March 31st, 2014

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57 Responses to “interested”

  1. He was not interested in me like he used to. We had a huge fight. He caught me kissing a friend. I was soooo drunk. After a couple of years he will let me remember that it was his birthday when he caught me. I do not remember that it was. I have said sorry several times and I thought he has forgiven me. But he has not.

    One day I told him to go home early. We were to pick a gift for our friend’s son. He didn’t come home early. I called him and he was out drinking with people I don’t know. I heard a girl even calling his name. Naturally, I was furious. He did not budge and stayed with them.

    When he got home, he said sorry and threw himself on our bed – now, just my bed. I got up and slept on the floor. Before he would ask me to please come back. He would give me kiss or a hug. He would say sorry. He just turned his back away from me.

    It hurt. That’s when I knew he wasn’t interested. I blew it.

    By Stephanie Opendo on 04.01.2014

  2. interested fluffy stacks. butterball dribbling wet. hot waves of jungle toast cup clanking tasty. Order for the rest of us, I’m zonked. Coffee cup full again, better hold off on joe the rest of the day.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 04.01.2014

  3. I’m interested in swimming, reading books and writing stories. Also, i feel mangas are very interesting and my latest fad is korean dramas.

    By Bhargavi on 04.01.2014

  4. Travelling had just never been something that he had been interested in, he knew that it was something that millions of people dreamt of but he was not one of them. He liked it at home, right where he was. He was content with life. He did not want more, nor did he need it.

    By Evie Stone on 04.01.2014

  5. She was interested in the book on the top shelf. She could see the title on the spine. It said “The Encyclopedia of Demons and How To Summon Them.”

    By Jerri URL on 04.01.2014

  6. He glanced her way. She sat in at the kitchen table, studying an article about flowers in the morning paper. He considered asking her what it said, then thought better of it. Instead he headed out of the room and to the workshop. He had work to do.

    By 709 on 04.01.2014

  7. His nose was pressed up against the glass of the store, and his mother came to see what her son was interested so in. Upon looking, she could see her son had fallen in love with a tiny puppy.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.01.2014

  8. She tore across the yard. Tears streamed down her cheeks. All she’d wanted was their support. Their acceptance of who she really was. And she thought she’d had it.
    Now she was running away from them, running away from the only place she’d found a home.
    She crossed Rosewood Street. The city was dimly-lit.

    By 709writer URL on 04.01.2014

  9. Her dogs were wrapping their leashes around her legs–her cute-but-frazzled girl look had reached its tipping point into possibly inebriated mess. But Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome looked at her, smiling with the smug approval of a rom-com love interest.

    By asavas URL on 04.01.2014

  10. I was intrested in him from the first time I saw him. His piercing blue eyes seemed to see right into me, yet there was a kindness on the soft features.

    By kirsty on 04.01.2014

  11. soccer is my life i play as goalkeeper i have 3 dogs

    By Jessica 3rd period URL on 04.01.2014

  12. I’m interested in making my writing work and sound better. I wanted my audience to be interested in what I have to say and I want them interested in my ideas. I have a lot of ideas that I think will interest a lot of different people and I want to make myself a better writer.

    By Melanie on 04.01.2014

  13. She was quite interested at the sight if that precious and fancy white flower hiding in the corner by the gate. She wondered to herself what it was and if she could get nearer for a closer look and maybe a quick sniff to see if it had a sent as inspiring as it looked. Maybe tomorrow she figured as she passed through the gate on her way to class.
    Tomorrow came. The flower was still there, inviting her like it had a secret specially to share with her. Intrigued as she was, this mornings events were a bit delayed due to a leaky coffee pot. Another day wouldn’t hurt before she could discover the secret it held.
    Yet another day comes, but this time, as she neared the gate, she knew the time was right. She developed a little hope in her step. Just thinking about how delicate the flower is made her feel lighter. She approached the gate and her feet felt a bit heavier. When she peered around the corner expecting and hoping to see the small white petals staring up at her, her heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t there. She was of course disappointed, feeling as though she had waited too long and lost her chance. But then, she brightened, realizing that if it was not there and it was not on the ground, somebody must have come by and also spotted it peaking out from the surrounding leaves and had the time right then to appreciate what was staring them in the face. Just the, something caught her eye. A tiny beginning of white. Life building and growing within a new bud. Relief and wonder spread over her. She decided then and there that when an opportunity came her way, she would not put off what she felt compelled to do. She would not delay appreciating the beauty around her. She would appreciate each little gift of life.

    By Jasmine URL on 04.01.2014

  14. i am interested…i always say that’s interesting when someone is saying something and i don’t know how to respond. or interessant in french.
    what am i interested in? it’s easier to point to what i’m not–jobs involving break rooms and coffee machines and cubicles. but i am interested in education, notebooks, small businesses,

    By Catherine URL on 04.01.2014

  15. Trying not to show that I was interested, I walked closer to the vehicle and peered sideways into the driver’s side window.

    The floorboard was grubby with blotches of a dark, gooey looking substance. I moved a little closer and glanced around to see if anyone was watching me.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 04.01.2014

  16. She was the most exquisite creature that I’ve ever known. Plump red lips and fishnets for skin. I’d never seen anyone before that looked or acted quite the way that she did. I’d never met anyone quite like her and I never will ever again.

    By flomation URL on 04.01.2014

  17. I was always interested in you. There is something about an interest that could be a cross between love and hate and you were the line lying between both. It was interest. Nothing more and frankly nothing less.
    I had an interest in talking and reading and possibly you if you ever belonged in a category like that.

    By Brooke Fowler URL on 04.01.2014