January 26th, 2016

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76 Responses to “hazy”

  1. When I was in the bathroom this morning getting ready, I turned my head to the side, where it was facing my wall. I came to find a demonic, overweight woman staring straight into my eyes. I looked closer at her, squinting my eyes, taking in all of her dark features. It was then when her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her jaw dropped inhumanly. She began running at me, full speed and consumed me with her darkness.
    [Not A] true story.
    My thoughts were a bit hazy this morning.

    By natalee on 01.27.2016

  2. I want to write a really cheesy short story about either how hot summer is or hazy, groggy mornings, but I feel like that’s a little wooden.

    Perhaps if you want something hazy, go to Singapore.

    I’m sure they’ll be delighted to have you.

    Or maybe China or Japan.

    I mean look at all that air pollution. Ugh.

    Damn I’m such a treehumper I MEAN HUGGER

    ps red pen you’re a pricknucket

    cowmom disapproves

    50 points from Slytherin

    love, everyone


    By cowmom on 01.27.2016

  3. Blue and dewy green waves flushing over my eyelids back and forth. Swirls of pink and purple and red and orange. A final black with stars and zig-zags and squiggles. “Maybe you should get up a little slower next time” you think as you hit the carpet.

    By Hannah on 01.27.2016

  4. She read it right. No matter how many times she squints on the hazy display of her smartphone, the app update stated; “Fixed grammatical errors, fewer typos excepted.”

    By nom de luc URL on 01.27.2016

  5. when i wake up my left eye stays shut for a while before i am totally awake. my right eye squirms around the light filled world while the left ruminates dreams and nighttime. the morning is still moving the mist out of my brain valleys, rolling fogs and little hairs covered with dew.

    By mamoru on 01.27.2016

  6. I stepped out of the door, it looked hazy. What am I doing with my life? Where am I going with my life? I don’t know, I don’t have a clear vision. “What a beautiful day, eh? Sun’s bright and the sky so clear” my twin brother said.

    By Jazzlynn on 01.27.2016

  7. No abrupt
    buzz beep
    grumpy matted hair
    cold feet light-squint bound


    Hazy syrup of a slow
    morning half-gone sweet
    dreams happily ever after
    and I roll over wisp of a
    sheet to you hogging
    my covers,

    but in a good way.

    By dinamspice URL on 01.27.2016

  8. the hazyness was devestating. No one could even imagine all the stuff that went on in my head. On repeat my brain just produced hazyness and emptyness. I had no sense of time and place, or smells or sounds. It was all just so hazy.

    By TineMKQ on 01.27.2016

  9. Today I was on a strange place testing my new jet-pack and it was a very hazy and I crashed a lot of times I mean a lot but I never gave up but every time I wanted to fly I couldn’t but when the mist got away I was stuck on mount Everest and I was freezing to death but I as always have a spare jet-pack boom baby.

    By Elian Rivera on 01.27.2016

  10. Oh okay. I thought it was going to be the same word. Anyway. Hmm. I guess my mind is pretty hazy. I gotta get things off my chest. For some reason that sounds like a song. Idk. Lollololol

    Um. Well. What should I talk about? Everything is just SO HAZY!!! For God’s sake, oh my–

    Ugh. Well. I feel so hazy. Gotta get my brain straight. I feel so hazy. Hazzzzy. Hazy Hazy.

    OH MY GOD! Hazy mean unclear. Vague? Right?

    By Fireball? URL on 01.27.2016

  11. My mind is hazy. I mean, I guess I’m pretty insane. I know I’m kind of deranged. My behavior is strange. I need a scan of my brain. I guess I’m pretty insane. Yeah, I guess I’m a pretty sick gal…


    By Fireball? URL on 01.27.2016

  12. We wanted to go outside and play but it was too hazy and humid. So we just thought of a game to play inside.

    By risa on 01.27.2016

  13. Like a dream, there she was. And I couldn’t stop staring, and couldn’t stop thinking. Couldn’t ever stop myself from loving, even though I couldn’t see. Even when I was blind and I just stood there, and your piercing eyes put a hole in me that I’m still trying to fill. Maybe you were just a hazy summer dream, and maybe you were so much more.

    By lea on 01.27.2016

  14. the blue sky turned into a hazy twilight yellow in just a matter of seconds

    By Gods Girl URL on 01.27.2016

  15. you’re a starry night or a groggy morning you’re the sun in my eyes and my never told story I hate the look in your eyes when you finally leave but I’ll always remember that night with fireworks everywhere and you’ll always stay somewhere inside me I hope you’d leave but it’s hard to find your way out I know

    By lea on 01.27.2016

  16. He opened his eyes to hot breath fanning over his face. She was sleeping soundly, mouth wide open and tongue lolling. Ridiculously unsexy but still kinda cute. Still, that extra shot of vodka made it hard to remember her name or if their time together was worth repeating.

    By Soft URL on 01.27.2016

  17. Fog rose from the river. In the morning light the hazy atmosphere gave the cemetery an eerie embrace.

    By flowerpups on 01.27.2016

  18. She woke up early that morning. Everything about that past night seemed hazy. She looked around the room she was in from her position on the bed. As she tried to sit up she realized that there was an arm wrapped tightly around her waist. A groan came from the body next to her. As she looked over her shoulder at the owner of the mysterious limb, her stomach dropped when she realized it was the man she dreaded ending up with the most.

    By Caeli Wells on 01.27.2016

  19. I remember the summer we were at Jann Lake Lodge. Forrest fires were burning just kms north of us. The sky was hazy with smoke. At times, it was so thick, you could taste it, almost feel it in the air.

    By rachelgi on 01.27.2016

  20. The memories faded. Your smile had become unclear. I couldn’t remember you. Did we hug? Was it all so hazy that I couldn’t remember?

    By broken on 01.27.2016

  21. The hazy sun was rising over the dusty mountains. Many people believed the haziness was because of the way the dust was stirred up by the storms. The wind storms threw the dust into the air, making the sunlight glittery and hazy. Others said it was because of the factory spitting smoke into the air.

    By Katy on 01.27.2016

  22. A dark fog of forgotten thoughts circled. The whirling sense of it all pushed the comprehensibility to new lows. In a time when all logs had been made to seem less intelligent, or even just plain. There was one log that unburdened itself from the monotony of normal bog life, and transcended into the overwhelming sensation-less mentality of a twenty something fun-sucker.

    By Tj on 01.27.2016

  23. The fog consumes everyone in the end.
    You said you were different.

    The only thing I can see now is that you were lying.

    By Rosie on 01.27.2016

  24. Everything looks the same now.
    For so long I have tried to look beyond the thick fog encompassing my life, but I’ve grown too weak.

    I suppose it is time to let it consume me as well.

    By Rosie on 01.27.2016

  25. I wake up hazy every morning. Hazy eyes, blurring the world around me, softening and blurring the autumn leaves, the detail on my duvet, and the faces of those who greet me.
    Hazy is waking up after camping, looking over the dew covered grass and inhaling the damp chill of the morning.
    Hazy is the way you feel after hearing shocking news. The way you are vaguely aware of your hanging jaw, yet you don’t even think to move it, your mind spinning around the thought of what has happened.
    Hazy is how I felt yesterday when we were told he was gone. His face already hazily blurred and softened in my mind.

    By Yael Astle on 01.27.2016

  26. The Hazy light makes me tired. I don’t know what it is, but it continues to brighten. It’s hazy after glow made me want to close my eyes. My vision is hazy.

    By Isaac on 01.27.2016

  27. Blank

    By Isaac on 01.27.2016

  28. Not writing…

    By Isaac on 01.27.2016

  29. I look hazy, unknowable in a Jekyll-and-Hyde sort of way, and so I keep a comfortable distance from my inner workings. I’ve dipped in from time to time and got the fright of my life. It is more peaceful to live on the outskirts of town, to drive in when supplies run low, to hear the same question over and over, “Don’cha git lonely up in dem hills?” And I say, “Not yet, but I’m tryin’.”

    By nada2 on 01.27.2016

  30. Things get hazy after too long without sleep. Why, oh why did I stay up until one playing video games. The stupid avatars and pixels continue to dance and level up behind my eyes. Better to read for awhile, beginning at one then. Two hours later, it’s lights out, and three hours until work. Is it any wonder I drink so much goddamned coffee?

    By Chris URL on 01.27.2016

  31. the time today was hazy, and I was afradi to get lost under the dark

    By lucialipio on 01.27.2016

  32. This afternoon was an incredibly hazy and boring so of course it was hazy becouse it was boring!

    By Caden on 01.27.2016

  33. This afternoon was an incredibly hazy and boring so of course it was hazy becouse it was boring! It was a hazy memory and it was like I said it was boring so I try to make my day eventful

    By Caden on 01.27.2016

  34. hazy: heated area where the air is incredible hot and hazy.

    By Caden on 01.27.2016

  35. Hazy is very odd and it is very hard to remember I think? But I describe it as a long ago memory.

    By Caden on 01.27.2016

  36. I have no idea what the word hazy means, but it is fun to say. To me, anything with a z in the spelling is fun to say. I think the letter z has a funny sound. HHHAAAZZZYYY. I can’t stop saying it.

    By GlazedDvnut on 01.27.2016