January 28th, 2016

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66 Responses to “gladly”

  1. I would gladly write about the world gladly, only if I haven’t been presented with it :) So, please oneword developers, perhaps keep track of which word you hint me with.

    By bayescimiolsak on 01.29.2016

  2. the girl gladly went to the mall but angrely came back saying her credit card was expired LOL HAHA

    By Gods Girl URL on 01.29.2016

  3. i am glad, glady to roast u son. my father shouted lil whispers in my trembling tummy, itching my tongue with my feet “i am glady to be an emo” i mumbled, my jet black hair covering my potato face.

    By cel faith on 01.29.2016

  4. He met me glady. I was surprised. I was not expecting that. The rude man has changed. Finally. However, after all years passed with sufferings he gave people, that did not make any sense.

    By Seray on 01.29.2016

  5. Oh sure, I’d just gladly give up my place in the post office line for an ungrateful, narcissistic, no good, yellow-bellied, husband stealing, witch. Sure. Why not! That’s how I roll.

    By flowerpups on 01.29.2016

  6. I gladly received the gift. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! It was a pure gold charm bracelet!

    By Katy on 01.29.2016

  7. I sat gladly on that moldy coach bus seat, my face glued to my screen rather than outside my window. She responded to the message. Her words felt like comfort and warmth. A blanket to cover myself around. A veil.

    By peter URL on 01.29.2016

  8. I said I’d help after all because I’m such a good friend. No, really, it’s fine, I got this. Calm down Jesus, you can’t just be making people feel bad because you carry around a cross and upset the government around here. You gotta take responsibility for the things you do sometimes you know.

    By Irene on 01.29.2016

  9. I would gladly take on any challenge that this Infinite Universe presents to me! Gladly, because I am capable and worthy!

    By John on 01.29.2016

  10. I will do things gladly that r out of my comfort zone.

    By Nathalie on 01.29.2016

  11. I would gladly do something for a person in need. I do things with an attitude of gladness.

    By Em on 01.29.2016

  12. Glady. Often associated with joy, happiness, giddiness, excitement. All good things.

    By Skeleton on 01.29.2016

  13. “Gladly”, she said without much feeling. I knew she was not glad, possibly not even ‘okay’, as she had answered earlier when I had asked her how she was doing.

    By BeccaJean on 01.29.2016

  14. the man lits a cigarette in the dark, cradling the flame in his hand, and he offers it to you. you take it gladly, because the fire fascinates you, not because you’ll smoke it. the man seems to know even when you haven’t said a thing, because he smiles at you and says, ‘one of ours, eh? i’m prometheus.’

    By Gee N. on 01.29.2016

  15. I gladly went out the door in the bright summer day, breathing in the fresh air through my lungs.

    The man gladly went to his new job.

    He was gladly accepted into the group.

    By Isaac on 01.29.2016

  16. A feeling of gratitude to do something. Gladly can express doing something joyfully or wanting to do the action. “I would gladly walk with you.” This reflects a happy heart and a wanting to please others and or yourself by doing the action.

    By Christian on 01.29.2016

  17. “Will you take me uptown then?” she asked.
    He wasn’t sure what she wanted the answer to be. He knew what he wanted.
    He wanted to say, “No. I can’t take you uptown because it won’t just be uptown. It will be a conversation all the way uptown; a great conversation, doesn’t matter what it’s about, a great conversation that I will not want ever to end, just like all the other conversations we’ve had over the years. Except that this is my last day working here and I will not likely see her again for a long time. And in that uptown conversation, I will tell her that I’ve loved her for years; that the only reason I stuck myself behind that damned desk for so long was to be near her. All those years.
    And there will come that moment when she’ll open the car door, lean in to the window, but this time she won’t finish the conversation with, “See you tomorrow.” There will be only, “See you,” and then she would never know. So there is, you see, only one answer to her request if I am to ever love the world I live in again. “Gladly,” I whisper.

    By nyla on 01.29.2016

  18. I gladly took a piece of candy from my mom’s hand and ate it. It was a good piece of candy! It was a caramel.

    By Caden on 01.29.2016

  19. My mom is a excellent cook and I eat her food gladly becouse it is so good.

    By Caden on 01.29.2016

  20. I gladly rested my tired feet after a long walk at the park. I ran at least 1 mile so I am really tired.

    By Caden on 01.29.2016

  21. I gladly helped look for the missing toy and finally found it underneath the couch

    By Caden on 01.29.2016

  22. I did this yesterday so Im going to type it “gladly”.

    By AwesomePerson on 01.29.2016

  23. Someone gave me a gift that i didn’t really like but i gladly accepted it.

    By I h8 writing on 01.29.2016

  24. They are having a fit doing their chores but she is gladly doing hers

    By I h8 writing on 01.29.2016

  25. i am gladly with him, it’s too hard to make it work but it is totally worthy. one day, we’ll make it. I know it, I feel it. He is so special that he gives me this feeling that smashes my heart. Next year, we’ll be together and we’ll make it. This smashing feeling will be replaced by the feeling of flying.

    By Selen on 01.29.2016

  26. from here
    i see possibilities
    too many to count
    and wonder why
    frozen and practical
    i chose none of them

    By katiekieran URL on 01.29.2016