May 15th, 2014

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64 Responses to “mountainous”

  1. Mountainous areas go on forever. You can see the world, you can see life in a new light. You see it unfold the further you look away. The Earth is a beautiful planet…

    By Maddy T on 05.15.2014

  2. I’ve never felt air like this before. The seconds are crawling to a point where time seems to be standing perfectly still for just a moment. My senses shut down when I look to the horizon, the amorphous, mountainous spectacle shifting like a lava lamp.

    By asavas on 05.15.2014

  3. I like them. The views are beautiful. They contain something most people don’t appreciate enough: silence. Sure, some people ask for silence, but when they have it, what do they do with it? They don’t appreciate, they think about everything to come after the silence. Enjoy the mountains, the beauty, silence. Presence.

    By Justice Foster on 05.15.2014

  4. I live in a mountainous town of Va. where you can see the weather move in from miles away. I have no need for TV, my view holds all I need to see.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.15.2014

  5. It’s alright.

    By Justice Foster on 05.15.2014

  6. I think this means mountains or something. I generally don’t like mountains because they’re big and hard to walk up and mysterious kind of because you can’t see through the tall trees or what’s hiding in the dark shadows on the other side. Once you get up them thought you’re first impression is wrong, the view is great!

    By Alice on 05.15.2014

  7. The terrain was blanketed in heavy snow. as cold winds whipped the arid landscape

    By tim on 05.15.2014

  8. It took every last bit of her strength in order to cross this bridge
    To go over this mountain
    But this was mountainous territory
    And everywhere she turned there was a new peak to scale
    Somehow, it never surprised her
    There were mountains as far as she could see, of course
    And she’d never escape.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.15.2014

  9. El cielo dibujaba un horizonte de nubes montañoso

    By Maria on 05.15.2014

  10. That’s how the man looked. Like a piece of granite backdropped by the slinking sun. He raised the gun and I closed my eyes, wishing it was all over, but the light reappeared and when I opened my eyes he was gone.

    By Tommy Dean on 05.15.2014

  11. I stared at the mountainous landscape, just taking in the vastness and surreality of everything around me. It was so beautiful it took my breath away and even distracted me long enough to truly relax and not think about my life. I was so sick of the what ifs, the future, and the past. I knew it was time to live in the present and take every day as its own… it’s just so hard with so much expectation placed on your shoulders. I was sure that soon enough my knees were going to buckle just as the earth will after years of pressure and destruction. It may be slow and arduous process, but eventually it will no longer be able to stand.

    By foost URL on 05.15.2014

  12. The places I visit in my dreams are purple and green. They are rainy, and mountainous. There is always water somewhere, a stream, or a rocky coastal beach.

    By Alex on 05.15.2014

  13. The caterpillar crawled through the grass,
    blades rising above, mountainous
    and provoking. His legs grasped
    onto the sticky steps of the greenest
    piece and he hoisted himself above
    all else to see what the world was really like.

    By Emily URL on 05.15.2014

  14. The challenge was mountainous. She gave no indication of meeting any of my needs and seemed only concerned with her own selfish desire to talk, talk, talk. She should find a different Sherpa.

    By Sir Profligacy on 05.15.2014

  15. up uP UP
    we trek
    never making it far

    and DOWN DOWn DOwn Down down
    we go
    falling even further

    By Sarah on 05.15.2014

  16. Snowy peaks that smell of sweet ice. I can feel it, its cold, its chilly. Perhaps, its one of those rusty old peaks in the Alps, celebrating its grey and whites.

    By Bala URL on 05.15.2014

  17. It wasn’t even the biggest castle he’d ever seen. Certainly wasn’t the most impressive. Not by a long shot. But it had a presence. A sly, trickling undertone to it’s rocky face that said “I’ve been here longer than you, longer than anyone on Earth and I will be here long after you’re gone, so tread lightly because it won’t make a bit of difference to me if you fall and break your neck on my rocky base”.

    By E. Correigh URL on 05.15.2014

  18. Tenneesee, freedom country. Where there’s more teeth than there are cops, and there aren’t very many teeth at all. Blue ridges and red bitches is what my leather belt desires, where the cool water is by the fire

    By Colton on 05.15.2014

  19. Views that evoke old memories from times never come, never gone, times that help me stay alive..climbing those mountains.

    By Greg on 05.15.2014

  20. We stayed there every summer until it became routine. It was beautiful in the mountains, but quite unattractive in a different way. The mountainous view was quite splendid. You could see past the horizon and in the evening the sky went from blue to pink to blue again, this time darker. But it was so unattractive if you could not see the beauty. If you could only see the bug bites and the sweat, it was an unpleasant vacation, which negates the word itself. But to most of us who stayed in the cabin carved into the mountain, we found beauty.

    By elena tomasello on 05.15.2014

  21. Rough scrapes of skin and goosebumps, raised on your skin. Your breasts poke out from your skin, your nipples erect, your breath heavy. I watch you, eyes lidded.

    By owl eyed on 05.15.2014

  22. “Your word is mountainous.”

    I closed my eyes, nervousness pulsating me all over, as I fiddled with my thumbs. I knew this word…Mom and I had gone over it dozens of times during my training for this. Oh God. This was for 1st place…what if I messed up?

    “Mountainous…m…o…u…n…t…a…i…n…o…u…s. Mountainous.”

    The judge offered a tight lipped smile. “Correct.”

    Cheers errupted all over the building as I grinned, running over to hug my parents. I’d won the spelling bee!

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.15.2014

  23. He couldn’t take his eyes from her breasts. They were massive; mountainous, even. Great peaks of pale flesh that begged to be stroked by both hand and tongue alike.

    By emgee on 05.15.2014

  24. Mountainous are you pupils when they stare at me
    never before have i looked upon such beauty
    the way your gaze holds strong with mine
    like heaven above the earth, divine and baby you so fine

    By Leece Howard URL on 05.15.2014

  25. I have no idea what that word means but it sounds like it should be to do with a mountain or strong willed and stuff like that.

    By Billie on 05.15.2014

  26. Mine sucked compared to the ones above

    By Billie on 05.15.2014

  27. A place where I travel to be with my family. A place I go which is serendipitous and reminds me if the raw simplicity if living. The mountains set me free and make me live. I see the top of the world and see the simplistic beauty if a work lacking technology on the top of the mountain

    By Mckayla on 05.15.2014

  28. you are tall and real and i can breathe in the air around you because your energy is high altitude. yet you are dangerous and steep with craggy shoulders and sharp nails. If I am not careful I can set off a landslide avalanche full of ice and rocks.

    By Ylan on 05.15.2014

  29. Stupid men are common
    To be wise is to achieve


    By !Haiku-Man! on 05.15.2014

  30. The mountainous doe stood before us in all of her glory. “Whoa,” Sebastian said next to me. “Do you think we can kill it and make some deer jerky?”
    The doe snorted and stood taller.
    “Why were you even thinking about doing that?” I said. “Look at this thing, it could easily kill five people before going down.”
    It snorted again, stamped its front hooves on the ground and shook it’s head. It galloped toward me and stopped five inches from my face.
    I didn’t know what to do, so I stuck out my hand to pet it. The doe freaked out and jumped back. And I swear, she said, “I have already seen the sun once today, I do not need to see it again.”
    “Did that thing just speak, or did you say that with a freakishly girly voice?”
    “It wasn’t me,” I said. “It was the doe.”

    By Susan Rother URL on 05.15.2014

  31. It was the first time that Arvey had seen a mountainous range in nearly six months. It was not imposing to her, nor majestic. It was simply an occurrence she was not used to, and as such, she let out a small puff of air as she observed the peaks, typically dusted with snow.


    Quinoni limped to her side, the scars never quite fading from her torso, hidden beneath her tunic. “What?”

    “I just realized,” Arvey murmured, smiling faintly, “I’ve never climbed a mountain before.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.15.2014

  32. The distant and cold places
    beyond the expectant reach
    Mindless and quiet
    of epic release and timeless
    peace of solid stone of grace

    By James Foster URL on 05.15.2014

  33. i want to rise above you and above everything you do
    i want to be better
    no thats not it i wnat to tower
    big bang
    hog wash
    the girl who climbed mount everest
    the girls who climbed the mountains every day
    and stayed quiet because they were afraid

    By kani URL on 05.15.2014

  34. i want to rise above you and above everything you do
    i want to be better
    no thats not it i want to tower
    be a tower
    not for you or anyone else to stand back in wonderment
    i am a tower for the purpose of towering
    for the purpose of existing
    big bang
    hog wash
    the girl who climbed mount everest
    the girls who climbed the mountains every day
    and stayed quiet because they were afraid

    By kani URL on 05.15.2014

  35. Mountains had been pressed into the sky, like it had been painted opaque by an innocent hand.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 05.15.2014

  36. it reminds me of the forest green and the blue ocean as we drove along the coast. those moments that were enclosed in themselves because i knew we would only live them for a short time before they disappeared. but we would never forget them. the proximity, the closeness that you feel but don’t always comment on

    By Yasmine on 05.15.2014

  37. It was mountainous, the task before me. I didn’t think that I could do it. But i had to try. It was either try or for sure fail. And I needed to succeed. So I stepped forward and took my place in the line and when it became my turn I gave it my best.

    By Crystal on 05.15.2014

  38. “I don’t know what it feels like not to be surrounded by mountains.” She stretched her toes towards the windshield, leaving behind a footprint of sweat.

    “That would make me claustrophobic.”

    “No, it’s nice. You always know which way you’re pointing. They’re like friends, you know?” She leaned on her elbow and flashed a girlish smile across the seat at him.

    He didn’t look away from the road. “Not really.”

    By Yona on 05.15.2014

  39. mountainous are the oceans in me,
    looming and drawing your breath like
    magnets, as you learn to light a surface fire.

    Walls burn, and stomachs churn; nauseous starts
    as I try to remember how to swim in firewood.
    I was never good with vulnerable.

    By Pandatry on 05.15.2014

  40. Gordon looked down on the city, surrounded on three sides by mountainous forests, and with the river to the west. Dots of light were sprinkled along its streets, giving its dark, grey skyline a magical tint. He put his hand on Lucy’s shoulder, and she put her hand on his. “There it is, he told her, softly, ” – the promised land!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.15.2014