March 9th, 2014

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91 Responses to “modest”

  1. She was a very modest girl. She never bragged or flaunted. She was quiet and sweet. Everything about her was demure. So it did come as a shock when I found out she was a killer.

    By Katelyn Shear URL on 03.10.2014

  2. We are modest people and our aim is to be modest always. We face some obstacles in being modest. So we try to come away of being modest. A modest person will have to sacrifice may things in life.

    By murugappan on 03.10.2014

  3. Simple carpet. A coffee table, with a sofa and rocking chair on each side. Grandma’s modest living room wasn’t much to look at, but for all of its simplicity it sure made an impression.

    By asavas on 03.10.2014

  4. it is an adjective which means a person who is not arrogant. the noun is modesty. He is a modest person I have ever meet. It is good to be modest so that people love you. modest is the opposite of arrogant. Poepls feel confortable more with modest one. Modesty is a very good trait in a person’s personality. I ‘ll teach my childern to be modest to be loved by people.

    By soso on 03.10.2014

  5. no one ever said that i was modest. what is there to be modest about? i have the most fabulous squashed in nose. furry paws. and smell like fish most of the time. or is it cat poop that i smell like. either way i’m so fricking awesome.

    By Laura on 03.10.2014

  6. Modest Mouse, with their hit “Float On,” be came one of the premier alternative rock bands of the early 2000s. Joining them will be Neutral Milk Hotel and Nada Surf. Call now to get your tickets, starting at only $40!

    By charlie card on 03.10.2014

  7. “Good to see you’ve still got a strong sense of modesty,” Jamie said with a smile full of glass.

    Rick puffed his chest out further, which she hadn’t known was possible. “Yeah, I am pretty humble, aren’t I?”

    Some people are already a caricature of themselves. There’s no need to make fun or be angry, because they’re already their own joke.

    By Yona on 03.10.2014

  8. Modest Mouse is quite a strange band, but they play some catchy tunes.

    By Doug on 03.10.2014

  9. Modesty is a unique quality. When you come by someone who isn’t very modest to be honest it’s not a very fun conversation… I find modesty… interesting…

    By Rez ^^ on 03.10.2014

  10. Georgia was all about modesty so this is probably hers. I don’t care, I don’t miss her. She can rot in jail forever for what she did to Amy. She would have been horrible to live with anyway because she would have made us take the garbage out every three seconds.

    By Nicole on 03.10.2014

  11. Come to fight with the sound of a drum. Come to fight on the back of a war pony. Come to fight under a modest sun that shines so brilliantly across a grassy field that you can’t help but stop to smell the flowers as you ride to war.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 03.10.2014