April 1st, 2014

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79 Responses to “welcoming”

  1. It’s not just a welcome mat that brings you home. It’s the smell of coffee and waffles…but mostly the syrup. God I love syrup.
    It’s better than hugs sometimes. I mean I like hugs and they’re sweet but nothing’s beats good old maple syrup. Welcome home.

    By Sonya Leblanc on 04.01.2014

  2. welcoming change is something that’s always been hard for most people to be comfortable with. I dont see the reasoning behind it…change is good.change means something new. change doesnt always have to be considering a bad thing. welcome change. welcome the new and undiscovered

    By Starlitserenade on 04.01.2014

  3. After I settled in, I wasn’t sure what sort of welcoming I’d expected after two years over scattered emails and phone calls…but I knew this hadn’t been it.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.01.2014

  4. There was nothing welcoming about the house anymore.

    One time, it had held memories of Christmas mornings and Thanksgiving nights. Hot cocoa before bed and sleepy story times, fires blazing with grandmother half-asleep on the couch beside it.

    Now, it was empty and forlorn, little more than a blackened shell of all it once was.

    By emma-lee on 04.01.2014

  5. Her arms were a welcoming embrace, filled with the smells of home, the warmth of love.

    By umbazachika on 04.01.2014

  6. There was a welcoming committee of about eight people standing at the entrance when he arrived. It was a nice gesture, but slightly marred by the fact that they had spelled his name wrongly on the welcome banner they held.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.01.2014

  7. Grace Mwanza stood in her field and looked west towards the setting sun, which was sinking steadily into the blue haze of the Ruwengeri Mountains. Soon those mountains would be welcoming the great rains and there would once again be water for her crops and for her children.

    By bb333 on 04.01.2014

  8. hard to be sometimes, when you’re used to having your guard up because you never know people’s intentions. should be simple, easy. but somehow it isn’t. is it a reality or just the way we choose to perceive?

    By Yasmine on 04.01.2014

  9. we should always welcoming everyone who came for getting help, it is sign of love and respect

    By asif URL on 04.01.2014

  10. A person willing to clarify doubt is called

    By byjesh on 04.02.2014

  11. His words of welcoming died on his tongue, collecting there like a layer of dust.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.02.2014

  12. there was nothing welcoming about the place. the house looked dilapidated. grayed paint chipping, wood cracking, windows broken, yellowed curtains, facade crooked. the thing was falling to pieces. yet i found myself standing at the door; placing a shaking hand on the cold tarnished knob.

    By Analisa on 04.02.2014

  13. Welcome to utopia!
    This is what aliens would greet us when Earth dies.
    But Earth cannot die for we are her own dear children.
    We’d definitely not want our step-siblings to be aliens!!

    By lollipopzmania on 04.02.2014

  14. To: Emma-Lee

    Your passage was really beautiful and had a rich sense of personal experience and poignancy. Keep up your good job!

    By lollipopzmania on 04.02.2014

  15. We visited some friends that we hadn’t seen for quite some time but there were as welcoming as ever and we had a thoroughly good day.

    By Alexandra on 04.02.2014

  16. Warm welcoming greenery refreshing guests India srikanth warm heart soft natured.. Love..

    By Pri on 04.02.2014

  17. You’ve never been such of me. It’s hard trying to break into something. A group, a friendship, a school. When people aren’t welcoming. Some even think they’re so friendly, but really, they’re the worst! Maybe we’re all a little the same, no?


    By Snooks on 04.02.2014

  18. The sound and the music beckoned my closer. I crept closer and closer until… BAM!!! My head slammed into the wall and instantly I was out.

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 04.02.2014

  19. He opened his arms, eyes meeting her tear streaked face. The hug enveloped her, and she knew she was home.

    By Emi on 04.02.2014

  20. The Rays were not as welcoming as everybody made me believe. Yes I was dating their son and yes they had the right to be wary but not outright rude.

    By amber on 04.02.2014

  21. She was a welcoming sight. When he opened his eyes, after being knocked to the ground, she wasstanding over him with a smile. Man is she gorgeous.

    By Jerri on 04.02.2014

  22. a place of peace, and tranquility, an open invitation, excited , a sense of love, and acceptance, a place for excelling.

    By Crystal Bowers on 04.02.2014

  23. It’s the moment
    cross the threshold.
    There, into open arms.
    A warm embrace.
    A smile
    that signals
    this is a safe place.
    Where you can
    lay your head,
    and forget the war of worlds
    out your window.

    By NuSol URL on 04.02.2014

  24. I am so welcoming when family is over.

    By Herb URL on 04.02.2014

  25. The feeling of home is interesting. It is the combination of incense, the food, soft furniture, smiling faces, listening ears, lifetime of memories and the inevitable feeling of dislike and dread of staying more than a few days.

    By River Ranter URL on 04.02.2014

  26. welcoming committee shaking hands, bland smile. right this way sir. balloons twirling in strands of helium DNA. eyeballs plastered. Enter through here.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 04.02.2014

  27. Think it through. They are welcoming you inside. They seem very inviting. Eager. Anxious maybe? Food smells good. People are moving about, laughing, drinking wine and you can already scope out the back patio and the smokers. You could light one up. It all sounds good. You should step inside. The host is standing in the corner by the African masks and behind the 2000 year old statue, his smile turning towards you as you start to take off your coat, extremely welcoming smile, overly so. They want you here not out there but in here. Why?

    By DMM URL on 04.02.2014

  28. Being welcoming is a good thing in a person. Welcoming people appear kind and easy going. They are easy to get along with. Even with homes, if a home is welcoming, it is fun to go in.

    By EG URL on 04.02.2014

  29. It was unusual for the captain to be welcoming of interruptions, especially from Ushio, but the woman took an exception to it this time.

    “Details, Ushio, now!” She tossed away the cold coffee she had been nursing as she poured over case files. Ushio strode up to her desk and explained what he had learned from Yusei on an unrelated case.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.02.2014

  30. Home is the place I like to go. Where friends and family are. Welcome in they say with a smile and we laugh and talk all evening. Welcome home is a wonderful phrase after one has been travelling afar. Love is expressed and laughter emits. And cozy fires light up the room. Hugs and handshakes.

    By Ciara on 04.02.2014

  31. i want to see a plot-driven theory answering the mechanics of the world
    why did you move
    to move
    (stepping over grass, you’ve made the soil too dense for worms to crawl to the surface — every tiny bit of life is given to you from another’s)

    By robyn URL on 04.02.2014

  32. you are in my house the warmest part of my heart don’t wander beyond the living room and kitchen because in the bedroom things become a little colder and in that space where sleep overtakes and darkness is sleep it’s a restless journey before my eyes shut. and i don’t know if you can handle such darkness. so sleep. sleep now.

    By Ylan on 04.02.2014

  33. I just had this, hugging, a Christmas party, rich people parties, “the blind side” situation, getting adopted by rich people

    By Lindsey on 04.02.2014

  34. YEah

    By Lindsey on 04.02.2014

  35. welcoming night as darkness is a friend
    oftentimes haunted by jasmine scent
    no one coming to comprehend
    till the breath tightened at the end

    By Eligia V. A. on 04.02.2014

  36. Seeing the place for the first time wasn’t like she’d expected; it felt foreign and cold, like she’d knocked on an enemy’s door wearing a mask and thought she’d find a welcoming face behind it. The halls were filled with plumes of light billowing in through the monstrous windows, but there was a permanent stiffness in the air. The mantra of “Open Minds, Open Doors” rang through the atrium as the sleek chrome panels slid shut behind her.

    By Charlotte Keynes on 04.02.2014

  37. There was a strangely welcoming feeling that seemed to be enveloping me in the kind of wamth i hadn’t felt in years. “I think I’ve just found my new home” I said to myself.

    By Anaid Skylight on 04.02.2014

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    By zan on 04.02.2014

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    By zan on 04.02.2014