January 27th, 2016

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78 Responses to “monster”

  1. Ever heard of the monster under your bed? Why does everybody think a monster has to be scary. A monster usually looks scary in all the books, but what if it is nice? I can imagine one day a monster comes out from under my bed and it gives me a box of chocolates. What do think it would give you?

    By GlazedDvnut on 01.27.2016

  2. “…Then I ran across a monster who was sleeping by a tree…
    …And I looked and frowned and the monster was me…”

    That’s a good song, I recall, and then the metronome went tick, tock, tick, tock and I remembered this line from something else as the antlers knocked together and burst apart.

    By Quicksilver on 01.27.2016

  3. I have written about monsters already today. I wrote about a monster that happened to be nice and gave me a box of chocolates. Of course, not every monster is nice, some are mean. This is a really stupid paragraph.

    By GlazedDvnut on 01.27.2016

  4. oh my god, there’s one under the bed right now! How will I get away. Jesus. run to the bathrooom. Where’s my mommy. I;m so scared. he’s green and has red eyes. I think he has bad breath too. and my borther is crying.

    By Mona URL on 01.27.2016

  5. Everyone tried to tell me that I was a monster, but just because I looked like one didn’t mean I actually was one. Still, for the sake of everyone’s sanity and happiness, I remained in my bedroom until it got dark out, and only once I wrapped myself up in gauze and scarves and a worn out hoodie did I go outside, dragging my right leg behind me just a little bit, the way I always did. It was always cold out to me, regardless of the season, so I didn’t mind bundling up – it was a win for me and a win for everyone else’s sore eyes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.27.2016

  6. Every morning became a renewed exercise in avoiding mirrors. Let them remain in the periphery so that the unsightly scars can be ignored.

    By asavas URL on 01.27.2016

  7. im not sure what a monster is anymore. is a monster someone who does things to put themselves a head and leaves others behind? Perhaps im a monster. I know monsters exist but i constantly fight with the idea that i might too be a monster. what does one do if you know?

    By t on 01.27.2016

  8. The monster under the bed is a real phenomenon for many children and sadly despite the advances of modern technology no solution has been found to destroy the monster. Light sabres may offer some protection but they are expensive and difficult for a four year old whose not trained as a Jedi master to handle.

    By Tracey Lloyd URL on 01.27.2016

  9. In my dreams the monster under my bed comes out to play at night. He slithers across the floor and up my wall, leaving a trail of blue slime. He whispers my worst fears, and speaks only through the voice of the devil. I wake up relieved, knowing it was only a nightmare. But then I see a long blue line across my wall, and I know I must be in hell.

    By Maddy on 01.27.2016


    By lucialipio URL on 01.27.2016

  11. I dreamed that a monster come to my house and tried to kill me, but in fact this monster was my grandfather trying to make fun and makes me laugh, I was scared and I almost died, after we were laughing and appeared a real monster…

    By lucialipio URL on 01.27.2016

  12. The one in my closet wasn’t as shocking as the one under my bed. And the one under my bed wasn’t as terrifying as the one in my head.

    By Anna Rose URL on 01.27.2016

  13. no monster could do with the right to live off the land of others;
    they would need to growl and show teeth and fret and freckle — in a way, that was their right as monsters, the right to make your cheeks puffy and your eyes mean as if you meant an of it.
    a lot of them did mean a lot of it — but nobody had ever been known to mean all.
    except jody, jody was different.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 01.27.2016

  14. There’s no monster in your closet or under your bed, don’t worry, there’s not even one still in your head. All you needed was some more fresh air and a clean break from all that toxic slush.

    It’s better now, this is a whole brand- new year

    By Madison on 01.27.2016

  15. monster is in my mind or can exist in any body’s mind. but unless you bring it out, it will not come out. you can make it sleep all the time and never see it again. it is in you, but it is you who can make it appear or disappear

    By HIEJ on 01.27.2016

  16. The monster came out of the sea in a roaring tidal wave of teeth and snout and froth. Its one eye ogled the little boat and its occupants below.

    By C on 01.27.2016

  17. it’s a bad day
    my lip keeps bleeding
    because i’m worrying
    and i secretly like the taste of blood
    everything is kind of falling into place
    with the slow fall of cinematography
    i take a sip of monster
    and remember that yes,
    i once had two kidneys

    By Kairn URL on 01.27.2016

  18. People imagine monsters as supernatural or mutated beings that want to harm us.
    Little do they know, they real monsters that exist are ourselves. Human beings are the worst creatures ever lived.

    By Tommy D on 01.27.2016

  19. Each of us have a monster deep down in our soul. We just have not dived deep enough in our soul to discover it. When we fight with a monster, we need to make sure that our deep down monster do not take over us and we do no turn turn into a monster with which we are trying to fight.

    By yas URL on 01.27.2016

  20. monster
    ugly and crawling
    scars across the skin
    teeth and claws sunk into
    flesh and bone

    By YeSomebody URL on 01.27.2016

  21. “Monster!”
    “Disgrace! How dare you?”
    They shouted and jeered as I ran through the forest. The voices grew and grew the deeper I got. Then, they stopped.
    And the ground fell beneath me.

    By Isabella URL on 01.27.2016

  22. I used to call you monster
    for all your gaslighting, your yelling, your abuse, and your sick, twisted love

    so I guess it’s only fitting that everyone calls me one now too.

    By MarinadeMaterial URL on 01.27.2016

  23. we learn monsters have renamed themselves
    into our faces long after we could find them
    under our beds;
    these dawns live in the closets our eyes
    unwilling to see ourselves anymore; we
    become the things we cannot fear anymore; we
    are what think we aren’t anymore.

    By liyana on 01.27.2016

  24. The first thing a monster is is a person. I was once told people didn’t want to portray Adolf Hitler in films as a human but as a monster because producers worried of offending audiences by not showing how horrible he is. But it’s actually more terrifying to see him as a human because that shows that humans can become monsters.

    By Nicole on 01.27.2016

  25. A terrifying and dangerous, wild or fictional creature.
    A bizarre or careless creature.
    An extremely cruel or antisocial person, especially a criminal.

    By Toady on 01.28.2016

  26. I feel like there is a monster inside me. It’s always been there and right now it’s just sleeping. I’m, afraid for it to wake up. The meds keep it asleep, but I’m afraid it can only do so much. How can someone save me when the monster’s inside me?

    By Betti URL on 01.28.2016

  27. When I was younger, I thought there were monsters under my bed.
    I had nightmares and was really scared sometimes.

    By Bluered on 01.28.2016

  28. I opened my eyes this morning
    Realizing that I’m no longer a good person
    Deserve to be unloved
    Deserve to be hated

    Un-kiss my soul and unfriend me
    I’ll be good cry alone
    I better am
    A monster doesn’t do heart
    A monster breaks everything

    By carissa on 01.28.2016

  29. a scary thing that hides under your bed in your closet or some where dark

    By Sean on 01.28.2016

  30. Today I was flying on my jet-pack as normal but I heard a loud noise at first I thought that it my fart but no it was a human blood eater a ugly monster I tried to get away but it was to fast to big I was scared I thought I was going to die I was thinking on my family but it turns out the monster was a hamster yeah I knew that it was a hamster it was a test to see if you are awake.

    By Elian Rivera on 01.28.2016

  31. Today I was walking in the forest and it was hazy but who cares and I saw a huge monster it was horrible I was scared I started crying and screaming like a girl I thought I was going to day I was thinking on my family and it turns out it was a bird yeah I knew that of course dah then I took my jet-pack and few to the clouds is that a bird ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    By Elian Rivera on 01.28.2016

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    By m on 01.28.2016

  33. The darkness that filled the open closet seemed to take shape. The moanings of a heater struggling against the chill of winter added to it’s lifelikeness. It was a monster, she was sure of it.

    By Cate Write on 01.28.2016

  34. ooooo

    I like this word.

    But sadly I can’t write anything because I only write on my own time and not when someone tells me to.



    Have my favorite face.

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    By cowmom URL on 01.28.2016

  35. He confined himself shut inside his room; boarded up the windows, doors, and duct taped every inch of opening that light and air passes through. He’s not really sure what–or whom–he’s afraid of, maybe it’s the drugs kicking in again, or the paranoia kicking itself out of his LSD-fried brain.

    By nom de luc URL on 01.28.2016

  36. you look at me with the hungry eyes that want to devour and I give you parts of me to keep you at bay. it’s a futile attempt at denying my feelings, but I’m hoping that maybe you can take away the part of me that still thinks loving you is a good idea.

    By lea URL on 01.28.2016

  37. “I’m not a monster, am I?”

    “Objection, leading question…”

    “Oh, well, I see your point. Let me rephrase. Am I a monster?”

    “Better, but now you have to be more specific. For what?”

    By Percy on 01.28.2016

  38. Word on that? Never mind, lets talk about beasts. Spawn. Monsters. Our

    By Bradley on 01.28.2016

  39. Left behind under blankets of night, crawled behind walls of self pity, the words creep out from underneath you

    By stephen on 01.28.2016

  40. the horrible animal stood on his two legs and roared like a monster

    By Gods Girl URL on 01.28.2016