September 12th, 2014

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56 Responses to “least”

  1. “Well, at least no one stole the TV,” remarked Hal as we surveyed the damage, from the broken window to the missing silverware. Still, his brother Alan was not pleased.

    “They took the damn china!” he snarled. “The china! That was a gift from our grandparents, Hal! How can you be cool about this?”

    “I’m not cool about anything,” snapped Hal. “I’m just saying, at least they didn’t take everything. And the dog’s safe, too! I have to remain optimistic, or else I’ll crack just like you are!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.12.2014

  2. It’s been at least a Fleet Foxes kinda day. Something about that percussion section. Gee. I wonder what it might be that makes it sound so unique.

    By Intuition URL on 09.12.2014

  3. He was the least interesting person I had ever met. I asked him about his interested. He said he liked to travel. I asked him where he’d been. He said he’d been to Las Vegas. Anywhere else? Nope, just vegas. I go every year, he said. I love it there!

    He was dressed in a pink polo shirt and his skin was greasy, his face round and tanned.

    By Nisha on 09.12.2014

  4. The least of these- that’s what Jesus referred to, telling us to serve “the least of these” as if we were serving Him. Humility, and serving the lowly, and the poor, not just the rich and flashy. It really is the least that we can do, when He has done so much.

    By Danette on 09.12.2014

  5. I wold be least happy right now if I was in my childhood bedroom. I can’t help feeling a little like I am right now. At my purple desk on a laptop. Where I spent so many of my teenage years. Falling for other stupid teenagers, writing things that were “going to make me famous”, writing poems that I cringe to look at now, and pouring my heart out every night. I don’t pour my heart out nowadays. I guess because I birthed my heart in two pieces and now it scoots around on the floor. Half of it is trying to walk.

    By Kit URL on 09.12.2014

  6. i was the least qualified to have been chosen as one of them. but the Goblet doesn’t lie, and my name had been pulled out of it. don’t ask me why; i just had been. everybody was staring at me as my name was read out loud for the whole school to hear. our representative had just been named, but as my name was pulled out, everybody knew there was never just one victor- at least not here. not here; where all the people know about me. of course they thought i was the one who put my name in the Goblet, but i knew it was somebody else. someone who didn’t want me here-or anywhere- at all.

    By eden on 09.12.2014

  7. “The least I could do.” I’ve heard it so many times. But let me tell you, the ‘least’ is not even what I require. If you would so much as look at me, meet my eyes and acknowledge my existence, that would be enough. That would be worth more than the heavens and stars or the little dinky cup of old coffee you have presented me with.

    By Patch URL on 09.12.2014

  8. dont underestimate the Power.

    By rainbow dash on 09.12.2014

  9. At least there’s nothing here to be afraid of, he said, staring outside of his train car. She was not as convinced as he, noting the age of the viaducts they were traveling over, and their poor state of repair.

    By Kevin URL on 09.12.2014

  10. I am not the most of anything. Not the smartest, not the fattest, not the ugliest, but not definitely the prettiest. To quote John Green’s: An Abundance of Katherines, I’m don’t just not do the bad things. I don’t do ANYTHING.

    By shewhofadesatdawn URL on 09.12.2014

  11. The least bit of water trickled from the broken water mill. Mary looked up at the creaking timbers and saw that the lightning last night had damaged it severely. How will we ever repair it now she thought. The mill powered the garden and without it, there would be no crops for the entire town.

    By JR on 09.12.2014

  12. The least favorite thing I can imagine is travelling while feeling ill. Even more so, travelling and driving. I have so much energy when I think about going home, but i feeel as though it wount be enough to motivate me. When my body is weak.

    By Spencer Bucolo on 09.12.2014

  13. You can find at least one real friend in your life.
    It is ok not to be first when you are the least.

    By Lilian on 09.12.2014

  14. not the least in the least last but not least so for the least of these is that enough uses of the word “least” to say the least.

    I’m running out of “leasts”; less is more. What you do for the least of these you do for me.

    Hmmm . . . such a prosaic word; I didn’t expect it to stump me (or that 60 seconds would be so long).

    To say the least . . .

    By sabrina on 09.12.2014

  15. Least. Least is a thing I think about when it comes to the amount of people that I am close too. Its a very small number. Least. It’s the smallest thing in my entire life I thik so the word is rather fitting. Its where I’m least satisfied. Least enteretained. Least happy. I wish there were more people for me to be close with but there isny. Its mostly because It frightens me. What if my friens

    By Ashley on 09.12.2014

  16. “It was the least I could do.” The man grinned at me – the word ‘dashing’ sprang to mind.

    “No, no.” I tilted my head. “It was the most you could do. It was – you don’t need to help me anymore. I don’t /need/ help. Never talk to me again.” I turned to leave.

    “Unless you need another bus ticket?”

    By a terrible poet URL on 09.12.2014

  17. At the very least he could go out and run a few errands, some of which might not even involve getting out of the car and being exposed to the outside world. No matter how much she tried to press these sorts of points forward, he wouldn’t pay attention to them in a serious manner for more than a few moments. He’d made up his mind, and she couldn’t change a single thing within it. It simply wouldn’t happen.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 09.12.2014

  18. “The least you can do, is maybe, probably suck my dick,”
    Derek just kinda pauses, and gives stiles this look. And its a look that Stiles knows well cause its directed at him a lot, but dammit, man, Derek is going to a werewolf official convention and Stiles is going to be lonely.
    Very lonely.
    Very lonely with only a single hand to help.
    “Derek please.”

    By Kat URL on 09.12.2014

  19. I have the least comonn sence about the world.I mean why is the world so confusing.Like the desition we make they make the least amount of sence.but this is off topic so I’ll get on the topic.Least means the smallest amount of something.Sorry I got off track I’m just 11.

    By alexis on 09.12.2014

  20. I Love me :>

    By alexis on 09.12.2014

  21. My name is buetiful to me I’m 7.

    By lucy on 09.12.2014

  22. When young I cared the least
    Not as young there was a bit more concern
    Adult I worry
    Older still I am careless the least

    By Jason Longdon URL on 09.12.2014

  23. LEast likely to happen but it didn’ t hurt to prepare for it anyways. Gabreil took his place at the front of the training course, and prepared to run as soon as he heard the ringer go off. It was now or never.

    By Jared on 09.12.2014

  24. I hate this word. No one should ever have to feel like they’re liked the least, or they’re the least pretty. Everyone is the greatest at something, which should stand out more, but sadly it doesn’t.

    By Summer Williams URL on 09.12.2014

  25. I don’t have a comment to post

    By Summer Williams URL on 09.12.2014

  26. The lecture hall was full and there was a palpable excitement in the air over the morning’s guest speaker. Students had been wait listed for weeks to hear him speak. The plucky Irishman, wafted, waded and gesticulated through the annals of scientific theory but Jones was not in the least bit interested in the laws of thermodynamics, or in anything Professor Whiting had to say really. His attentions were focussed whole heartedly on the devastating beauty sat three rows in front of him; Victoria Manning – the song in his heart, the light in his eyes, the embodiment of perfection.

    By bb333 URL on 09.12.2014

  27. There were maybe a dozen glasses on the tray, most of them full, but a couple were only about one third full. He took the one with the least in it, and gulp it down in one go. His throat exploded and he tried to cough it up again, but the straight gin was already burning in his stomach. He grabbed another glass, checked first that it WAS water, and gulped that down too. He couldn’t get drunk today, he had to drive the boss home that evening!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.12.2014

  28. beneath the shadow of the skyscrapers she is worthless, nothing in a world of lesser nothings; below all else, unnoticed

    By ari URL on 09.12.2014

  29. “The LEAST you can do is aknowldedge me!”
    I ignored her.
    “First you pester me about something that I’ve never even heard of, and now this! I really don’t understand you and your imaginary beliefs and… and your attitude! You and me…” she caught up to me angrily, “You and I should never even have met.”

    By SunnyBlue URL on 09.12.2014

  30. Least of the beasts curl to nowhere percieving itself greater than I…

    By V.h on 09.12.2014

  31. “…the least you can do is show me the respect I’m due,”
    “Respect is EARNED, Markus,” I said, fingers clenched tight on the bridge of my nose, “Not freely given,”
    “I am to be your king!”
    “And I your queen!” I snapped, rising to my feet, “You would do well to remember whose crown carries more weight,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.12.2014

  32. The least amount of sleep I had ever gotten cost me more than just hours and any normal rest I would ever get. I lost a bit of my sanity if I can put it that way. I have a tendency to have sleep paralysis whenever I dont sleep a lot, usually two or three days. But then I just black out, and find myself almost frozen, and cold like the corpse I’d have to examine almost everyday whenever I had to get to work, except I knew I was alive. And I saw things. I cant really say who, but I do remember a calm, almost musty voice. I am not sure how voices have textures, but this one certainly did.

    By Assassin URL on 09.12.2014

  33. Kind of gone. Tapering off. Lessening.
    That described my life.
    And I wouldn’t be able to tell him how much I loved him. How much I cared. It sucked like hell.

    By Jordan on 09.12.2014

  34. This sucked like hell. Like seriously. Like hell. How in the world could this’ve happened? Seriously. The least that could’ve happened was that he lived.

    By Jordyn URL on 09.12.2014

  35. least of my worries is this do dad here. it’s just a thingy. it doesn’t have feelings. it doesn’t have legs. what does it even exist for.

    By Fauxdai on 09.13.2014

  36. I must say, it was the least I could do for him…on purpose. If I did any more for him, i would be enabling him to do less than he does now….It’s tough love, but it’s a necessary evil.

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.13.2014

  37. According to some scientist or other, the more sons you have, the more likely it becomes that the next one will be gay. Maria doesn’t see how this can be true, but it weighs on her like a superstition. Personally, she doesn’t care who her children love – but as the doctor smiles out and tells her that this will be her seventh boy, she imagines her traditional father’s face fifteen years down the line when he hears the potential news, and she prays it never happens. She doesn’t want her youngest child to be her least child – in any way, shape or form.

    By Samuel URL on 09.13.2014

  38. hmmm. Least. Less. But sometimes less is more. Less is sometimes even better than more. What more, or, what less, is least. Why is least considered to be negative. The absence of something can be just as important as the presence of another thing.

    By deedee URL on 09.13.2014

  39. Time and time again, we recall what happened some month back. And while tears well in my eyes, I’m glad now. At least all the pain and the hurt was worth it, because I am happy with you.

    By Klarinea URL on 09.13.2014

  40. At least I have my looks. At least I have my brains. At least I have my creativity. At least I have my people skills. At least I’m okay with being alone.

    By Brigid on 09.13.2014