June 9th, 2015

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50 Responses to “unfolding”

  1. As the past unfolds you will see your mistake, but do not dwell on them. Every mistake and every victory has lead you to this moment in time, do not fear the future. Do not dwell in the past, let your life unfold.

    By Nikita on 06.10.2015

  2. Like rivers of sheets, my future was unfolding. I would have never expected to see what I had predicted in my dreams to lay out in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t help but to love it. It was some sort of power – it gave me a sense of power.

    By Zoya on 06.10.2015

  3. It is with a melancholy mood, and a distinct soreness in my right hand, that I pen this letter to you.

    Dearest, there is no need for other words to be spoken between us. What has been said is all that needs to be said I think, though you may disagree, aggravated by my usual reticence.

    This letter will be the last form of communication between us love, at least for the months upon end I will be spending elsewhere, away from your embrace.

    Still, I will await any response with baited breath, if you choose to gift me with such pleasures, despite my own failures.

    By Anna Meursault on 06.10.2015

  4. The storm was unfolding. You could tell from the breeze as we held hands and walked about the street. The wind swirled around our heads, as if trying to escape the storm itself. We slipped into the restaurant, oblivious to the outdoors; only focused on filling our stomachs. Just as the food arrived, the storm pelted down onto the roof.

    By Ashley on 06.10.2015

  5. Life is unfolding in an unusual way. Rather than moving from good to bad and then from bad to good, it is keeping in a consistent pattern of starting and continuing in a progressively worse manner.

    By Lydia on 06.10.2015

  6. The caper unfolded. The boys had planned it for weeks but who would have know how much complication could come in with three boys, 2 dogs, one small pond, and a very large tree.

    The first time Jeff climbed to the tippy top of that tree he wasn’t sure he’d be able to make it down. He did, though, and was brave enough to try it again. Then over the summer again, and again, and again. Now, he could even look down to the ground from the highest point, the place where his weight caused it to sway back and forth gently, without going week in the knees. It was from there that he had discovered the man sleeping under the bush.

    By Carolyn URL on 06.10.2015

  7. Events just kept on unfolding and things got worse and worse. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can take their place.

    By Steve O URL on 06.10.2015

  8. It wasn’t how she imagined her life unfolding. To be given more than one opportunity of a lifetime and, having blown them all through her own tendency toward self destruction, dying unknown and sad and worthless on the side of a dark country highway.

    By SK on 06.10.2015

  9. As space telescopes become advacned we are gaining more knowledge about our universe. Hubble helped a great deal in unfolding mysteriuos of big bang and early universe.

    By Shanmuga on 06.10.2015

  10. You fold and unfold the paper, one a rectangular sheet, now torn and trimmed into a perfect square prime to grow into a crane, one of the many thousands that are supposed to represent the single, dying wish of a young girl whose illness robbed her of the dreams her teen and adulthood promised her.

    By Ashi URL on 06.10.2015