2015

  23. Today is such a beautiful day to go on a nice vacation to the bahamas.But unfortunately, I can not make that possible, because I have to work.

    By Lilbratt6 on 05.28.2015

  24. There were many options. The menu was too complicated. We knew we would get butter chicken, we always get the butter chicken. But what else? We get two mains with the banquet, but we had to choose another… The problem is no other dish will ever compare to the butter chicken… The greatest food in the world…

    By Archanza on 05.28.2015

  25. Sometimes, having too many options is too much. it forces you to pick apart your choices, find assets and faults that in the end are inconsequential. We like things easy, things given to us without having to work. Maybe this or that, nothing more, is really all we need to decide upon.

    By Ashi URL on 05.28.2015

  26. Her options were simple, She could keep on waiting, or she could move on. But in her heart she knew what she wanted to do, and that was she wanted to see this through.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.28.2015

  27. man i think im running outta options
    you got got me in this hot seat
    but i feel as if ive got nothing
    nothing to show
    nowehere to go
    theres too much shit in this life that i dont know
    my shoulders are heavy im moving slow
    but i think that means I only have room to grow

    By Georgia Cross on 05.28.2015

  28. There are options. There are always options. Knowing that the choice you made may not be the best choice can be maddening. Sometimes I wonder if this constant awareness of the possibilities that I haven’t experienced does more harm than good.

    By asavas on 05.28.2015

  29. Options and decisions, i can never make decisions because of the impossible amount of infinite options their could be . One option is to never make a decision and the other option is to sleep.

    By Naddy Sane on 05.28.2015

  30. Options. as to opt out. opt in. to begin the end the final fatale the road more travelled which leg of the fork in the road to choose. options. to go up or down to bounce above the ground 6 feet up six fee down. options lead to choices. love. or fear.

    By MichBro on 05.28.2015

  31. her options were limited but she preferred to behave otherwise. she lived as if every action was a choice of hers as opposed to chosen for her. most would call it delusion–she preferred perception. if believed than, conceived. to her—she was limitless.

    By Safon on 05.28.2015

  32. I’m a really indecisive person.
    I’m afraid that I’ll make the wrong decision and watch everything go up in flames because of it.
    But sometimes decisions have to be made.
    What do you want to do, who do you want to be?
    I don’t know, I whisper to myself, I don’t.
    But maybe that’s ok.

    By Shr on 05.28.2015

  33. I like options. I like to think of even more options than I am given. That may be a problem for the one presenting me the options, but I’ve often been the one presenting the options to my students, so I have to be able to generate options.

    By gpera on 05.28.2015

  34. the first, the last
    the in-betweens
    what matters most is the final pick
    might not make sense
    but it gets you to think
    was this the choice I choose to make?

    By Raphaelle on 05.28.2015

  35. i have many options to choose from when it comes to schools.
    options means choices.

    By nicole burkes on 05.28.2015

  36. Whats is life without options. no one wants to be ina dead end job that leaves no options.
    EW need to keep our avenues open. The more options can ne confusing and intimidating, but when u know ahta u want the u will be gald u had options.

    By Shanmuga on 05.28.2015

  37. So many options. What to pick. Who to pick. Where do I even begin to choose?

    By Hank on 05.28.2015

  38. options?? i wasn’t given any options.Everything was shoved onto me. I’ve never really lived my life.my life is a lie. A lie I cannot escape.Not anymore.

    By chris on 05.28.2015

  39. They say there are many options in life, but for who? The privileged? Because that’s what it looks like. Not everyone has options. Some are confined to their situation.

    By writing novice on 05.28.2015

  40. There are many options for you to choose from in life. You can choose any option you want, just make sure it is the right option for you. You have to be happy with the options you choose. Not every option is the right one, so think before you choose.

    By SummerLove on 05.28.2015