September 22nd, 2014

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73 Responses to “hardly”

  1. I hardly breath anymore,
    Shit what do i do
    Where do i go
    I’m lost in my own mind
    HElp – I can’t find the reason
    What reason?
    Reason for help myself, for being alive
    I cannot see it.
    There’s hardly me inside anymore,
    only despair
    scared little girl.

    By fail on 09.22.2014

  2. “There’s hardly any light left.”

    “Rubbish, there’s plenty. You just have to know how to look for it.”

    By Intuition on 09.22.2014

  3. this is the first time I;m doing “one word” and my word is hardly. I can hardlywait to hear back fomr the peppe I interviewed with for a new jjob. I’m ready to move on and I can hadlry stand it here anymore. I’m doing ok, I’m just ready to mve on. sometimes it’s time to let some things go and you can tell its time to move on wht life into some new venture and newt thi

    By Michelle on 09.22.2014

  4. She’s been begging on the streets since she was a young child. These days she’s still young, but her face hides a lot of its years of experience behind twinkly eyes and fresh skin. Every now and again the most sanctimonious people will stop as they pass her and tell her she’s too young to be out here – that she should run back to her parents or the police.

    She snorts and lets her lips curl up into a grin.


    By Samuel on 09.22.2014

  5. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. The smell of the cookies was tantilizing. I knew once they were done, the party guests would be coming and my whole family would be together for the first time in what seemed like forever.

    By Mrs. Braund on 09.22.2014

  6. Awesome

    By Mrs. Braund on 09.22.2014

  7. i was hardly what someone would call beautiful.
    my hair was the color of mouse fur, my skin pale and blotchy, my body not what you’d call fat but certainly not skinny, and i was tall and gangly.
    but in his eyes, i was beautiful

    By sophie on 09.22.2014

  8. I hardly thought about it. This word, this life. Sometimes I think about it for a long time, but not today. Not ever. On occasion there is the fact that I cry myself to sleep. I hardly think of anything else.

    By Carly on 09.22.2014

  9. you’ll never see this person again, you think to yourself. but you pass by time and time again, and maybe you smile or nod a little and think about them more than you really should. theres nothing really stopping me from getting to know them, you wonder everyday as you pass them by. “hardly anything”, you say out loud, and stop walking.

    By charco on 09.22.2014

  10. важко сказати що-небудь. в роті збирається щось між піском і цукром. щось — не в’язке, однак сипуче. язик не повертається сказати що-небудь. тепло під повіками, на шкірі, всередині, наче все — сон.
    важко кипить вода.

    By mykolan on 09.22.2014

  11. I could hardly decipher the scrawl which my grandmother called her own. Before I left the house I heard her screech something over the slamming screen door… was it “cigarettes” or “cinnamon”? This note isn’t offering any clues.

    By asavas on 09.22.2014

  12. we hardly ever remember everything we are told or asked to do in exact details. unfortunately

    By mia parker URL on 09.22.2014

  13. i couldn’t imagine a more pleasant bowl of orange circles. i think the red glow mixed nicely with the conversation. But even still, it was one of those times where you just knew Chase would approach with his usual pitiful entrance, and before long we’d all be listening as by a dying campfire, to a story going nowhere, and with an empty bowl. Hardly worth the trouble.

    By Fiona on 09.22.2014

  14. He was hardly a good person he was more of a sociopath who acted sweet and kind and then three girls came out of his closet

    By Mandy on 09.22.2014

  15. if we are all just mirrors
    of the places we’ve born witness to,
    then i would still love him for all of it

    By robyn URL on 09.22.2014

  16. i could just hardly wait for my big game. in this sentence, hardly is used for excitement and showing that you cant wait for the game. saying that you can hardley wait fornthe gsme just shpws how hard you are goiung to work. just by saying that you can hardly wait shows alot of things.

    By morgan plouffe on 09.22.2014

  17. She could hardly stand it any longer – no matter what she did, she always ended up rushing into a brick wall. There was nothing she could do to find a way out. Every side she could possibly see would be taken up and blocking her in. In these moments she was and felt like little more than a bird in a cage. Perhaps that was all she’d ever been, with her winds clipped.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.22.2014

  18. I was hardly coherent as strings and jumbles of words poured out of my mouth.

    In the blur of events that transpired, all I can remember is the look on your face when you said “I love you,” and the big goofy smile that crossed my face when you said it.

    By Reese on 09.22.2014

  19. “You don’t have to right to tell me how to live my life. You gave that up when you abandoned me,”
    “You over-dramatize,’ he said, “I was working; I certainly didn’t ABANDON you,”
    “You might as well have,” she countered, “I was a child, YOUR child, and you just…you left me behind. You ALWAYS left me behind,”
    He scoffed. “You could hardly be considered a child, Adrienne,”
    “She died when I was SIXTEEN, dad. Not twenty-one or twenty-five or even eighteen. I was sixteen years old and I didn’t need tutors or-or FENCING lessons or trips to Prague, I need my dad. I needed YOU,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.22.2014

  20. It was hardly anything at this point. A little spec in the distance. A little nothing shrinking into the distance. It was refreshing though. It was almost beautiful. It was an amazingly sad thing. To live and not know when you’d be returning. If ever. But at the same time it was nice because it made you remember everything that you thought was beautiful about that place.

    By Liz on 09.22.2014

  21. I hardly know what I am doing at work. I feel like I have no idea. I don’t feel like what I’m doing is right, but I keep doing it, I don’t have the guidance to do what I”m supposed to do.

    By Kelly on 09.22.2014

  22. She’s left the room and she’s trailing this burgundy goop across the wood grain expanse that curves around the corner into the bathroom. She’s hardly out of the room before she’s collapsing, and though they didn’t give a shit before, they’re wondering why she was leaking hair dye.

    By Saudade on 09.22.2014

  23. Dignity:

    They say he’s got no dignity, driving out there come midnight and drifting all these flowers on the open lake, and hoping the girls stomping their heavy heels on the other side of the river and watching out for those flowers tonight, but he doesn’t care. His sister was in that crew once, and even if she hadn’t told him how lonely they got before she twisted a boy into marrying her and taking her when he left off to fight, he would have known by that breathless way they smiled that they were cooped up tight inside their corsets, too tight for happiness and too glittered up to shine

    By Saudade on 09.22.2014

  24. he leapt from rooftop to rooftop, feet as quiet as snowfall. his hands landed as though padded feet, a tiger stalking his prey. it’s strange how predatory beasts can somehow be as swift and graceful as birds in flight. he landed behind his target with a purposefully conspicuous thud, grin etched onto his face like plaster.

    By sunnysuraj on 09.22.2014

  25. The lake crawled up to meet her, mewing almost, coiling round her legs.
    So why did it matter, the rain on her head or the cold at her toes, to hold off?
    So why did it matter, falling forward into the merciful lapping of the piercing waves?
    But she wouldn’t do it, nonetheless.

    By Saudade on 09.22.2014

  26. I hardly ever feel accepted. Yeah, I feel included and a part of something. But being accepted into something seems like a task you have to be initiated into. You have to “complete this” and “never do this”. If you do not meet these requirements, you can feel as if you will never be accepted, and therefore, you cannot accept yourself.

    By Shelbie on 09.22.2014

  27. There’s hardly any chance I wouldn’t take, barely breathing as the smoke circles around my eyes and the light is barely there taking over the darkness of my pupils. What would I give to get out, to find myself back in the misty fog where I left her, what would I give for the clock to go faster faster and suddenly slower, just barely, alive.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 09.22.2014

  28. it was hardly something to be worrying about
    really it’s nothing
    how are you?
    good, how are you?
    good, how are you?
    sometimes it seems like no one else is trying
    and most of the time i am a bad liar

    By Kairn on 09.22.2014

  29. Was I in love with him? Hardly. He seemed to think I was, though. He’d primp himself in the rearview mirror of his car whenever I passed by the driver’s side on my way home from work. One time, when he was chatting me up at the counter, I could smell the cologne seeping from the sweaty folds of his jacket. And even when I wasn’t looking, I could tell he was leering. He may have been into me, but I was far, far from being into him.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.22.2014

  30. I hardly even understood what she was talking about when she told me to leave. It seemed so odd of her to want me gone. Hadn’t she been the one to beg me to stay all of those times before? Wasn’t she the one who wanted me to always be there? It seemed so odd.

    By Justin Carden on 09.22.2014

  31. at all hardly gonna fall the we’re here to party ya’ll and we aint trying to stall.
    so fill up the barley put the beer in my cup
    I’m chillin like marley and i’m spittin from the gut

    By Will Thornton on 09.22.2014

  32. I already did this word, is there going to be a new one is this a daily thing? Hardly expected to have a repeat… I can hardly even keep writing while the bar advances to the right, oh right I’m not on oh life

    By Will on 09.22.2014

  33. The train pulled up to the station, and had hardly come to a stop when Eileen bounded off into the station. She was finally home. She hadn’t called this city home in decades, but in her heart, she had never left. Or had she????

    By Craig on 09.22.2014

  34. It’s hardly halloween yet and I’m already raving about it. Ghostly decorations hanging from every wall, motion animated life-size figures, jack-o-lanterns, everything about it makes me happy. I can already taste the caramel apple I’ll get scolded for eating too much of.

    By ggravendust on 09.22.2014

  35. “I hardly pressed it.” She tells him as he flinches away from her. It only makes her even more furious, he had made her worry and stress about him and now he won’t even let her try to help him. She hates him and loves him at the same time; as much as a thirteen year old can love someone.

    By Emily on 09.22.2014

  36. no idea

    By Emily on 09.22.2014

  37. “Does it hurt?” She asked, he turned around and gave her a grin and a shrug. The flayed skin moved as he pushed his shoulders up and let them fall down.

    “Hardly at all.”

    What a fool.

    By Laurel on 09.22.2014

  38. Don’t go.
    I hardly know you.
    I hardly had a moment with you, yet.
    Will we still be part of each other
    if you leave now?
    Will we have moments
    far apart
    when we think,
    “she’d like that”
    and remember?

    By Valkyrie URL on 09.22.2014

  39. I’d hardly even have to move, I realised. Right now, one tug on the trigger… a bullet could hit someone, whether I intended it to, or whether it missed, or ricocheted. It would hardly take a movement, and someone would be in the hospital.

    “Alex?” I heard a voice call, and looked up from the gun. I ought to put it back before I was caught messing with it.

    By a terrible poet on 09.22.2014

  40. The last five years had taken their toll. Collette was tired, bitter and alone. After John had died, his family had tried to tear her apart. The ironic part was that she really didn’t want his fortune, she really had loved him, and had been financially independent before their marriage. But once he was gone, they came out of the woodwork, after years of hardly even speaking to him, and claimed what they said was their rightful legacy. John had been adamant that he didn’t want them to get any of his estate, and had asked Collette to put it to good use after he was gone, even giving it away if she had to. And that was why she spent her evenings wandering the streets, giving away the fortune her husband had made, one envelope at a time, leaving less and less as each evening passed for his relatives to claw and grab at. As she walked streets, she thought of John, sometimes even talking to him, happy at the thought that his money was being put to good use, and that he would enjoy that. A homeless man sat by the wall ahead of her, with a dish holding a few coins. She reached into her purse and took out that night’s envelope. She reached down and placed the envelope in the dish.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.22.2014