September 29th, 2015

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73 Responses to “movies”

  1. Going to the movies is a hobby of mine really. I go to all the new ones with my best friend. Sometimes we see a movie a month or so after it’s opening night showing, so then we can have the theater all to ourselves.

    By Mary on 09.30.2015

  2. The door to another world. More visceral than books, less striking than words. I like movies for one reason – perspective. They teach, fulfill and reach large masses a lot easier than a good book. While educating, they still dumb down the largest part of the populatio. Artistical components usually stop at the doorstep to laymen.

    By Toni on 09.30.2015

  3. Our first date was at the movies, he bought me popcorn candy and soda. Which i all said no to but he insisted i swear i was going to marry this man some day.

    By bailey on 09.30.2015

  4. I love movies!! Like, The Smosh Movie, Harry Potter, If I Stay

    By Neko-Chan!! on 09.30.2015

  5. One more thing… Who agrees that there needs to be a Creepypasta movie!? I would totally go see that!!!

    By Neko-Chan!! on 09.30.2015

  6. Movies and Hollywood. I once dreamed of being in the movies, but time and events changed that. Hollywood isn’t a really good place, and a great deal of trouble and scandal comes from there as well as a lot of inappropriate behaviors. Quality of all movies and TV has gone down recently. Too much smut and gore has pretty well taken over.

    By Lindsey on 09.30.2015

  7. Their connivance does not look like how we portray it in movies where the antagonists usually get out of harm’s way first before getting caught at a later time. It also doesn’t look as glamorous and romanticized like Bonnie and Clyde, or Sid and Nancy, or my personal favourite, Kurt and Courtney. They’ve always been up to no good since day one, and they’re not stopping their felonious streak anytime soon.

    By nom de luc URL on 09.30.2015

  8. Yesterday, my friend and I went to the movies. We say ”Revenge of the Ninja MonsterTrucks.” It was really good. We laughed through the whole thing:)

    By Faith on 09.30.2015

  9. I love the movies! I excape from my room window, climb down the vine. run right to my nieghboors house, then we go see Mad Max.

    By Devon on 09.30.2015

  10. movie magic
    cinematic expression
    someone made the props
    and someone helped you with dressing
    you constantly try to figure out who are you
    when in reality you wish you were only a star
    you seek to find comfort
    in pretending to be someone else
    when at the end of the day
    you’ve only found wealth
    well who are you?
    young person
    and where will you go?
    why ask you,
    you don’t even know.

    By lauren URL on 09.30.2015

  11. A thing where people go to watch a bunch of pictures put together and shown really fast and you can eat popcorn, candy and soda there to.

    By mackenzie URL on 09.30.2015

  12. He liked to go to the movies to think. It didn’t matter what the movie was, and he was having some brilliant thoughts on the nature of the Universe during Mary Poppins. Then a girl tripper over him as she was returning to her seat with a box of buttered popcorn.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.30.2015

  13. The girls love the movies, they go every week to see a new movie. They love eveything about the movie theater, the candy, the popcorn, the soda, and the movie of course.

    By Alexanda on 09.30.2015

  14. Movies, we call them. Strips of plastic with people, sometimes long dead, moving, speaking, laughing illustrated on them. Movies are always in the past. Always filmed months or years ago. We entertain ourselves with the past & terrify ourselves with the future which does not yet laugh from a harmless piece of cellophane.

    By TheBowlerCapFairy URL on 09.30.2015

  15. Movies are very popular because people like to watch them, which is odd because they just contain people and other living things which we meet every day either way. However, some actors become very popular for starring in movies and earn a lot of money. I love movies.

    By Filippa Rosberg on 09.30.2015

  16. a secondhand spine
    because what’s mine is yours
    and what’s yours
    is gone, and you can’t
    see past the the cutouts
    of my shape;

    you hold
    my exoskeleton in the
    Bermuda Triangle of your hands,
    and that’s the only thing
    that placates the sinking
    of my ship.

    By Pandatry on 09.30.2015

  17. The movies are a great place to hang out with your family and friends. i love the old movies the most because they have some good movies in the stores and the movies, i likes watching mulefessent and Pokoi

    By Abby URL on 09.30.2015

  18. She met her date at the movies. He was handsome. They decided on a horror movie. But after it would be over she would land in a horror movie of her own.

    By JerriBeth1 on 09.30.2015

  19. paul and jerry went to the movies and movie hopped 4 times in one day. bob worked at the movies and saw them movie hopping but he was there friend so he didn’t tell anybody.

    By levi on 09.30.2015

  20. I recently went to the movies with my grandparents and little cousins. We watchced Hotel Transylvania 2. It was a very good movie, although my little cousin halfway through it wanted to go home.

    By Haleigh on 09.30.2015

  21. The movies lost much of their charm for me when I was featured in a documentary film as a teenager. It wasn’t a bad experience, quite the contrary, but it did teach me that nothing on screen is real and each scene, even in documentaries, takes a lot of takes and a lot of editing. I still love movies but not in the same naive way.

    By SK on 09.30.2015

  22. Her knee bounced and her heart raced a little faster as the climax approached. The film’s big reveal was only a few minutes away, and although it would be no surprise for her, listening to the audience gasp and shout never ceased to thrill.

    By Soft URL on 09.30.2015

  23. Some times i go to the movies. The most recent movie i’ve seen was the maze runners 2

    By James Fitzwilliam on 09.30.2015

  24. People make and play in movies then other people watch them.

    By harmony booth on 09.30.2015

  25. movies are fun. I like movies. sometimes I feel like I am living a movie. movies are better than real life. real life is not always very nice. in the movies you can make a lot of money and fame. bu

    By movielover on 09.30.2015

  26. Movies are awesome! I love how they take you to a different place and a different time. They are powerful in that they can transform your world. They can make you laugh or cry or cry from laughing so hard. It is an important form of story telling and it’s fantastic to see how it had progressed through the ages.

    By Tiera Smart on 09.30.2015

  27. I wish that life was like the movies. You wake up to a killer soundtrack, things get a little bumpy in the middle, but by the end you’ve fallen in love and you’re having a blast as the credits roll….

    By Nelly on 09.30.2015

  28. i have always wanted to watch movies with someone who really wants to be with me, just like the movies, i know, that sounds a little bit wierd, but having those perfect endings with your prince charming at the end of the day under the sheets sounds like awesome!

    By Laura on 09.30.2015

  29. Old time
    bLack and white-
    those are my favorite.
    Classic ladies and gents-
    dolled up, dressed up
    ready to roll out on the red.

    By vIctoria on 09.30.2015

  30. I love going to the movies. They were a dollar when I was a kid and popcorn and pop were also cheap. Now the popcorn and pop cost more then the movie.

    By teeda URL on 09.30.2015

  31. I love to watch movies excpecially on rainy,cold days when you can’t really go outside. When I watch movies I loveto get popcorn and snuggle up with a blanket.

    By Becca Seale on 09.30.2015

  32. they played in the background as important conversations were being had. bellies grumbled, voices rambled on, and peter finally got to fly.

    in very sensitive days, she would watch them and tear up. it could be the silliest thing, but the beautiful thought was that she could. and so she would.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 09.30.2015

  33. I love old movies, especially black and white movies. They didn’t have the color then so they made the movie colorful by doing it really well, or took advantage of the lack of color to get cheesy effects by as best they could. I’ll watch love stories, classic mysteries, and my favorite old sci-fi flicks. I get to share them with some great friends online. Some are more special than others. I don’t always know much about the movies except that they fill some nostalgic twang in me of childhood, simpler times, and my desire to see good film without gore. New ones are super too, but there is a quality in the old fashioned show that is comfort food for the eyes and heart (calorie free).

    By JDwrites on 09.30.2015