September 12th, 2014

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56 Responses to “least”

  1. Barry was unnoticed,
    And Unlovable.
    Standing last in line,
    Hoping he was going to be picked to be on the team,
    But odd numbers were his enemy,
    A colossal monstrosity that he ‘couldn’t even.’
    So he sat on the sidelines,
    Letting that pattern follow him through life.

    By Siege URL on 09.13.2014

  2. large elephant assed strudel tart

    By Kit on 09.13.2014

  3. Least? Least what? Least likely to acheive anything probably. I don’t know how this is meant to work. Although, at the same time, I do. I’m typing stuff! And – although I thought differently before – I feel more creative!

    By Charlotte on 09.13.2014

  4. i am the least
    quite cooperative
    taken for granted

    By tones8 on 09.13.2014

  5. dont let the beast take all the power
    you need to fight dont cower
    take a stand and give your all
    for you may win or you may fall

    By tones8 on 09.13.2014

  6. I was always the least liked by my teacher. I didn’t mind, because I didn’t like her eather. She was my dads ex-wife and didn’t got along with her ever.

    By Eveliina on 09.13.2014

  7. Why least again? Why not the best? Or really anything else but least. It’s very depressing word you know. Nobody wants to be least.

    By Eveliina on 09.13.2014

  8. Zack has always felt like the least remarkable person he knows. Okay, sure, so he’s kind of good at math or whatever. He’s got one whole skill, and it’s not an exciting one. He doesn’t have Jason’s ability to create worlds out of thin air with only a pen, or his father’s unfathomable capacity for kindness.

    By Entropy URL on 09.13.2014

  9. Late for work. Spring into action. Run for the shower. Heart racing. Shampoo, toothbrush, toilet, run! In the car, 5 minutes flat, race down the highway, run! Speeding by at 90 mph, flowers trees cows forest 1 house, then 2, into town, break the limits, almost there, run! 2 minutes to go, 5 minutes away, made it to the city, oh man, which way? run! Get out of my way! Run! Everything slow, mind fast, if only I could get into a crash, call in, say I’m hurt, any fish and i’m off the hook, run! no time for the elevator, 30 seconds left, buzzers ring, 10 ft to the door, run! up the stairs, legs like jello, 6 flights later, quick get mellow, at the door, walk inside, worry subsides, how could I forget? Its July, check the date, the 4th….ahhhh, head hangs low, feeling dumb, at least I’m not the only one, leaving the building, when i see, another one just like me, running fast to the door, I stop her short, its the 4th, whats wrong? She smiles and says, “oh, you too?” Then we went to get some food. Biggest worry, least expected, found love on a late exception.

    By RightEye Randy on 09.13.2014

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    By Le on 09.13.2014

  11. I don’t know that is this work, so I will not write because I don’t know it

    By nãomanjo on 09.13.2014

  12. It is inverse of big, the little things

    By nãomanjo on 09.13.2014

  13. The inverse of big, a little things or some least than some

    By nãomanjo on 09.13.2014

  14. Th word least is rather terrifying as a prospect, of course it’s the opposite of most but then again the sheer connotations of the word give it further meaning. The word Least can shatter someone. “I liked you the least.”

    By Adam Dickson on 09.13.2014

  15. At least I tried. At least I put all myself in it. At least I won’t regret it, even if I didn’t get it.

    By Rebecca on 09.13.2014

  16. at least i tried. at least i put a bit of myself in it. at least i won’t have regrets, even if i didn’t achieve my goal. at least i believed you wanted it too. at least i’ve been happy for a while…

    By Rebecca on 09.13.2014