June 16th, 2015

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55 Responses to “octave”

  1. what does it mean

    By squidy on 06.17.2015

  2. what does the word mean

    By squidy on 06.17.2015

  3. Octave – interesting choice of words. Has to do with music and and how low or high it can be. Cannot remember the exact definition. this is way harder than I thought it would be. good starter for the day though. I think the teachers will enjoy using this in class

    By Jo on 06.17.2015

  4. why do I need to try so hard,
    going one arduous note at a time
    when others can so easily
    jump octaves?

    By pearlmilktea on 06.17.2015

  5. My eyes have been glued to the front door since the sun went down. I knew that an unwelcome guest could barge in at any moment. But just as the shroud of sleep crept over my face – BAM. I let out a shriek at piercing octave. Before me, as suspected, was my father, haggard and crazed, but still recognizable after a long year away.

    By asavas on 06.17.2015

  6. He was someone special in my heart, saying it in an octave higher so only he can hear it. It was a small phrase that people say to people that mean nothing “I Love You”.

    By Katherine on 06.17.2015

  7. I remember how proud I was the first day I realized my hands had grown so large that I could play more than an octave on the piano! I know I also started practicing scales only one octave at a time and then built up to two – three-

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.17.2015

  8. Head tilted, her level gaze bore into the dog. He watched, silent but questioning none the less. She had seemed distracted, unable to converse further with the dog whining in the corner. Finally, she’d given in and turned to the pup. What happened after that was truly weird.
    “I didn’t think humans could make that noise.” he muttered, listening to the pitches straining out of her throat. She grinned and shrugged.
    “You’re not wrong “

    By heather URL on 06.17.2015

  9. I heard the music jumping. From one octave to another. The music filled the room and drowned out any other noise. It was magical. It was like being transported far far away. I’d never heard something like it. It was so beautiful. The music flowed from him like water through a river. I’d never been more enchanted.

    By Sarah on 06.17.2015

  10. There were 8 octaves on the piano; I played 5 of them in one measure.

    By Anna S on 06.17.2015

  11. Her mood is at a higher octave, singing joyously and optimistically looking toward the future.

    By writing novice on 06.17.2015

  12. Octavius morpheus, walruses. Eight of the original soundbuckets farted on the president of Nigeria and he did not appreciate it at all. That’s when he called into creation the octave, a group of eight men responsible for fart justice in Nigeria. It just gave me 60 more seconds, great. The soundbuckets were a jazz -afro-fusion band consisting of twenty-two members.

    By Decent Jude on 06.17.2015

  13. As she sang, her vocal cords jumped an octave randomly. It was as natural as could be, despite it being a sound that only canines should be able to hear. But she continued on like nothing was wrong because to her, she could never be wrong when it came to music. She wasn’t producing the noises coming from her lungs; she was letting them flow through her like a human stereo.

    By imagineworkshop on 06.17.2015

  14. i stretch an octave
    splayed out across this couch
    play the lettered keys under me
    in time

    my eyes are closed
    and my skin is bare
    all the tones of tan of olive
    green of cobalt blue and canary
    yellow that my painting teacher
    swore to us lure
    within the creases

    By sevenwords on 06.17.2015

  15. Nine

    By Xumar on 06.17.2015