June 17th, 2015

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48 Responses to “luxury”

  1. i have a lot of luxuries in life. I like luxurious things. I love luxury cars and clothes. I wish I could afford a luxurious lifestyle

    By Autumn on 06.18.2015

  2. For our vacation we booked a luxury suite. They had everything imaginable. The room service was amazing. They really aimed to make our stay the best they possibly could.

    By Ralph Fisher on 06.18.2015

  3. it’s a luxury to die. it’s a luxury to live. living in luxury is the most un-luxurious thing there is. with too much comfort, how do you know the difference. The luxury is always something you can only access in indulgence, just to indulge is a luxury alone,

    By Naddy Sane on 06.18.2015

  4. Freedom has become a luxury.
    Society has trapped us in a cage.
    We beat our pure white wings, but can’t break free
    From the world’s unspoken chains.

    By Shr on 06.18.2015

  5. spensive,
    the most unsustainable form of consumerism
    where it pays to be a luxury of the times
    i don’t know
    pulling the worlds’ form together
    its a luxuryury to be alive
    a luxury not to die

    By Kristopher URL on 06.18.2015

  6. luxuriate in the sensuouseness of his glance, the velvet side-eye, the lush and outrageous full frontal brief eye contact before darting away, taste the sinfully sweet nectar of his held glance.

    By Benjie on 06.18.2015

  7. Luxury is not only what one sees and feels. There’s luxury in the richness of one’s mind. In the ideas it creates.

    By Krystyna on 06.18.2015

  8. Life is not a fucking luxury. It is one of the innate natural rights that John Locke or one of those other Enlightenment philosophers quantified. So the next time someone acts as if they are entitled to your life, you can go all philosophical on their sorry derriere.

    By Mary on 06.18.2015