September 19th, 2014

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53 Responses to “graced”

  1. I’m glad For This prompt. I feel graced by his presence
    I really do. Nothing more than An acquaintance but everything He writes touches me So deeply That I Know somehow he’s talking to Me. To Find another soul So similar Is a grace itself. Even If They never know It Too. This has become My diary. My name Too anonymous to Find.

    By Whitney on 09.20.2014

  2. I was graced with your presence, and later your lips, your smell your touch. You graced me with your life and within it we each became part of the same makeup. I was graced with your heart from the moment you sat down on the bench next to me and said “I’ve read that book”.

    By Codie Louise Austin URL on 09.20.2014

  3. Why did I have to see this word? My husband’s goofy niece is named Grace, and she’s everything but. She’s an immature flake who has absolutely no social GRACES. She doesn’t match her name.

    By Deb on 09.20.2014

  4. She walked down the aisle of the airship. Designer clothing, shoes polished to a high shine. Even one of those popular purse puppies tucked under her arm. The grand dame looked around as she passed through the curtains into first class as though we had been privileged to be graced by her presence.

    By EliseV URL on 09.20.2014

  5. Overwhelmed with the sea, you mistook me;
    I wouldn’t ever see the sun,
    my night was misted with stars so deep,
    the sky reached down and took me.

    By Marissa on 09.20.2014

  6. couldnt you be so kind
    and i would be graced with your

    By tones8 on 09.20.2014

  7. well its really quite funny this girl named grace told me that the grandfather was not the new father. I was confused and young and had a mind prone to jumping to conclusions and so i thought, only a few weeks after his death that she already had a new husband. but thank goodness grace saved me from that mistake.

    By Maria on 09.20.2014

  8. What a waste
    The tables set
    6 oclock is what you said
    The plates are out the candles lit
    You 0nce graced my table set.

    By Kev Sumner on 09.20.2014

  9. She was graced with the presence
    The presence she had sought
    The presence she lost
    And the love that warmed her through the darkness
    It was never a waste
    For she was graced

    By roya on 09.20.2014

  10. Simply, my life was graced by her presence. Graced like the first rain of autumn; sweet like the first kiss we shared. Graced is a word too ugly to describe her effect on me – it was pure bliss.

    By Liam on 09.20.2014

  11. To say that I was graced with her is an understatement of colossal size: the word is too ugly. Too brutish. Like myself. A beast blessed with the beautiful girl.

    By / on 09.20.2014

  12. It cool

    By / on 09.20.2014

  13. i fell
    i fell
    out of my grace
    i fell and i can’t say I’m sorry.
    All for one change
    for freedom
    for a man
    For myself, discovery of good and evil.
    I fell, but i fell for my believes.
    Hope for a better place.

    By emil on 09.20.2014