February 7th, 2016

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76 Responses to “fateful”

  1. hella craving for something sweet bæ

    By cowmom on 02.08.2016

  2. I hate everything.
    I promise I am not leaving y’all though,

    By phoneaddict on 02.08.2016

  3. How does a person believe in a predestined future? How can you say, “There is a plan, you just can’t know it.” Is this an argument of religion or magic? Hey, I’ll believe in fate when my Hogwarts letter comes in the mail.

    By Hannah on 02.08.2016

  4. It’s pretty fateful that every morning April will bring a poptart to class and eat it for breakfast.

    By natalee on 02.08.2016

  5. Meetings. Chance encounters. You know the kind. The ones that could have just as easily not happened. The kind of introductions that are entirely based on a random set of circumstances happening in a precise order but somehow you both came to inhabit that space and time in this universe. Chance encounters, the ones that change your life.

    By L. Bainbridge on 02.08.2016

  6. This is it – this is how it ends. Have I really came this far to give up now? I haven’t seen enough of my life. I need more time! This table has never liked me, and now I know how it really feels. To have my body smashed against the side of its hard edge feels like death in a pretty box wrapped with a bow. As I fall to the ground I scream in pain. Good bye beautiful world. Curse you dinner table. May the odds never be in your favor. I look to the ceiling, hold back the tears, and with a fateful mocking, realize that I will have a bruise tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day.

    By Jaidyn on 02.08.2016

  7. Today has been a very fateful day. It is only 8:12 AM, but I am already losing my mind over everything that has occurred today. I woke up and had yet to shower, therefore I was running late to school. The gym teachers were not there to unlock the locker room doors so I was standing there with three bags that weighed approximately 600 pounds each. Due to the gym teachers being late I was late to my first hour class, but S/O to Mrs. Kiefer for being the cool lady she is and not making a big deal about it. The only good things from this very fateful day is my laptop is fixed and I have pretzel sticks.


    By Brianna on 02.08.2016

  8. Fateful. On a fateful night. A fateful occurrence. The fateful enemy. Or fate-full. Filled with fate, filled by fate. I’ve never known if I believed in fate. Maybe life is not about fate. Maybe fate can be changed (or does that idea go against the very definition of the word)? Can I believe in something else?

    By Melissa on 02.08.2016

  9. The three crones squawked and chirped like birds. One cackled madly, rocking back and forth. They waited in glee, ready to cut the thread of life from our hero.

    By I.L. Holden on 02.08.2016

  10. It was a fateful morning simply because I slept in way longer than I needed to because I craved those extra nine minutes in between alarm screeches. Point being, my hair looks the way it does and I could only manage to put on leggings and this T-Shirt that has Cat in the Hat on it holding a plate of green eggs and ham.

    By Mikayla on 02.08.2016

  11. I looked out across the crowd as my fate grew closer. The blood rushed through my veins as I stood silently with my hands behind my back.

    “This is it,” I said to myself.

    I stepped out closer to the audience, several armed men following close behind me. I drew a deep, calming breath and started to speak.

    “My fellow Americans, today is a great day in the history of the world. Now we can truly make America great again,” I said. History would remember the day Bernie Sanders won the presidency.

    By Chandler Lynch on 02.08.2016

  12. I thought for a moment that I read the word “faithful”. fateful… is that when something is fated? when some thing is meant to be´…. perhaps…. faith and fate have a connection. Yes, i think is has

    By miomio URL on 02.08.2016

  13. being fateful can inspire you to hope on a daily basis. Maybe for something big like a health miracle, or maybe you can be fateful for love. but being fateful is always good for the hearth because it bring forth faith itself for all possibilites

    By Gabriella Melo on 02.08.2016

  14. So I was thinking today in fateful that’s all lol.

    By Elian Rivera on 02.08.2016

  15. And my mind is blank.

    By garbage on 02.08.2016

  16. I used to think that there was not such thing as destiny. The idea of some pre-created plan of how your life is going to be always seemed too finite for a person like myself. I liked to think that no matter what at any point in my life I had the opportunity to change anything and find out where I will end up. I think that this was just wishful thinking and that in all honestly I just didn’t want there to be some way that I wouldn’t have met you.

    By JC on 02.08.2016

  17. Fateful means that something is going to happen or something sorrowful is going to happen or something.

    By Caden on 02.08.2016

  18. Fateful having far reached and typically bad things happen.

    By Caden on 02.08.2016

  19. the fateful day was very sad and gloomy with the rain pouring down onto the sidewalk and the sun hiding behind a cloud.

    By Caden on 02.08.2016

  20. fateful is when you bumped into someone who you used know so well, and now you act as strangers. you never know what to say
    fateful is when you run into someone you only know by name. you never know how to behave

    By Raphaelle on 02.08.2016

  21. so fateful was the little dragon so was the big dragon i do not know what this word means ??????????

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.08.2016

  22. I would like to believe if you hadn’t been drinking that one fateful night then it would never have happened. That you wouldn’t have laid a single hand on me or a simply throw a kick. That you wouldn’t have wrapped your bear-like paws around my neck and squeezed until my face turned purple. I would like to believe you wouldn’t hurt me sober. That you wouldn’t toss me aside and bang my head against a wall repeatedly. That you wouldn’t slash my back with your belt or cut me deeper with your words.

    I would like to believe I didn’t exist.

    By Ostrich on 02.08.2016

  23. I thought she was fateful
    Then I knew it was lust.
    She could have been more grateful
    But I ain’t missing too much.
    I got a new chick and she better than you.
    I got my mind right so I’m not thinking of you.

    By Jerry Hunter on 02.08.2016

  24. On that fateful day… the one where everything shifted. Maybe only 2 degrees at first but a huge swath from the original path. A new reality.

    By rachelgi on 02.08.2016

  25. Last night I watched the Captain America Superbowl TV spot with my stomach tied in knots. Really I care far too much about fictional characters, and in particular, I’m too invested in the screen life of Mr. Steve Rogers. It makes my heart clench even now when I think of about the end and there months yet before the movie even begins.

    By Soft URL on 02.08.2016

  26. My life is far from over, but I’ve been around long enough to pick up a few things. One, no one is ever as innocent as they like to pretend to be. And two, Fate is a sadistic little witch. She really relishes in fucking people over. Why else would there be so much unnecessary pain and bloodshed in the world? I’d like to meet her. I want to hear her tell me that my little brother deserved to drown in that well. That he was “destined” to be bullied day after day for something he can’t even control. That his death was “meant to be”. I want to see her sick, twisted little smile; hear her deranged laughter. I’ll tear it right off her evil face and then I’ll be the one laughing.

    By SkittlesTheUnicorn on 02.08.2016

  27. “Why should it start with ‘fateful’, and why does it sell so much?” Uttered the young writer gazing on the blank document right in front of him.

    Sitted in a modified strunch; feet crossed under his legs, back slouched, chin resting on his left fist. He holds down the backspace button until there’s nothing left to delete but his dreams of being published.

    By nom de luc URL on 02.08.2016

  28. we never wake up the day is going to give us a to change our fate.

    By Kathy Fitzgerald on 02.08.2016

  29. On this fateful day her father died. He had been murdered. He had robbed a bank in the past, and his accomplice had come for his share of the money. But instead he decided he wanted it all.

    By Katy on 02.08.2016

  30. It was fateful, the way they’d met. Like they were destined to find each other upon such terrible circumstances. He was mourning the death of his best friend and she had been kicked out of her house. But they met and they bonded and they talked over cups of coffee, and he had a spare room and she had a way with words, and it was as though fate had joined them on this winter morning.

    By Gabriella on 02.08.2016

  31. I opened my eyes to the fateful sound of people laughing in the next room. The smell of cigarette smoke assaulted my half awake state of mind.

    By kf on 02.08.2016

  32. we were doomed for each other,
    fateful was the day we met.

    By BeccaJean on 02.08.2016

  33. No. Being fateful isn’t as beautiful as they tell you. It gets you all knotted and tangled in someone else’s problems.

    What you really need is simply honesty.

    By Madison on 02.08.2016

  34. he had said big plateful but he had had a mouthful of food in his gob so it came out as bit fateful and she wondered what he meant because fateful reminded her of sentences like – that fateful night,which got her thinking about fate and how it had often dealt her a bad hand especially that night of the accident which had left a certain twitch in her eye that had come about since then. Plateful he said again wondering if she’d heard right. Oh yes she said. I’m hungry.

    By SteveO URL on 02.08.2016

  35. She was eager to declare their meeting “fateful.” With every sweeping, romantic turning point that she relayed from this blissful first date, her roommate’s brow furrowed into a tighter knot.

    By asavas on 02.08.2016

  36. so was the decision. so is every decision. and you shouldn’t bother too much about it. go and simply do it. whatever you think is your fate. fulfill it.

    By js on 02.08.2016