October 1st, 2015

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109 Responses to “genetic”

  1. created by God

    By Anna URL on 10.02.2015

  2. This was fun!

    By Anna URL on 10.02.2015

  3. I learned that my genetics are the same as my mom’s because she has dark brown hair and we both have brown eyes. But i don’t have dimples and my brothers do,i hate that.

    By Chandra B on 10.02.2015

  4. to get sounding from your parents. I think of years

    By Ashley l on 10.02.2015

  5. I think this means the genetics from your parents like eye color, and hair color. And how tall you may be.

    By Avery S. on 10.02.2015

  6. Genetic? When all you know about was how genetics held your family together and on a normal night you found out that your family was your family. What life had you been living in and where is your real family?

    By Lexi G on 10.02.2015

  7. i think genetic means, a eye or hair color.

    By Abby H on 10.02.2015

  8. I don’t know what genetic means. I think it would be something sciency or something to do with health. A gene maybe. I know! JEANS!!!!!

    By Gavin .S on 10.02.2015

  9. It’s genetic floetic stirring my soul. Unfold the voice of my ancestors blurred memory before the begin of me. The freedom from the enemy the inner me genteically longing for destiny fulfilled where their eyes cried still and I’m here. The promise hope and dream of the slave. LSerenity

    By Lawonza on 10.02.2015

  10. The genetic influence on passed thrombotic disorders are still under debate. After careful review, many studies have come up inconclusive as to weather they are passed from family members. However, there are many instances where several family members have specific disorders as in anticardiolipin thrombotic disorder.

    By shelly on 10.02.2015

  11. It’s genetic they said, there’s nothing they could’ve done they said. Well I didn’t want this thing growing inside of me, and there’s no way those quack doctors are going to help me get rid of it. Most of them think I should /keep/ this thing.

    I’ll get rid of this parasite tomorrow.

    By Tea on 10.02.2015

  12. It was like a scene out of Aeon Flux – the kid who gets too close to the border and loses his legs. Only in real life, it was a scene of horrific violence. Rather there’s an “officer” who guns down a 13 year-old girl on an embankment. Witnesses claim she was frightened and running. Probably being threatened by something on her side of the “kill zone”. Somewhere there is a ripple effect taking place, even as everyone in his unit is telling him not to shoot. Still he kills her anyway, determined to right some imagined wrong in his mind, because, honestly, who would do such a thing like it was perfectly rational. Not shockingly he is the type to empty his cartridge into her small body, you see, most holding the line that day thought she was only a 10 year-old. Later when the offender faced charges, the others corroborated he’d made a “patriotic” claim: he’d kill a 3 year-old in a similar barbaric manner, that is if the child had wandered into their “secured” zone.

    Roger Waters had it right, all cruelty is cruelty, in this there is no gray area. Even micro-cruelties, no matter how little or accidental, still betray the owner’s intent. To think otherwise is to stray from the land of reason.

    By Intuition on 10.02.2015

  13. ?????? I feel like I’ve heard this word before… but i don’t remember….

    By Neko-Chan!! on 10.02.2015

  14. genes what you have of your parents traits, if you look alike you are genetic

    By Arthur S on 10.02.2015

  15. I think of genes like hair color and eye color and sorta a science experiment.

    By Caitlin D. on 10.02.2015

  16. I rally don’t know what tht means so I am very confused I think it is genes my genetic would be brown hair brown eyes, my dad has blue eyes and my mom has blue like my brother.

    By Josie on 10.02.2015

  17. there was a genetic shooting star it was a color i never seen before i look like a green and blue color it was fast and it was there for like 10 seconds and

    By Sam.c on 10.02.2015

  18. i have brown hair and blue kinda eyes. in a lab it may be cloning

    By Logan c on 10.02.2015

  19. Genetic makes me think of cloths and characteristic you get from your parents.

    By Braiden h on 10.02.2015

  20. one thing one of a kind and nothing else is like it not unless you duplicate it. a science experiment on multiplying one lab rat.

    By Jaime K on 10.02.2015

  21. It’s genetic! Life is genetic, or so they say. But i dont believe it. No genes can define you, it just makes up your flesh. Your soul has no genes, your creativity has no genes. Genes make the flesh, the soul makes you.

    By Ivan URL on 10.02.2015

  22. the way that family is. It lines up with everyone in the world, and you cant escape. Society will label you using this. Don’t let them. Dont let blood be the only thing that matters. Genetics.. the way you look, the things you like, the things you hate. Disease, abandon. Sexuality. Genetics that determine the things you think you have control over, and don’t Entire civilizations fall under the premise of what genetics they choose to accept. People crumble, dictators rise.

    Hitler killed millions, we ignore more. We hurt and we help based on what they look like, what they remind us of. Do they remind us of ourselves? Does this help their chances with us?

    An entire blue world hanging in the abyss that is space. Billions of living organisms all pre-determined with a bang. Or were they?

    By Jessica Young on 10.02.2015

  23. Genetically speaking I’m perfect
    Intellectually speaking I’m working
    Personally speaking I’m complete
    So accept me
    Or leave me be

    By Taijah Abell on 10.02.2015

  24. I’ve been a loser since before I was born. And my man’s been a prick since he created the universe. Our relationship is build on solid rock: He slaps me down so I don’t have to experience the discomfort of winning and I get to keep his temple clean.

    By Nada on 10.02.2015

  25. I seem to have inherited bad luck.
    I’m not the only family member, safe to say, who has reached championship, world-record setting feats in tripping, falling, dropping things down the toilet, landing on unwanted things, having unwanted things land on me…

    By Shr on 10.02.2015

  26. My mom says that my smile is genetic and that i have a smile like hers. People say when i smile i brighten up the room. I hope their telling the truth .

    By Jade Cain on 10.02.2015

  27. This is interesting

    By Jade Cain on 10.02.2015

  28. this is cool

    By Jade Cain URL on 10.02.2015

  29. I hate all of the traits I have. I have my moms shyness yet my dads outspokenness. It makes me want to scream.

    By Jen on 10.02.2015