June 8th, 2015

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62 Responses to “local”

  1. everyday,
    it’s the same thing.
    Like the movie Groundhog’s Day.
    Wake up.
    Do nothing.
    Say boring hi to the same boring faces.
    Never once thinking about
    what’s beyond the highway.
    Never wondering what if things were different.
    Never wondering if
    maybe there’s someone in an alien land
    here on Earth
    that feels that same dull
    as you.

    By NuSol URL on 06.09.2015

  2. I walked into a bakery next to my apartment in college. They had some cookies, but it was nothing surprising. A glazed outside and sprinkles on top made it look like any ordinary cookie. I bought one, because why not, it was 9:34 in the morning and i was hungry. I took one bite.

    By stimjim on 06.09.2015

  3. Local, just around the block, the place and sense of mind that is just HERE. You belong here. You’re local. You can fly the next, search for yourself furiously, visit as many lands and continents as possible, but you’ll always find yourself back here whether in body, mind, or spirit.

    By Ashi URL on 06.09.2015

  4. “No, you don’t understand,” the agent said to the Governor. “We’re not here to support the local police, we’re here to bring the riots under control.” “So you’re going to help us, right?” The Governor was now genuinely confused, and more than a little nervous.”No,” the agent replied, taking a moment to push his glasses up on his nose and furtively undo the clip on his sidearm. The Governor noticed this, and his gaze shot to the agent’s face, which predictably did not flinch. “We want you to order all the local law enforcement to stand down, until we can restore order, and the public trust. Before you protest, my orders come from the President himself. And those orders state that I am to arrest you if you do not comply fully with my instructions. Your little kingdom here has come to an end.” The Governor tried to clear his throat, then reached for his pocket. “My asthma. . .!” he wheezed, and his hand rose briskly to his mouth. Agent Miller was a split second too slow in noticing that the tube of the supposed asthma inhaler was in fact the barrel of a small revolver, and he dived across the desk just to late to stop the Governor from evading justice.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.09.2015

  5. walking down the street, I had to narrowly miss the line of traffic, and walk on the pavement next to the grass; there was no sidewalk. On the other side of the street, a Chili’s, an Applebees, a TGI Fridays, a Wendy’s.. nothing about this place was local

    By Alex H on 06.09.2015

  6. walking down the street, I had to narrowly miss the line of traffic, and walk on the pavement next to the grass; there was no sidewalk. On the other side of the street, a Chili’s, an Applebees, a TGI Fridays, a Wendy’s.. nothing about this place was local. Cars kept honking, but no bikes passed me by, it was 98 degrees out and there weren’t any bike lanes. I looked over at Precision Auto Tune, waiting for my car to be finished, and I sighed. Nothing local.

    By Alex H on 06.09.2015

  7. The local hang out spot was Rally’s. To an passerby this place must of looked like a slum sanctuary, but to us it was home. The woman who ran it, Martha Vineyard, was a portly, passionate, woman whose hardships in life has somehow not dwindled her hope for better days to come.

    By Trista URL on 06.09.2015

  8. I’m a yo-yo
    wound around a December –
    remember –
    rinse and repeat: remember

    rising suns in the back, pockets
    of sunshine turned black
    in the same place
    between the doorframe
    where we heard laughter
    before the scream.

    Disney books on the shelves,
    pressing against me like liars,
    because a fairy godparent doesn’t
    just forget he’s a father –
    doesn’t just rise
    like a hot-air erection,
    shattering words
    like “happiness”
    and “protection,”

    and a girl
    isn’t supposed
    to just sit there and smile,
    catch his hand
    for one moment
    and forget she can fight them.

    fingerpaint in a heart
    that never felt ready
    to start, and put your mess
    in a frame; say Picasso’s work
    isn’t the same –
    and how much string
    do you need to keep
    a young girl pulled together?

    Gag on the doctors,
    depressors, the knights
    dismounting horses just to
    climb down your throat
    (like Rapunzel,
    like glorified boats)
    in the wreckage of a graveyard
    where they claimed
    to be prophesized to float.

    By Pandatry on 06.09.2015

  9. well…. i love everything local….bcoz it’s already recognised to me… i dont feel good with something i am unaware of;….

    By Irfan on 06.09.2015

  10. I never liked local. Too local for me. A lot of people, living 15 miles from the greatest city in the world, acting as though it was another planet. You could see the Empire State Building baby, right from our street. I said, “I’m going there. And I’m never coming back.” That’s what I did.
    That’s what I did.

    By nyla on 06.09.2015

  11. Local is not my favorite place but when I go away from there I long to be back there. Local used to be in PA but now it is in NC. I have very little friends there and make no effort to find them. I am going to work harder at making new friends.

    By Terry on 06.09.2015

  12. We lived in a moderately sized town, not too far from the bustling city of Liang. The locals were very friendly and enjoyed talking with us over dinner and drinks.

    By Alpha Centauri on 06.09.2015

  13. Boredom was never something that bothered me. Just like the rest of the locals born here, I always just accepted it as an inevitable lull in the day.

    By asavas on 06.09.2015

  14. We lived in a place where there wasn’t much traffic. Everything was local, so people walked or biked or simply stood around the neighborhood, chatting with people they happened to pass by. It was all well and good, that is, until something happened.

    By Alpha Centauri on 06.09.2015

  15. it was the cafe place she always went to. he knew this, but wasn’t sure why. all he knew was he hoped to see her here, to tell her he was in town. to tell her everything he had never said before. he entered the cafe, the bell jingling above him. he glanced around the room, trying to spot her somewhere, anywhere. but it was crowded, more so that he had expected, and he couldn’t see anything.

    By Enn on 06.09.2015

  16. How glorious to be Edmonds Local! I recall while riding on the ferry between Edmonds and Kingston someone saying how neat it would be to live here. And I thought to my self, “AND I DO!!!” hurray for me!

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.09.2015

  17. locally grown
    in my home
    i was birthed on this
    paisley couch
    that i drape my limbs
    on lazily in the summer

    (that we lay on breathing heavily
    secrets into each other’s skin
    wrapped in our own understandings
    and desire)

    i cannot stray to far
    from this living room
    as your arms entrap
    my sides

    By sevenwords on 06.09.2015

  18. my local teashop was very odd; it had a cute old woman who always smiled at me, but she didn’t know the real me, i have made too many mistakes that cannot be forgiven, but the teashop made me feel forgiven.

    By lirrypizza on 06.09.2015

  19. locally
    galaxies forging
    despite our setting

    By katiekieran URL on 06.09.2015

  20. The locals look at you strangely. Your plain black clothes stand out against the soft beiges of the sand. They tug at the feathers in their hair, the bones around their necks. You are strange, so foreign to them. You have come here to tame them. But all they see is a pampered animal who has yet to let themselves be one with nature, to become who they are truly meant to be.

    By Stephanie Tillman URL on 06.09.2015

  21. local means something near to me like a product or some benefits. I canalso mean someplace on your body, like where to put medicine and stuffs. It also feels like localisation on computers and phones where people can see where you are. It could also be the sport team in your local place.

    By Pauline on 06.09.2015

  22. The word has been “local” three times in a row. Does this only change on a daily basis or what? I am so confused. And just a little bit annoyed. I would write something about locality but I can’t really think of anything. So, yeah. I feel awkward.

    By Vanessa Camille on 06.09.2015