July 17th, 2015

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35 Responses to “screenplay”

  1. A form that the actors and directors will go off of when filming for the movie. It is an in-depth thing for people to use. like what and when somebody is going to say something it is helpful for flow. Especially yes.

    By LJ C on 07.17.2015

  2. A form that the actors and directors will go off of when filming for the movie. It is an in-depth thing for people to use. like what and when somebody is going to say something it is helpful for flow. Especially yes

    By LJ C on 07.17.2015

  3. The latest rewrite of the screenplay hit my desk at three thirty PM, when I was downstairs munching on my seventh bagel of the day. I couldn’t help it. Those crispy bastards laden with sundried tomato cream cheese would literally be the death of me. When I went back to my office, not only was the script still sitting there, but its newest writer, Tiffany Sterling, was sitting in my swivel chair.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2015

  4. “Screenplay?” He frowned. “That’s not the most lucrative career, dearest. Why don’t you try something a little more–liberating?”
    “Like what, skydiving?”
    “Er, no. There’s death in that.”
    “There’s death in everything and you see it everywhere.”
    “I can’t help it!”
    “Most people can!”
    For a moment, they stood there, chest to chest, angry eyes flashing, hands fisted at thier sides. She looked away. He looked down. Neither of them spoke. He rubbed his face and took a step back.
    “Look. Fine. If you want to write, go ahead. I’m just saying you won’t be able to publish them, alright?”
    “Why not?”
    “Because you’ve been dead for sixteen years, dearest–and it still hasn’t quite registered.”
    He left her standing there, her form wisping in and out of nothingness. He wouldn’t stop her and because he wouldn’t–she would have to stop herself.

    By Sara H. URL on 07.17.2015

  5. I’ve never done one of these before.It was going to be a great responsibility.And I was chosen for this task.I inwardly squealed. “Mrs.Jones?-”
    “Yes! I’ll do it!” he smiled.

    By Sapphire on 07.17.2015

  6. There was a silver drape over the place where the stage should’ve been. Something screamed out in the back of her head, the color red, the absence, the gaping hole where there should’ve been chairs and wood planks and applause. Where had it gone? What kind of thing was capable of taking it? And why was the silver curtain moving in that rhythm, so familiar, so similar to—breathing?

    By cuiltheory on 07.17.2015

  7. He was annoyed, far from it even, his left eye twitched in a regular rythm as he watched the little disgusting worms wriggle by his feet.
    He would’ve surely already barked at them if not for the fact that then they’d surely try to get him involved into their ridiculous shenanigans.
    His eyes shifted to find something to occupy his superior brain but the only thing that could hold his interest for longer then a wink was the curious scythe like cowlick of black hair that moved back and forth together with it’s owner.
    Dib. Cursed human this was all his fault as usual.

    By Void on 07.17.2015

  8. In her mind, she saw it as a screenplay- seeing it as though it was a movie. Now she just had to explain it on paper and be sure to capture the emotions of the couple. However, she’d never been good at explaining things or telling stories…

    By Nicole M. on 07.17.2015

  9. someone writes these things
    someone sells these things
    someone reads these things
    someone greenlights these things
    someone directs these things
    someone acts, someone films, someone broadcasts, someone sees

    Plays, on screens.

    By greedy fookers on 07.17.2015

  10. Starend naar mijn scherm probeer ik iets leuks te bedenken maar dat gaat hem niet zo goed af aangezien ik normaal gesproken een ochtendmens ben in tegenstelling tot de meeste schrijvers jammer genoeg wel met een chronisch slaapgebrek maar dan kan ik mijn tijd natuurlijk maar beter nuttig benuttigen door een verhaaltje te schrijven over een screenplay wat geloof ik scherm betekent maar ik kan er ook goed naast zitten hoor dat zou ook kunnen, oh ah het betekent scenario, dan zijn al deze woorden irrelevant probeer ze maar te vergeten

    By rekman on 07.17.2015

  11. A screenplay is something I’m not entirely good at. I’ve tried once before but it wasn’t too great, as I was inexperienced and had no idea what I was doing. It was fun, though, so I’m glad I tried it. I might try it again sometime, but probably after I’ve had more experience in the matter and know what I’m doing

    By Ava on 07.17.2015

  12. jamie couldn’t undertsand. why did the mayor want this to be his fist play? it was ridiculous. it lacked real substance. this was not a play! it was an abomination. he needed steven’s help, and fast…

    By florette on 07.17.2015

  13. It was an odd screen play. It’s one where the protagonist reaches a conclusion by an odd revelation.

    By Intuition on 07.17.2015

  14. the screen is used for a pay for the audience to view.
    Bout a comedy, tragedy, action, drama, documentary or sci-fi.

    By Thmyka URL on 07.17.2015

  15. drama. she finds herself in a place where everything just froze. it was’t even cold. but she fond herself alone with a book and a cup of cinnamon tea.

    By Janel Vicente URL on 07.17.2015

  16. She finds herself in a place where everything just froze. it was’t even cold. but she found herself alone with a book and a cup of tea. Suddenly she wasn’t so alone anymore.

    By Janel Vicente URL on 07.17.2015

  17. “You want to know about how weird she is?”

    We lean in closer, “Yes, yes, do tell! How stark raving mad is this one?”

    “Well, earlier” – our narrator looks around – “she was spotted reaching between her thighs to double check if she was wearing panties or not.”

    “Wait, she wore a skirt?”

    “A dress! A black and white dress checked with a squarish design. And you should have seen her expression once she’d realized what she’d done on an impulse!”

    “But it got her, her answer.”

    “Indeed.” Our narrator sagely nods.

    By Intuition on 07.17.2015

  18. Im writing. Im giving up. tonight’s the night I write the one that
    gets me out of her. Im gonna bed famous. fuck you martin scorcese.

    By seth on 07.17.2015

  19. We went to watch a screenplay that night. It wasn’t our first time here, but it’d be the first time we left here without going back immediately to one of our places’ to stay the night. As it ended, I made sure that he at least enjoyed. As we walked out of the theatre, I stopped him in his tracks. “I can’t do this anymore. I love you, but it’s not enough.” And I left. I walked as far as I could from him as possible without trying to rethink my decision. I guess I didn’t walk far enough because I was stumbling, drunk, to his doorstep in the middle of the night. He didn’t hesitate to open up. The following morning, he made us coffee and begged me to stay. So I did. This wasn’t the first time.

    By Victoria on 07.17.2015

  20. I need to write one. the perfect one. the one that’ll set everything else into unimportant abyss. i need THAT one. i’m blocked when it comes to screenplay. why do my other friends have the confidence to write these things and i can’t bring out what i want into words…Gin

    By Gina on 07.18.2015

  21. I want to write one. I need to write one. Why is it so hard for me to get out what I want and what I feel on the inside….my story on paper. I’m not sure why I feel so blocked and so unable to communicate into words whats going on on the inside. Screenplay is how I’ll do it.

    By Gina on 07.18.2015

  22. how would it really look

    By Garz on 07.18.2015

  23. People like to say that they’re the star in the story of their lives. A movie, if you’re more cinematic and visual. But there are others, the outliers who play support. Everyone else is the principal player, everyone else the main character.

    By Ashi URL on 07.18.2015

  24. The book that I have written is due for a screenplay so I can bring Hal Summers to life!!! He is so ready to be brought to the eyes of the world!!! Go to Kindle writiers and look for Remote Control…It’s an awesome story!!!

    By trkstr67 on 07.18.2015

  25. I dont really know anything about screen plays. Except that it has something to do with movies and movie making. I have a feeling it has to do with the script of the movie and dialouges and plotline and stuff.

    By Kavita on 07.18.2015

  26. “Life is just like a big book that God wrote at the start of the universe, and in that book, everything is already written out.”

    “I like the idea, but you have some of the details wrong. God isn’t a writer; he’s a director. We’re not characters; we’re actors. There is no text but a screenplay, and there is always room for improvisation.”

    By John Doe on 07.18.2015

  27. Within a week the election was upon them. The television pundits started focusing on the sudden rash of retirements, and the impact it would have on the race. Simple algebra, they said, would give both houses to the left, but they were missing something. In all the states where the incumbent had resigned, the right was fielding moderates, candidates seemingly more acceptable to both sides. Doyle watched the talking heads on the cable channel in the lounge of the hotel where he was waiting to meet Agent Collins again. The narrative went almost exactly according to the “screenplay” he had provided to the Puppeteer. This was democracy in the modern age; voters picking up the crumbs that were thrown at their feet; voting for those they were told to vote for.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.18.2015

  28. The heart is the actor in which plays the part of the drum. Hammering for prosperity, following the cues. Tell it to leap, and it will hop of a cliff, all with the convincing demeanour of an actress playing to a tune.

    By Emily Wood on 07.18.2015

  29. She sat hunched over her typewriter. The moon lit up the paper that possesed the precious words making up her screenplay. She clasped her fingers together and stretched them against her hand, releasing a cracking sound and letting out a tired sigh.

    By Olivia on 07.18.2015

  30. Brows furrowed, the deleted the last few paragraphs of text, then stared at the mostly blank document in front of him. His inspiration was a fickle thing, allowing him to complete pages of his screenplay in one manic blur at a time, then have nothing more to add for weeks.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.18.2015

  31. every day is a screen play
    I wake up and I began to act
    my best audience is my self

    By Light Blue Fox 333 on 07.18.2015

  32. watching the characters move graciously
    oblivious of the audience
    they see only their moment and cherishing it
    those are things to be enjoyed

    By Light Blue Fox 333 on 07.18.2015

  33. A tingling sensation ran through her body. Goosebumps appeared on her skin. She could feel the old love again, the old love of calling something she’d written proudly her own. And as splatters of ink adorned the sheet to its content, her sojourn from writing had ended, finally.
    Before her lay her first ever official screenplay.

    By kyungsoo on 07.18.2015

  34. “They took my soul and turned it into a Godforsaken B movie screenplay,” the author cried out to the empty room. “8 years of my life reduced to a comic laugh reel, but at least Milly can now go to college.”

    By Trista URL on 07.18.2015

  35. She could watch the whole scene play out in her mind’s eye. Hear the echo of insults and horrible things you only half mean (latter). Oh, she knows the whole thing will be a disaster, but at least it will be entertaining?

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 07.18.2015