September 30th, 2015

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70 Responses to “owned”

  1. I owned that bottle of orange. It was mine. He wanted it for himself, but I wouldn’t let him, so I drank the cool orange liquid before he had the chance to grab it from me.

    By Kirsty URL on 10.01.2015

  2. the desire to own is never ending.Most of us end up in unknowing the true meaning of ownership.

    By Dilip on 10.01.2015

  3. We once had the world
    We once looked at ourselves and never wanted for anything else

    What happened to those times?

    Funny enough how life has its own way of destroying you when you’re not looking

    You were all I had
    maybe that was wrong

    I never owned you

    We never could’ve owned the world

    it was but a dream

    By quell on 10.01.2015

  4. I played two basketball games yesterday and I owned my brother in both of them. His defense was weak and his point guard didn’t do anything.

    By Mary on 10.01.2015

  5. It took her a few moments to comprehend why he’d fallen to one knee. His brown eyes were earnest as he stared up at her, waiting for an answer. She laughed, amused that he thought he needed a ring or piece of paper to claim what was already his.

    By Soft URL on 10.01.2015

  6. I own who I am. I don’t know who I am entirely. Who does? I own my being, but where do I come from? What is my purpose? Who really knows? This stream of consciousness is taking me over my heart and through my stomach with acidic burning and acerbic sensations. Who knows what I am meant to do? Who knows what fate might bring? I believe in God, but who am I to determine if what I do in life is wrong or right?

    By Shira on 10.01.2015

  7. He used to own her. Her hands, her heart, her breasts, her delicate finger and balanced complexion, all held together by his hands, by the pulsating love through his veins. He’d say where and she’d walk there. He’d say what and she’d do it. He was as his as the mole on his left hand, as the scar on his forehead.

    By Gisela on 10.01.2015

  8. The house we owned was just a long mobile home but my dad added three new rooms the mudroom, sun- room and master bedroom.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.01.2015

  9. She started packing her bags. Throwing in only the necessities and any other things she would need. He thought he owned her. Well, he was sadly mistaken and would find out how mistaken he actually was when he came home to an empty house.

    By Kenna on 10.01.2015

  10. When she finally decided to move-in with his fiancé on his apartment at Mandaluyong, she only took a few things with her; a luggage of clothes and shoes, some select books, her Matryoshka doll collection, and her laptop. It’s not because there’s no room for her belongings on his apartment, in fact, there’s too much room to occupy that even excess clutter wouldn’t even be a problem. Both of them are unmaterialistic, but that doesn’t mean they own less things or none at all. They just don’t feel the need to have more, because they already have each other.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.01.2015

  11. I know it’s you
    because your hands
    are rough from always
    pulling leashes, and maybe
    that’s why you liked me:
    I sat at your feet and knew
    to not fight the hand around
    my neck while you whispered
    tears onto your lips;

    when they spilled over
    I’d lay as low as I could
    and take the punches
    like hermit crabs
    and mavericks.

    By Pandatry on 10.01.2015

  12. I owned lots of pets in my life. I have a dog and guinea pig now. I wish I had a horse because that’s my favorite animal.

    By KC on 10.01.2015

  13. Nobody ever owned you, yet you never could find peace. The world seemed intimitating, dangerous; every stranger as an enemy. You never realised you were your own enemy^ you set the bars of this prison.

    By Viktoria URL on 10.01.2015

  14. It sat spiffed and polished on the table by the door. Not exactly a place of honor, but of commonplace pride. She saw it every day as she walked out the door: a quiet reminder to keep her chin high because she had earned it.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 10.01.2015

  15. I am not my own, nor will I ever be… I think a man owns me, but he does not, for even if he didn’t exist, even if I was alone on the planet, I would ultimately be owned by my thoughts and no other… My thoughts own me… And they aim to destroy me…

    By Nada on 10.01.2015

  16. I have owned plenty of mistakes in my life. I feel like it’s good for my karma to just get it over with. But I feel like something’s coming, something big. My deep and profound sense of intuition tells me what it is, and I cannot speak it out loud. What have I done that is so terrible, so cosmically atrocious as to deserve what I fear in my worst nightmares is coming to me? My mind, my spirit, everything is preparing me for it. And I just wished I’d owned more of my karmic debt sooner, because this retribution may kill me.

    By mutecalliope on 10.01.2015

  17. I never owned anything before, not like that. A house. An actual abode, with doors and windows and rooms. OK, only a few small rooms, but still: a house. I walked slowly from bedroom to living room to kitchen and bath. It was mine, all mine. At last I had a sanctuary. At last I could sleep at night without fear.

    By Pat Dubrava URL on 10.01.2015

  18. She raised her fists in victory. “HA! I got you. Totally owned you right there.” He scoffed in protest as she continued to dance, wiggling her hips. “Yeah, okay, whatever you say, I let you win that one.” She laughed at him, or at least not with him, as she grinned to the ceiling.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.01.2015

  19. somethings i have owned that cost a lot include a flute and a computer. i own a house but well the bank own most of it. the most important thing i own are the cats

    By jo on 10.01.2015

  20. hi bo what up snoththin u notin lets be friends no ok lets fight mk punch puck kick kick

    By jimmy URL on 10.01.2015

  21. The first cup I’ve ever owned was a gift of myself to myself. It came from the dollar store, had a fun blueish color that seemed made of gracious glass rather than pig ceramic, like the other cups all were. My cousin instantly recognized it and sulked — it was the same cup he had planned to buy for our grandma, as her birthday was nearing.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 10.01.2015

  22. “Hah! You totally got owned!”

    I glared at him. “Shut up. I just started playing this game. What do you expect?”

    He grinned that big, stupid, smile that had made me fall for him in the first place. “Want to go again? I promise I’ll go easy on you this time.”

    By peppermint on 10.01.2015

  23. Possession. I have not been in control of myself for a very long time, but I have come to accept it. I watch through eyes that don’t move when I want them to, and felt things I had no desire to feel. But I’ve lived much longer than I wouldv’e otherwise. I like to think it’s a pretty good trade-off.
    I like to think.
    I won’t very soon.

    By Tea on 10.01.2015

  24. he owned him in a football game. andy owned woody and woody didn’t like this so woody waited till andy fell asleep one night and shoved a knife that he owned into his throat. (story twist in toy story woody was finally sick of being the toy of someone who didn’t want him so he killed him)(lol not for real)

    By levi on 10.01.2015

  25. You can own houses,hot dogs,pets,food,and more stuff

    By harmony booth on 10.01.2015

  26. It’s not what we owned, but what we OWN–

    our stories.

    Our real stories. Not the ones we make up.

    By vIctoria on 10.01.2015

  27. I owned a dog named Sheba, but we had to get rid of her, cause she tried to bite my baby sister

    By Neko-Chan!! on 10.01.2015

  28. owned like he paid for me. like he bought my soul on sale, nah more like it was free, like i had just handed it off to him for fun, like i was tryna get rid of it and he was the only one who was dumb enough to want it, as if it was a penny that fell out of my wallet that i didnt care who thought they were lucky enough to pick it up

    By asia on 10.01.2015

  29. owned
    to own
    to be owned
    to have ownership
    light years even tho they arent really measurments if time

    By asia on 10.01.2015

  30. we owned a grey jeep when I was in the fith grade untill we had to get a new car becuase something messed up on it.

    By Becca Seale on 10.01.2015